Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0

This post suggests some imperative blogging stuffs for the bloggers to get good PageRank.


My blogging journey

Last year, the same day (Dec 9th), I went to meet an internet journalist, Mr.Badrinathan, who by chance resides near my home. He has been giving training to people in the field of blogging and internet marketing. My blogspot blogs was greatly affected by Google Penguin updates as there were no social signals.

Hence, I went to his house to discuss about blogging. I was staggered by his knowledge and came to know that he has been surviving in this field since 1998 and has been making regular online income from various sources. I requested him to teach me some imperative blogging stuffs to enhance my blogging skills. He immediately agreed, reviewed some of my blogs and suggested me to switch over to WordPress. Then he simply replied me “I am telling that you will learn blogging by yourself and you no need to undergo any classes or training”. Initially, disappointed with his words I had come to any idea that blogging with WordPress was going to be a difficult ride.

It was then; I got connected with ShathyanRaja, blogger through FaceBook. With help of Shathyan, I have become friends with many co-bloggers from whom I have learned many essential blogging nuances. As I have always mentioned in my previous blog posts, I have been greatly inspired by Mr. Atish Ranjan, blogger who had provided some good blog sources to read and who had guideded me to learn the basics of blogging. I gained my confidence through these support systems and started to read many blog posts related to SEO, writing and so on. I practiced on writing valuable comments and blog posts effortlessly. Being Engineering graduate and with the help of a gentle push from my fellow bloggers I decided to pursue my ambition of starting a tech blog with WordPress.

With the unremitting support and guidance of Atish, I founded my blog “MyMagicFundas” on the 16th of Jan 2013. Google updated the PageRank on 4th of Feb 2013. As my blog was barely 20 days old and due to limited no. of posts, my blog received a PageRank of zero. I devotedly continued to publish quality posts for my readers and I understood the importance of creating backlinks, that too specifically with blog commenting and guest blogging.

From the day of the initiation till now, I have contributed 20 Guest posts on various blogs. I also recognized the importance of social presence and made my presence felt in social networks and blogging communities now and then.


PageRank 2 for Mymagicfundas

On Dec 6th 2013, Google update the PageRank for all blogs and I got PR 2 for my blog “Mymagicfundas”.


Even though, this is not a big achievement, but being a part time blogger, I was able to spend only very few hours for blogging as I had to work on family front too. Moreover, I have not reached this achievement for my blogspot blogs. Hence I feel good that my hard work has helped me to get a good signal from Google. Even with a PageRank of zero, most of my blog posts hold good SERP as I always do a little keyword research and present the posts with basic SEO.

I had been waiting for some time for the Google PR update so that I can improve the visibility of my blog to get good advertisers and sponsored posts. Currently I monetized my blog with Google AdSense and funding has been quite good. Also I have been going over the idea of Affiliate Marketing and hence have been concentrating to improve my blog traffic. Now I feel comfortable with WordPress blogging as the plug-ins do magic here.


Google PageRank and its benefits

If you’re a newbie blogger, you might ask “What is PageRank and how important it is?  I would say “Yes, of course”

Here are the essential details of PageRank 

Google PageRank measures the importance of a web page and it was developed by two Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to Matt cuts, head of web-spam team at Google “PageRank is an opinion from Google about how reputable the web page, it includes not only the links to that page but how important those links are” and it typically updated once in 3 or 4 months. In simple words, you’ll be given PageRank based on the no. relevant and reputable links along with your quality content. Am I confusing you? Check this video for better understating.


Benefits of having good PageRank

Having good PageRank has various benefits like

1. Credibility and authority of the blog could be improved.

2. Possibility of receiving more comments and guest post proposals

3. Opportunity to get good advertisers and sponsored posts.

4. Fast indexing of blog posts by search engines.


                                                                     Image credit:


Tips to get good PageRank

I would suggest you to follow these points to get good PageRank.

1. Publish regular blog posts with good quality (3 per week)

2. Contribute your quality guest posts and comments to various blogs having good PageRank.

3. Stay active in popular social networks, add & follow influential bloggers in your niche and improve the social presence of your blog.

4. Take part in blogging communities like Blokube, Bizsugar, Blog engage and do vote and share your fascinated blog posts.

5. Use some awesome blogging tools like buffer, justretweet etc to increase the targeted traffic to your blog.

6. Do keyword research and select commonly searched keywords to use in your blog post naturally. Don’t stuff keywords in the post, particularly long tail keywords. Just use proper keywords related to the title of the post and its synonyms logically in the post.

7. Get your blog linked to few trusted directories, social bookmarking sites and forums.

8. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools regularly to track the links and visitors of your blog.

Out of these 8 points, I missed to do 7th point, will implement it soon.

Not only to get good PR, the about listed points would help you to get striking Alexa rank.


Final words 

I feel that my worthy blog posts, social presence, guest blogging & blog commenting activities have helped me to get PageRank 2 for my blog. In a blog, I’ve seen the meaning of PR 2 is “the good news, you can improve”. I used the tool “Fruition” and confirmed that my blog stays safe from Google animals. Google and other search engines always expect unique informative posts. So, I recommend you to follow your own style and keep yourself updated with latest trends to do an enhanced blogging.

I got into the blogging world due to being inspired by many bloggers. I want to spell out their names here and mention their blogs to show my indebtedness.

Atish Ranjan of  Techtricksworld

Badrinathan of Onlinemoneyworld

Suresh Kumar of Softwarebuzzer

Shameem of Techclickr

Suresh Khanal of Bivori

Reginald Chan of

Ankit Singla of Bloggertipstricks

I had hit their Facebook’s PM many times to clear my queries! My special thanks to them.

I am not a blogging or SEO expert, am still in the learning mode. But I would like to share my knowledge to help others in getting good PageRank. Would you like to ask any questions related to this post? Please let me know your queries through comments :)

Nirmala Santhakumar
Nirmala is a devoted blogger, simple and active woman from Chennai, India. She is a tech lover and interested to write articles on her fascinating subjects. Connect with her on

85 Responses to “Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0”

  1. Kumar Chandan

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hi, Mam,
    Congratulations for your wonderful achievements. :)
    PR two is good and definitely, it is showing your hard-work. Your quality contents and your social presence have done well job for you.
    Page rank provides the authority and attracts some direct advertisers.
    Have great path ahead. :)
    Thank You very much for informative post on PR.
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…How can Social Media Automation make you crap?My Profile

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  2. Shameem

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hi Nirmala

    Glad to know that your Blog got PR 2 my congrats and my best wishes for you to grow more.It’s my pleasure to help you at anytime and thanks for listing out me here on your post
    Shameem recently posted…Foodpanda Restaurants: Best Place For Ordering Food OnlineMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Wishes from you makes me to feel good Shameem :)

      I should thank you as you’ve helped me many times by talking through phone to clear my queries.

      You’ve answered me politely for all my questions at my every discussion with you. I really feel good that you’re living in the same city where I am :) :) :)

      Am pleased with your kind support and suggestions at many times, keep doing it for me forever :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  3. Siraj Wahid

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hey ma’am,

    Impressive write-up, congratulations on your achievement and i hope you’d achieve better in next updates.

    I would say that Mr.Badrinathan was right, in blogging you learn everything by yourself, all you have to do is to observe other blogs and moreover you can make good relationships with fellow bloggers to learn from them. Most of the times you would need their help and it’s better to network with them.

    I liked the tips part, just like you i haven’t implemented the 7th part yet.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Siraj Wahid recently posted…How to Achieve Google PageRank, My Journey towards attaining itMy Profile

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  4. srikanth

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hi Ma’am,
    First I’d like to Say Congrats For getting PR 2 ma’am :) Good Going!! Well I have been following this site from many days!! you are really working hard to Get Good Results!! You will definitely achieve your Goals in Blogging!! :) Keep Writing Some Unique and Interesting article’s ma’am. Even i have started my blog on Jan 26th 2013 I got PR 1 Because of my academics and bit laziness!! Trying to get back on track!! Keep going and Keep helping newbies (like me) !! :D :D
    srikanth recently posted…Giveaway #2 : Win 4 Free Hosting Packages for 1 Year from WebHostingBuzzMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Oh, glad that you’re following MMF. Sure, always wanna share my knowledge and real blogging experiences for my readers :)

      Congrats for you too for getting PR1, its ok, do concentrate on your studies. As you know the basic blogging stuffs, you could do that after some years.

      Thanks for showing your presence with wishes, keep following me ;)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  5. Sahil Garg

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hello Nirmala Mam
    Thanks For Sharing Your Experience with Others. these bloggers list you Shared below is Really good, i never Talk to Some of them, but yes atish Ranjan is also a Good Friend of Mine, he is Very Kind & Awesome Blogger…

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  6. Ankit Kumar Singla

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hello Mam,

    Congrats to get PR-2 :D

    Definitely you are a hardworking women and your blog, content, social signals, SERP and now PR showing it.

    Even though you’ve said that you are not a Blogging & SEO expert, I still see you as one of my mentors. You teach me how to build online presence and you also helped me in giving suggestions :)

    Thanks a lot to be with me at all the time whenever I needed your help. Also thanks for mentioning my name here. I appreciate it. :)

    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…Tips To Increase Traffic And Making More Money From Your BlogMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Am glad with your comment and wishes Ankit bro :)

      Yeah, its my wish to help others and specifically for you as you’ve provided your timely support for me @ many times.

      I am good in writing and got good presence in social networks, but in blogging and SEO, am still learning something, so i’ve written like that.

      I just wanna suggest you “Never give up and hard work really pays”. I experienced it before, so told!

      Thanks for comment and wishes bro, keep showing your presence here :P
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  7. Sagar Desai

    Dec 09. 2013

    Hello Madam,

    Congratulations for Pagerank2. :)

    It was very difficult to achieve PR2 as Google has changed many algorithms for SERP and Pagerank. In this scenario many of top bloggers lost their Pagerank but you have shown how to hold the position in the online era and can sustain & improve the most valuable Google PR.
    Sagar Desai recently posted…Google Ranking Factors: The Complete List of 200 Ranking SignalsMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Thanks for your wishes Sagar :)

      Yes, Google is constantly changing its algorithm but I feel that if we come with quality blog posts with basic seo and good social presence, it would be easy to get love from search engines. I did the same here.

      Thanks again for sharing your views, come again :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  8. Badri

    Dec 10. 2013

    I think I was right when I told you you do not need any training in blogging. You have come to this stage entirely on your own-right? You are a self learner and that is the number one quality for a blogger. Keep it up and congrats.

    You are not indebted to me.

    Badri recently posted…Planning on an advertising campaign with PPC or SEO for your website? Find out why it is best to outsource the work.My Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Yeah sir, you was right! But I got stimulated by you and Atish and that made me to reach this level. Timely suggestions, guidance, help n all from the bloggers whom I’ve been mentioned in the post had helped me a lot to grow this blog. Now I learnt almost basic blogging stuffs and should move on to the next level of blogging :)

      Thanks again for your great inspiration sir, keep supporting me :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  9. Harleena Singh

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,

    Congratulations indeed :)

    I think you have done a commendable job and worked very hard on your blog, so you certainly DO deserve this. I liked reading through your post and knowing how you started your journey….yes, things are never easy for a newbie, but if we find helpful fellow bloggers along the way, the blogging journey becomes so much more enjoyable, isn’t it?

    Great list of helpful bloggers too :)

    Thanks for sharing, and congrats once again :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted…30 Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOWMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Hmm.. yes Harleena! I enjoyed a lot while learning blogging with fellow bloggers and specifically with Atish. He had helped and encouraged me a lot. In my initial days of blogging, when the bloggers hesitated to accept my guest post, he was the one who readily accept my post and inspired me to write a lot. He introduced Sue Neal and her blog to me, there i got some beneficial things related to writing.

      Thanks for your great wishes Harleena, it means a lot to me :) :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  10. Mohit

    Dec 10. 2013

    I will like to say that people achieve success sometimes due to luck but yours is all because of hard work…Nirmala, I have to learn lot from you…..I have seen you working really very hard..You have been active on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The best is the thing that you write about stuff you know which makes your content top class..
    Mohit recently posted…Unlock O2 UK iPhone 5 4s 4 5s by IMEI on any CarrierMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Hi Mohit,

      Am really pleased with your great appreciation comment :)

      Yeah, i worked hard for my blog and I know the importance of staying active in social media. Also i know that guest blogging and blog commenting have good value and leads the blog to grow.

      Glad you’re gonna learn from me, I appreciate it :)

      Thanks for coming and commenting, keep doing it :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  11. Shahzad Saeed

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hey Nirmala,
    I could not wait any longer for commenting on this post because I know you shared this article from your heart :)

    OK… Getting higher PR is a great news, however, I feel like it has only less value comparing to any other factors.

    For e.g. you may heard about which is the FUTURE WordPress. Definitely will become the NEXT blogging platform.

    However, still the site’s PR is just ZERO. The company was expecting PR 6-7 but the current PR was horrible!!

    So I would be focusing more on things like traffic and revenue which would be more worthier than focusing on PR :)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your awesome post.
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted…Problogger Job Board: The Art of Winning Your First Freelancing GigMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Yes Shahzad, all words came from my heart and it is real :)

      I do agree with your views, even I specified in this post that “Even my PR was 0, my blog posts holds top place in search engines and helps me to get good organic traffic”.

      Hmm.. as you told, its good to concentrate traffic and monetization ways to improve the performance of the blog.

      thanks for your genuine comment, keep visiting here :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  12. Niraj Bhusal

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hello Maam,
    First of all I would like to congrats you for reaching PR 2, really having more PR will give more benefit. Your experiences here are great for us to learn more. Currently my site has entered into the entry hope that i will follow all these tips and will reach PR soon.
    Niraj Bhusal recently posted…2 Questions to Keep in Mind When Hiring an Online Marketing AgencyMy Profile

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  13. Amit Kumar

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hiiii Nirmala mam,

    At first, Congrats to get PR-2. i think your Blog deserve more PR than this. But PR 2 from 0 is also good. your all Blog post are just awesome.

    mam, you mentioned above that you are a part-time blogger but your hard work seems more than full-time bloggers. i am big fan & follower of Mymagicfundas, so i think this Google pagerank update is really celebratable for us.

    Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar recently posted…A simple way to Schedule Your Mac to Start Up or Shut DownMy Profile

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  14. Arun Kallarackal

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,

    I’m glad that your blog got PR 2 after the latest update! Well, there’s nothing to wonder about it as it all comes down to your hard work!

    One of my old blog, which, incidentally, I haven’t been updating very regularly, got PR 1 from 0! My new blog, SBT, was barely a month old while PR updated. It got a score of 0! So, my start is similar to yours :)

    Let’s hope that I clock a PR 2 (or hopefully more) with the next update :)

    After going through your tips, I’ve realized that I’m doing many things right and some things still needed to be done!

    I still think that there is room for improvement in what I do. What say?

    I hope (and I know) that your blog will attain better PR in the future :)

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…WordPress Plugins to Increase Loading SpeedMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Thanks for your kind wishes Arun and its good to know about your blogs.

      I am seeing you everywhere these days and this shows your passion in blogging :)

      Sure, there is a way for everything, work smartly and attain the success.

      My advance wishes for smartbloggingtips :)

      you know, am a regular reader of it and I like your way of writing. Keep sharing the tips for us :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  15. Nitesh Sharma

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hello Nirmala ji,

    I am an aspiring blogger and just trying to learn.Came to know about your blogging journey through this important post for beginners like me.
    I found the tips very useful and you have shown the how a new blogger should start. Thanks
    Nitesh Sharma recently posted…Mnc’s work culture : Better or Bitter for its employeesMy Profile

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  16. John

    Dec 10. 2013

    Congratulations Nirmala for getting Google page rank 2. Great to hear that. enjoy the success.

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  17. Isaiah Joe

    Dec 10. 2013

    I also got a pr2 on my blog, this is an awesome blog post you did here, thanks for the advice and tips, i will surely be implementing them too.
    Isaiah Joe recently posted…Matt Cutts Lies: Google Pagerank Update For December 2013My Profile

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  18. Tarun Jaitely

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hi Nirmala Mam,

    Congrats for getting PR2 for MyMagicFundas. This is the result of your hardwork. You are giving your best for blogging. Be ready for lots of mails from Advertisers and Guest Bloggers :D

    Best of Luck for future :)
    Tarun Jaitely recently posted…How you can Make Money from YouTube?My Profile

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  19. Atish Ranjan

    Dec 10. 2013

    Congratulations Nirmala for getting PR 2. Well deserved I say. I can see your hard work on your blog, in social media, in blog comments everywhere.

    Great work. I wish you all the success ahead. congratulations again. keep it up.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…How Video Content is Revolutionizing Learning[Infographic]My Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Dec 10. 2013

      Your presence here always makes me to feel happy and that too with wishes and appreciation, oh, great!!! I feel really good Atish :) Many thanks for your kind wishes.

      Hardwork? not only hardwork, i learned all essential stuffs from you only :) :P

      If you’ve not helped me, i guess that blogging is not possible for me. Am pleased with your support and I need it forever.

      Sure, will keep this good work and respect your words always.

      Thanks for coming and wishing me Atish, am so glad :) :) :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0My Profile

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  20. shiwangi shrivastava

    Dec 10. 2013

    Hello mam, Congrats for your achievements in no time. You are an ideal for newbie like me. Keep doing good work for yourself and for us. Thanks for sharing your informative post.
    shiwangi shrivastava recently posted…Candy Crush- Steal you from yourselfMy Profile

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  21. marilyn cada

    Dec 11. 2013

    thank you for sharing these tips nirmala and congratulations on your latest achievement of achieving PR2 in your blog.

    i hope that our blog will improve page rank on the next update of Google

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  22. Suresh Khanal

    Dec 11. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,

    First of all congratulations to enter into the PageRank world!

    Then again, a huge thanks for the mention. It’s a true honor :)

    Now, once you are into PR scale, it’s time to look for high PageRanked pages and attempt to get back links from there. It will help you to retain your current position and improve in future updates. My best wishes for you.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…How Google’s Design is Dictated by DollarsMy Profile

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  23. Shaily

    Dec 11. 2013

    Congratulations for getting PR 2 Nirmala. Hope you achieve more in near future.

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  24. Gurmeet Kaur

    Dec 11. 2013

    Dear Madam,
    Congratulations !!! for the coveted rank.
    I am your silent follower, your posts are really very helpful for newbies like me. One thing which I appreciate is you have a wide variety of posts, for all genre and of course your writing skills are great.

    In your post you have mentioned 8 tips but I think one more important tip no. 9 must be added to the list which is DESTINY,LUCK whatever we call it. I think it is also needed. As it happens that though the site might have good detailed posts plus all above mentioned 8 tips still it may not have good Alexa rank as well as Google page rank.

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  25. Deepak Singh

    Dec 11. 2013

    A BIG BIG Congrautlions for getting PageRank 2 Mam!! Your blog deserve atleast PageRank 3!!

    BTW I would also like to thank Google for giving my 6 months old blog PageRank 2. Now going to implement your tips so that in next update Google can give me atleast PageRank of 4 :P

    Congo Again :)
    Deepak Singh recently posted…Top 5 Websites For Checking Your Website SpeedMy Profile

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  26. Nwosu Desmond

    Dec 11. 2013

    Glad to see your hard work finally paying off, when i first visited your blog at its earliest stage, i saw your potentials and like i always encouraged you, i knew you would grow so i won’t say i am surprised to see you grow this much already.
    You are one hard working blogger who i admire for your great ways of relating with people you come across, you made a nice impression from the first day you left a comment/compliment on my blog and being a member of same comment group on Facebook you always take the first spot every week while i always come behind you, thats an indication of your hard work and i must say you deserve it and more.
    Keep up this way and in no time you will grow even bigger and my blog Netmediablog also got a PR3 in the last update though i had expected more, all the same its encouraging enough to see our hard work appreciated.
    Keep it up and the sky will only be your stepping stone soon.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…4 Pro Tips for Running Your Start-up from a TabletMy Profile

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  27. Gilbert Samuel

    Dec 11. 2013

    Good news Nirmala, way to go! It wasn’t easy though but you got what you worked for. I kinda become lazy lately and due to school too i decided to reduce my blogging to once a week, that reduced my pace in link building but I’m happy all the same that i managed to have PR1

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

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  28. Theodore Nwangene

    Dec 12. 2013

    Congratulations on this awesome achievement Nirmala,
    It means that Google really favored you:). You see, this is actually and indication to show that hard work pays.

    If not for your working hard, I’m sure you wouldn’t have gotten such result so, i will only urge you to keep on doing what you’re doing, I’m sure you will still achieve more.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  29. thetecnica

    Dec 12. 2013

    I have been following your blog since quite a long time and I really love the way you write and I am very happy to know that you have got pr 2. Keep writing useful stuff.
    thetecnica recently posted…20 Best Gadget Deals From GOSF 2013My Profile

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  30. Kushal Jain

    Dec 12. 2013

    Hi Nirmala! Congratulations!

    Of course Pagerank has disappointed many bloggers the other day. Since PR determines the overall stats and gives the site a reputation, many bloggers tried being mischievous and tried unnatural link building, especially from Africa and Latino while forgetting that Google is always a step ahead from what most of the bloggers are thinking. What most bloggers need is a proper guidance and that is all. You are one among the lucky few, obviously. And the result, is here for everybody to know and learn.
    Kushal Jain recently posted…Show Widgets Only On Certain Posts/Pages in WordPressMy Profile

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  31. Ashley

    Dec 12. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,
    Congrats on your achievement after a long journey.
    It is hard to keep up with all the things you need to do with blogging especially when you can only do it part time.
    It is fantastic that you have achieved so much in such a small time
    All the best with the continued success
    Ashley recently posted…Magic Review: Wayne Houchin – A Single NeedleMy Profile

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  32. Ryan Biddulph

    Dec 12. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,

    First off I was thrilled to meet you today! Thanks again for the sweets ;)

    Congrats on your new PR of 2! I agree with your tips; creating good, targeted content and meeting people through social sites is the way to go.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…4 Reasons Why You Fail at Blogging and How to Correct Your MistakesMy Profile

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  33. sanjay choubey

    Dec 12. 2013

    Hi Nirmala, First of all i will congratulate you for your amazing achievement. It was not possible without Hard works along with smartness. i like your way of writing the article. All the best for your Blogging career.
    sanjay choubey recently posted…How to Report to Google to remove your content from a websiteMy Profile

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  34. Name (required)

    Dec 12. 2013

    Hey Nirmala, it’s so good to be here again. :)

    Wow! Congratulations on a great achievement.

    Having a Pagerank 2 is definitely mouthwatering, considering all of the goodies with which it brings.

    Had Google gave me at least 1, would have been so happy…well, it’s no qualms as I have just joined the blogging world.

    I love the way with which you’ve shared your experiences in a rather professional manner. What a class!

    I’m so happy to read this quality post, I will make sure to always read your blog from now on.

    Do have a magical day ma’am! :)


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  35. Rajesh Jhamb

    Dec 12. 2013

    Hello NIrmala mam
    First of All Congrats for you success.
    I know It is very happy moment for you.
    It’s is not easy to get PR 2 from PR 0.
    I also get PR 2 for my blog and it feels good. :)
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…iBall Andi 5.5N2 Quadro Comes with 5.5 inches DisplayMy Profile

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  36. Phillip Dews

    Dec 12. 2013

    Well congrats on that Nirmala!
    I just thought I come and see what all the fuss is about after reading about your meeting with Ryan today!

    Love your writing style Nirmala I find it really easy to read and understand so do keep it up!

    I remember last year I built a social network from scratch and after 3 months of purchasing the domain it achived a GR of 3 and this did not even have a blog attached to it!

    This time round though its down to 2 but hey it was good while it lasted! As for my blog it’s currently on 0 but my alexa rank in jumping leaps and bounds now!

    Congrats on your achievement Nirmala that’s great news and keep up the posting!

    Till next time
    - Phillip
    Phillip Dews recently posted…My Blog Needs YOU! Build a Blog of MeansMy Profile

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  37. Puneet

    Dec 13. 2013

    Hello Nirmala

    After reading your Article and all comments i think what should i write for your achievement because i don’t have new thing to write other wise nice job and congratulation .

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  38. Mohd Aktar

    Dec 13. 2013

    Congratulations for your wonderful achievements Nirmala. Keep it up.
    Mohd Aktar recently posted…What’s the point of an error 404 page?My Profile

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  39. Samir

    Dec 16. 2013


    Yeah it’s a great achievement, since most of the blogs has been decreased and in the same time you’ve got a promotion in PageRank.

    Keep your hard work consistent!
    Samir recently posted…Download Free Louisiana Petitioner’s Affidavit Article 102 FormMy Profile

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  40. Nirmala Santhakumar

    Dec 18. 2013

    Thanks for your great wishes Samir, keep coming here!
    Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2013 With Some Impressive StatsMy Profile

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  41. Krishna

    Dec 20. 2013

    Congrats, Good Price for the hardwork……
    Krishna recently posted…Download Visual Studio Express Offline Installer Version 2012/2013My Profile

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  42. sangeetha menon

    Dec 20. 2013

    Nirmala , i stumbled upon your blog for good. My blog got a pagerank of 1 from # N/A . Though its a less noticeable fact of page rank 1 , i felt good and humbled that my efforts and hardwork are getting paid off. I look forward to your blog posts so that It could help newbies like me .. Ofcourse when you say from experience , nothing like it .
    sangeetha menon recently posted…Frocks from Anshika’s WardrobeMy Profile

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  43. Rafaqat

    Dec 21. 2013

    Congratulations for getting PR 2,it is really a great achievement at the time when some of the famous blogs lost/dropped their PR.
    Your words are the milestones for the newbies as well as others bloggers. Hope so you will continue sharing your blogging experience i future too.
    Rafaqat recently posted…6 tips to increase Domain authorityMy Profile

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  44. Lilesh

    Dec 28. 2013

    Happy to hear that! Congratulation for this achievement. :)
    Lilesh recently posted…Buy Nokia Lumia 1520 For The New Year 2014My Profile

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  45. Anil Kumar

    Dec 29. 2013


    Well just checked this post while browsing and I must say congrats it’s really great to achieve a PR2 page rank.

    Keep your rocking

    Anil Kumar recently posted…Fotorus for PC or Windows Computer Download GuideMy Profile

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  46. Vijay@Technology news

    Jan 02. 2014

    Hi Nirmala,
    Excellent write up about increasing Google Page rank.
    Congrats on achieving PR 2 for your blog! It is a wonderful achievement and you are doing great with your blog.
    Vijay@Technology news recently posted…10 Best DIY Gadgets of 2013My Profile

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  47. Mohamed Shimran

    Jan 04. 2014


    It’s clear that you have come across many difficulties(I guess). I found your blog today and I’ll be active here.
    Mohamed Shimran recently posted…A True Budget Phone – The Samsung Tocco LiteMy Profile

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  48. Manindra

    Jan 08. 2014

    You have very great achievements madam. i have a question what is your traffic i.e pageviews per day when you applied for adsense?
    Manindra recently posted…How to download Youtube videosMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Jan 09. 2014

      Thanks for your appreciation. To be frank, I got approval for a single post in the year 2008 :). Now rules are changed, you need to have good quality post with decent traffic.

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  49. Damien Williams

    Jan 18. 2014

    Hi Nirmala,

    congrats on your achievement, I myself have only made it to page rank1 with some of my websites but its such a great feeling to know Google thinks of my content as beneficial :)

    Not to mention the new humming bird update, if your pr1+ you will be ok in the serps :)

    Great post thanks
    Damien Williams recently posted…Hotelicopter – Meet The Flying Hotel!My Profile

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