Bizsugar – An active blogging community for bloggers

This is a post for the bloggers which suggests them to join in Bizsugar – an active blogging community to enrich their blogging profession.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might be aware that why I am writing about Bizsugar. Yes, I am having a separate category for “blogging communities” in my blog to insist the bloggers to participate in various blogging communities. Through this post I am going to talk about a great blogging community bizsugar and why bizsugar for bloggers?

Before discussing the bizsugar in detail, let me tell you some basic blogging information for your betterment.


Why bloggers need community?

If you have just started your blogging career then you might be wondered with the following statement “There is no blogging success without community”. Yes, it is true!

I know, most of the bloggers are having the capability to generate splendid content with proper keyword research. But just publishing the post to get organic traffic would throw you in danger of hit by Google animals. So, you need to find some minded people to read your blog posts and there by you will get referral traffic to your blog.

If the readers from referral traffic like your worthy posts, they would share it in their social networks and leave their social signals to it. In turn, you could do the same for other bloggers. These activities would result in establishing a good relationship with other bloggers and improves your online presence.




What are the benefits of building community on your blog?

lets take a quick look at some of the benefits of building community on you blog

1. More minded readers for your fabulous blog posts.

2. Best learning and problem solving chance.

3. Good source to get more comments and guest posts.

4. Promote the blog posts and to increase readership with it.

5. Opportunity to create valuable relations and to keep the brand name.

Hope now you understood “why bloggers need community?

Let’s see the information of “Bizsugar” in detail.


What is Bizsugar?


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Bizsugar is a small business social network, launched in the year 2007 by DBH communications. Then Anita Campbell, CEO of small business trends and her team is taking over the leashes of Bizsugar. Like other social networking websites, the users have to create the profile with website link, RSS link, photo and other social links. Once the profile is set up, the users can share the news, add minded friends, vote and comment on other posts to build a genuine relationship with other members.


Bizsugar for bloggers

Many bloggers are actively participating in Bizsugar and getting good experience with other users. With this free useful resource, the bloggers can submit their blog posts in the appropriate category, the community then votes on it. High quality posts get more votes and advances to the main page. From there the top stories make it into the BizSugar Top 10 widget, weekly Top 10 newsletter, and Twitter feed where the bloggers can get even more visibility.

You can check the below screenshot! One of my post become popular, hit the homepage of Bizsugar recently and am driving little traffic with it.




Benefits of using bizsugar for the bloggers

Apart from driving traffic, it has many benefits like

1. Getting Do follow backlinks for the blog

2. Strong network connections with other bloggers.

3. Gaining visibility for the impressive blog content.

4. Grasping content ideas for the future blog posts.

5. Catching prevalent blogs to perform blog commenting.


My Magical tip:

I suggest you to submit more than just your own content to get approval from the moderators in the initial stage. Whenever you find useful information related to this small business community, share it for the users of Bizsugar.



Bizsugar is a dofollow blogging community which has more than 1 million users active participants and receives thousands of spam entries every day. A combination of technological spam filtering and manual moderation is undertaking to avoid the spam sites. Smart and friendly moderators with diverse backgrounds around the world are making the huge part of the success of Bizsugar.

I advice the bloggers to submit the blog posts in appropriate categories to get approved by the moderators. I often see some bloggers just post their articles and they only vote for their friends. If they do so, it is not a community and it is meaningless too. They should share the blog posts of other bloggers; give vote and comments for their favorite posts. With these activities, the bloggers could expand their online reputation as a leader in their niche and drive more traffic to their blog.

Share your views about this active social networking site for blogging!

Are you a member of Bizsugar and getting traffic to your blog with it? Tell your experience with me :)

Nirmala Santhakumar
Nirmala is a devoted blogger, simple and active woman from Chennai, India. She is a tech lover and interested to write articles on her fascinating subjects. Connect with her on

51 Responses to “Bizsugar – An active blogging community for bloggers”

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Jul 12. 2013

    Blogging communities work so well when everybody is on board.

    BS seems to be a strong group of like-minded people who support one another.

    That works for me ;)

    Thanks for sharing the breakdown!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Blogging Tips: Why Let it Go?My Profile

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  2. Ankit

    Jul 13. 2013

    I have used Bizsugar as a social bookmarking site but never think to use it as a blogger’s community.
    You have shared all the possible benefits to use Bizsugar.
    Thanks a lot mam your guide about Bizsugar and yes for JustRetweet also ;)
    Ankit recently posted…Why I Opt Guest Posting For My Blog?My Profile

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  3. Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

    Jul 13. 2013

    building community is very important to grow. Your article is unique and given me new idea.
    Mohammad Fazle Rabbi recently posted…How to Scan BlogSpot, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla Site for Malware ScriptMy Profile

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  4. Sumanth

    Jul 13. 2013

    will try bizsugar from now on
    thanks for the article
    Sumanth recently posted…Learn Foreign Languages Online for FreeMy Profile

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  5. Zeeshan Ahmed

    Jul 13. 2013

    Awesome Post… I don’t know about Bizsugar before :) I am just going to join this site.. Thanks!
    Zeeshan Ahmed recently posted…How to Add Watermark Text to your Images Online?My Profile

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  6. Ariful Haque

    Jul 13. 2013

    nice sharing. i was unknown about this type of network website, its helping me lot, Thanks!
    Ariful Haque recently posted…New Google Maps 7.0.0 Now Available for AndroidMy Profile

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  7. Aditya Nath Jha

    Jul 13. 2013

    Awesome post yaar. I strongly agree that bloggers must participate actively with the blogger community. We can’t expect to grow while blogging alone on an island :P :D
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted…Ultimate guide to WordPress SEO settings by YoastMy Profile

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  8. Gilbert Samuel

    Jul 13. 2013

    I’m trying to be a problogger but I never knew I was missing something, time to implement, off to bizsugar. Btw you’re the first female tech blogger I’ve ever came acros! Keep up the great work

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  9. Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    Jul 13. 2013

    Hello Nirmala,
    Never gone through such communities in my small blogging carrier. After reading post I am getting it worthy for my blog and blogging carrier. I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing :-)
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted…How to Make PC Welcome You by Calling Your NameMy Profile

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  10. Rajesh Jhamb

    Jul 14. 2013

    Hey Nirmala
    After Indiblogger, you came with Bizsuger which is another bloggers community. Yes, you said right that without bloggers community you can’t get success. we should build relationship with others bloggers.
    Thanks for giving such a useful information.

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  11. rakesh kumar

    Jul 15. 2013

    I am very sorry to say that bloggers community can help you to grow as a blogger but it does not bring targeted traffic to your site, which is ready to consume your product specially , if you are in affiliate marketing or trying to sell your very own product. In this case i would like to say only traffic coming from search engine are useful for you. A Good article for all bloggers who wants to expand their reach. Thanks for posting this wonderful post. Keep it up.
    rakesh kumar recently posted…20 Best Premium WordPress Plugins for every wordpress userMy Profile

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    • Right, Rakesh Sir.
      I totally agree with you.
      But doesnt Google like posts which get a lot of interaction from readers?
      If I am a member of lots of communities and get lots of comments on my site, wont it seen as a positive signal by Google?

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jul 20. 2013

      Yeah, agree with you Rakesh :)

      But blogging communities would help the bloggers to save their blog from Google animals, right?

      Getting organic traffic alone would make your blog to hit by Google Panda algorithm.

      So getting minded traffic is also important to get Good PR and SERP.

      What you say?

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  12. Suresh Khanal

    Jul 15. 2013

    BizSugar is definitely a worthy community and worthy enough to put your efforts. However, I find may friends got their submissions deleted frequently. So, it is good to make sure your post is related to business and good enough to be listed in BizSugar.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Unusual Post Ideas – Dummies Don’t Find What to Post NextMy Profile

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  13. Shailesh Tripathi

    Jul 15. 2013

    Nice website, I like bizsugar for it is helping other bloggers. Thanks for share!
    Shailesh Tripathi recently posted…Transaction and MarketplaceMy Profile

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  14. Emmanuel

    Jul 15. 2013

    I’ve heard of Bizsugar but has never taken any key interest in them.
    This post has now changed my perception.
    Thank you.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Get Paid to Chat.My Profile

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  15. Babanature

    Jul 15. 2013

    Hello Nirmala,
    What a lovely review about bizsugar. You should get credit for this :)

    I am a bizsugar member and i must confess that they are doing well in driving traffic to ones blog. they are my 10th source of getting traffic from.

    P.s. I never know that you are also in bizsugar. I would like to invite you to a voting group community where your post can be easily voted for. if interested, do let me know via Facebook. :)
    Babanature recently posted…The Perfect Logo Design For Your Blog To Boost Your BusinessMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jul 20. 2013

      Oh, that’s really great Baba, sure will catch you through Facebook to get the details of the voting group.

      Yeah, i recently joined there and getting little traffic with it.

      Thanks for your great appreciation, keep visiting here :)

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  16. Malathy Badri

    Jul 16. 2013 is not a bloggers’ community but just a social sharing site for small business owners. It doesn’t throw diverse communication options like which I believe was the best of all the bloggers’ community next only to Unfortunately, it was forced to close.

    I recently discovered a Philippines based bloggers community which you can use to promote your blog posts.

    For Indian bloggers exclusively, Indi Blogger ( is the best.
    Malathy Badri recently posted…Get your beautiful business card.My Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jul 20. 2013

      Accept your views Malathy :)

      But Bizsugar is really working for me to improve my blog posts visiblity by getting new readers and I used to grab new blog post ideas from there.

      As the Bizsugar moderators never accept the low quality posts, it is a good opportunity for me to have a look at some worthy posts.

      Even am driving traffic with Bizsugar :)

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  17. TechManinder

    Jul 16. 2013

    Hey – Thanx for sharing about bizsugar community. I never knew about this earlier though I have extensively used Blogger and Indiblogger. Don’t get much time to spend on blogging communities but still it makes sense to join a few of the good ones and keep sharing and exchanging. Will take a look.

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jul 20. 2013

      Welcome to my blog Maninder,

      To save your blog from Google animals, it would be better to join in communities and get good referral traffic with it.

      Glad you’re gonna look at Bizsugar, share your experience later :)

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  18. Yogita

    Jul 16. 2013

    No Doubt, Bizsugar is a nice blogging community for blogging lovers but after attending Indiblogger meet which was organized by , I am the fan of that community.
    Yogita recently posted…Blu Life One vs. Micromax Canvas 4My Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jul 20. 2013

      Yeah, Indiblogger is a nice community for the bloggers to get good exposure. But with Bizsugar, you would increase the visibility of your blog posts.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep coming here :)

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  19. Pawan

    Jul 17. 2013

    I’ve been using BizSugar for couple of months and I must acknowledge that the experience is good so far. Recently, I stopped sending articles but I’ll be continuing it asap.

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jul 20. 2013

      Glad to hear that you had good experience with Bizsugar Pawan :)

      I suggest you to continue your active participation there to get good reputation and traffic.

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  20. Suresh Khanal

    Jul 18. 2013

    Thank you Nirmala for this wonderful review and a special thanks for the magical tips. It must be really working and build reputation.

    I’m using BizSugar quite often. Whenever I have any new post related to business, I submit there. However, it is better not to post every new ones. BizSugar removes the submissions that do not meet their standards.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Bivori Top Commenters of June 2013!My Profile

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  21. Martin

    Jul 19. 2013

    Top fourth traffic source !!! its good to submit posts to such sites… i will also try bizsugar , Thanks for sharing))
    Martin recently posted…Turning your hobby into a job – Make money out of bloggingMy Profile

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  22. Oscar

    Jul 23. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,
    I wouldn’t agree more. Blogging communities are the key to any successful blogger these days, and bizsugar is one of such communities. I make use of this wonderful community and I can surely tell you that it works wonders. Thanks for sharing.
    Oscar recently posted…My 30-Days Aggressive Blogging ChallengeMy Profile

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  23. Nwosu Desmond

    Jul 23. 2013

    I remembered exactly how i felt the first time my post made it to Bizsugar front page. Bizsugar is indeed an awesome blogger community where mutual interests are promoted.

    I have had chances of promoting my blog and myself as a writer as well to a lot of renowned bloggers on Bizsuagr and i must recommend it for any blogger out there.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…5 of the best book reader appsMy Profile

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  24. Anis Chity

    Jul 24. 2013

    BizSugar is an awesome blogging community
    it’s great if you wanna get some traffic from it and a couple of backlinks
    thanks for sharing this awesome post :D
    Hace a cool day
    Anis Chity recently posted…20 Ways To Make Money From Home on a Regular BasisMy Profile

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  25. sanjay choubey

    Jul 24. 2013

    Bizsugar is an awesome site m using it from couple of months. Thanks Nirmala for sharing its importance. It is helpful for me.
    sanjay choubey recently posted…recent comment box Widget for bloggerMy Profile

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  26. Tom Crawford

    Jan 24. 2014

    You provided a good summary of bizsugar. I recommend it to freelance writers and bloggers, as it’s the perfect community to be involved with. There are many ways to gain benefits from the platform, besides the obvious back link.
    Tom Crawford recently posted…Are You Committing These 10 Blog Post Mistakes?My Profile

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