Best iPad Apps for College Students and Teachers

This post contains the list of iPad apps for college students and teachers to make their educational activities more feasible.

The advancement in technology is being used in all types of fields particularly in education. As it is a technological era, college students have started using iPad for their educational purposes. I am a tech lover and I believe that the iPad is the best learning device for students.


Not only students, even educators are using this versatile gadget to teach the students by analyzing variety of sources and they turned a creative problem solver. Now a days, students are performing online jobs to earn money at their spare time along with their educational work through their iPad. So I adopt to discuss some best iPad apps for college students and teachers through this post. Before getting into the dialog of some best iPad apps for education, let me tell you about the role of iPad in education with specific reasons.

Role of iPad in education

New generation technology gadgets have been bombarded and it would be good to use those devices for beneficial purposes. iPad is one such device which has a huge potential in education. It is a versatile tool as it had enabled the modernizing learning modes. Both students and teachers approaches education in newer ways with various iPad apps and they stay motivated as the learning/teaching is combined with technology.

There are certain key reasons for involving the iPad in education, they are
1. It allows personalized learning/teaching with variety of styles.

2. Creativity would get improved with several productivity iPad apps.

3. As it is a solid state hard drive, it has its own OS & software and so the booting and installation is easy.

4. Students/teachers are no need to carry a huge set of books, because it has internet access, screen reader etc.

5. Its battery can withstand for the entire college day.

iPad app store has countless free and paid iPad apps for college students and teachers. Are you a student/teacher having an iPad? I am sure this post would help you to know some useful iPad apps for education.


iPad apps for college students

The iPad could act as a great companion to study, take notes and store the work by setting up the suitable apps on the iPad and would assist the students to stay productive forever. Let’s look some coolest iPad apps for college students now.


1. Notablity
Notability is the note taking iPad app which let the students to sketch ideas, annotate documents, complete worksheets and much more academic works. This app has the drawing and recording options to use wisely during the lectures and meetings.


2. Dropbox
Dropbox is an excellent productivity app which could be used by the students to access the documents, pictures and videos from anywhere and save it in the 2GB space available.


3. Quick voice
Even though it is a business app, it can be employed to record dictation, classes and lectures by the students. It has excellent features with multi-tasking capability and more than 3 million people are using this iPad app.


4. Graphic calculator
This education app acts as a high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator for the students. It supports several structures for performing the graphical works.


5. Istudiez pro
This amazing productivity app won awards for various motives like “best college student app”, “best app for education” etc. which allows the students to organize their schedule, follow the assignments and to protect their valuable data.


6. Keynote
It is a useful presentation app for students which permit them to add images, charts, tables with highlighting options. As it is incorporated with icloud feature, the presentations are kept up to date and can be instantly shared to others.


7. Ithoughts
This is an excellent mind mapping tool for the students which enables them to visually organize their ideas and thoughts. Goal setting, project planning, brainstorming, etc. are some of its typical uses. In simple words, ithoughts is an excellent task management tool with advanced mind map features.


8. Inclass
With this productivity app, the students could organize the plan, take and share the notes efficiently. It has awesome features like automatic course selection, retina display ready, background recording and so on.


9. Ibooks
It is a book ipad app to download and read the preferred books from the iBooks store. The students could enjoy reading the books with iCloud and open standard features.


10. Iannotate pdf
To read, mark-up and share the PDF, PPT, DOC and image files, the students can make use of this iPad app. Iannotate comes with great capabilities and so it has 1 million users worldwide.


iPad apps for teachers

Students aren’t the only ones using the iPad, most of the tutors are effectively exploiting it to make their teaching career more professional and sensational for their scholars. Let’s see some essential iPad apps for teachers.

ipad-apps-for-teachersImage credit:

1. Docs anywhere
Many educators are using this utility app to copy the required documents to their iPad and can be viewed directly in the landscape or portrait mode. Copied documents can be transferred back to the desktop via iTunes.


2. Skitch
This productivity app allows the lecturers to communicate important ideas instantly & clearly with stamps, shapes, arrows and more. It has additional features and it is a part of Evernote family that are designed to assist the teachers in remembering all the imperative academic stuffs.


3. Educreations interactive whiteboard
This is a useful iPad app for teachers to help the students with tapping and talking video tutorial. They could create lessons with voice recording, digital ink, text & images and broadcast them from anywhere. In simple, this app would convert the iPad into a recordable white board with its overwhelming features.


4. Remind 101
Teachers can send text messages to the students and their parents with this remarkable education iPad app and even they could schedule the messages to be sent later. This one way messaging app makes the ease of communication with a single click.


5. Showme
This education iPad is simple to record the voice on the whiteboard tutorials and share them online with the option of attaching the personal message. Having multiple brush colors, unlimited lesson length, free to upload and easy embedding for sharing are some the advantages of this iPad app and the students could be managed with groups.


6. Brainscape
It is a constructive tool for the tutors to track performance of the students and to improve their study habits. Teachers are allowed to access the evidence of experts to progress the academic skills of learners.


7. Edmodo
This iPad app for education supports secure classroom discussion, posting assignments, file sharing etc. With its key features like resource library, professional learning networks and classroom activity feed, the teacher’s life could be made easier. It is the fastest growing social platform for education and it won an award this year as it makes the idea of a paperless classroom a reality.


8. TED
World’s most fascinating education talks in video format can be opened to the iPad users with help of this app and so the teachers can utilize it to share some useful resources to their students. Desired videos could be downloaded to the device and watch them offline. The teachers can have the entire library access at their fingertips.


9. Gflashpro
The mentors could create, download and manipulate the flashcards for assignments, quiz and tests. Images and audio reference can also be incorporated in the lessons and the teachers can check their own proficiency in the subject they are handling.


10. Sundry notes pro
To combine the required files for teaching, the lectures can use this education iPad app which would make the coaching process an organized one. It is a whiteboard and they can write text and draw anywhere in the notes. Password protection notes, keeping many notes open at once, bookmarking the notes, searching in website with built-in internet research tool are some of the best features of this iPad app.


Popular IPad apps for education in general

Dictionary, Filpboard, Articles, Evernote, Outliner are some of the widely used iPad apps for education by the students and the teachers.



Statistics shows that the usage of smartphones has been rapidly grownup and it completely modernized our lives in every aspect of interaction. Most of the schools and colleges across the world consider adopting the use of iPads with variety of apps in classrooms as it is a great content viewer and a splendid communication tools for students and teachers. They could easily access the learning tools with best iPad apps for college students and teachers. Moreover they could enjoy using the touch interface and feel excited & engaged in their educations.

Even though the iPad has some cons like absence of flash support & USB, expensive and potential to distract, the iPad features are excellent with top iPad apps and I feel it is a resourceful device for education. What do you say? Let me know your views about the listed iPad apps for college students and teachers.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,
    Nice summary here. I love the ipad, and it amazes me how much use it can be put to. Education is one of the (to me) surprising areas where it has taken off. In the beginning everyone thought it was just a toy, or just for browsing.
    But now we can see what benefits it can have for companies and for eduction.
    thanks for the post
    Ashley F recently posted…Famous Magicians 2013My Profile

  2. Nice list of useful apps for college students and teachers. I want to add more apps to this list
    Alarm Clock Free (ihandysoft inc)
    Quipper Quiz
    School Timetable Deluxe
    Tourist language learn and speak
    FreeNote 7.9.8

  3. Hey… Nirmala

    Once again You rock!! in Blogging world. today you shared 10 amazing apps With Me. I’m also a Student and these all apps are exellent. all are amazing Dear your choise is Great.

    how to You You choose best from Millions of apps. because you are amazing And your choice is also Nice.

    thanks to share this list of Apps.

  4. [Ipad has added more value in use of internet. Now not only useful students and teachers, but while journey it plays role as a friend or a guide……Thanks & Regards Himanshu]

    • Welcome to my blog Ponmalar,

      Glad you found my iPad apps post useful and happy to hear that you’re waiting for a teacher job. Yeah, technology has improved a lot and the smart gadgets are ruling the world.

      Am pleased with your comment, there are more stuffs to be posted for students and teachers here, so stay tuned :)

  5. Great selection of Apps, this is a invaluable resource for teacher and students, after all their are so many learning styles that exist -it makes sense to integrate technology of the iPad to better meet the learning styles of the various types of learners out there, for example:
    Visual Learners
    Tactile and so on.

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