How to make money online by writing tutorials?

This blog post would help the readers to earn money online by writing tutorials with some useful websites.

Recently I published a blog post with the details of make money with YouTube tutorials. I received few quires saying that they have other skills other than/not interested in shooting videos and they asked me to explain and list some websites to earn money online by writing tutorials.

Are you excellent in writing useful tutorials? Then you have a nice opportunity to make money online by writing tutorials for various websites.

Web designers, app developers and even the Photoshop experts are making online income ranging from $5 – $300 for a single tutorial. Not only for money, writing useful tutorials would let you to grow your brand, display your talent to suitable clients and finally allow you to take part in an active community.

If you have a blog/website, it would be an additional advantage for you to link back the submitted tutorials to drive traffic to it. If you want to share some unique skills with the people, then present it as a tutorial and earn money with it. Many genuine websites are hiring people to write tutorials and providing good pay-outs for them.


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Websites to make money online by writing tutorials

Here I listed some useful websites which assists you to earn money by writing tutorials.


This website contains tutorials for Photography, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and web development tutorials. If you are skilled in writing the designing and blogging tutorials, you will get paid for each accepted tutorial.


This website offers high quality free tutorials related to graphics design and visual effects. They are looking for the talented individuals to contribute the articles related to Adobe Photoshop Autodesk Maya, Adobe after effect and any other standard CG software. If you are expert in the above mentioned areas, you can make a good online income here.


Flashmint is a leading provider of Flash templates. If you have skills in producing the Flash, Flex and animation tutorials, you can convert your skills into money and include your short bio with a link to your blog/ website.


It contains tips and tutorials for the bloggers and web developers to build websites. If Word press, PHP, SEO, JavaScript, Photoshop and design theory are your absorbing fields, give your unique and useful tutorials to earn money with it.


It is a great website to find the design tips and tutorials. If you are tremendous in creating the web design, Photoshop and other design tutorials, it is likely to earn cash with it.


If you are really interested in teaching Photoshop for others, psd.tutsplus is the right website for you to get money online. It is a popular Photoshop website with large community of readers. Photoshop artists and instructors are required to write tutorials for them.


It is a growing community website with the tutorials for website coding, illustration, Photoshop and SEO. If the above specified are your fascinating topics, you can share your original tutorials with them and earn decent income with it.


It is an online magazine founded by a Canadian web designer which offers the tutorials about typography, Photoshop, WordPress, HTML etc. If you are talented in writing tutorials about these topics, you can make use of it to earn money.


It is a fast growing design blog which gives the best tutorials, freebies and other informative resources. It is possible to earn good rewards with your helpful graphical contribution here.


Vector diary is a popular blog which provides illustrator tips and tutorials. It was created by a graphic designer and contains thousands of tutorials. You can write about Adobe illustrator and you’ll get paid for each accepted tutorial.


Internet has introduced new and comfortable ways to make money with online jobs. Work at home by cashing the talents is an easy way for the people to make money online. If you are excellent in designing skills and want to teach your fascinating talents to others , you can make money online by writing tutorials for websites which requires lessons on specified subjects.  Be sure to send the high quality error free tutorials to get good payment and to avoid rejection.

Do you know any other websites which pay for writing tutorials? Share the details and your views about this post with me :)

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26 Responses to “How to make money online by writing tutorials?”

  1. Rajesh Jhamb

    Sep 02. 2013

    This is wonderful post indeed.
    This is good idea to earn money by writing tutorials online.
    And if we are teaching somebody then there are a lots of chances to get huge traffic.
    Thanks for sharing madam. :D
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Micromax Canvas Fun A74 Full SpecificationsMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Sep 02. 2013

      Thanks for your quick reply Rajesh, I truly appreciate your regular visit here.

      Yeah, some people are earning decent income by just sharing their knowledge in the form of tutorials.

      Stay tuned here :)

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  2. Sriram

    Sep 02. 2013

    Nirmala ma’am– Thanks for the list. But most of them concentrate on design tips Photoshop tutorials. Could you provide some other website which pays for writing SEO and social media tutorials.
    Sriram recently posted…Advertising on Facebook: A complete guide for getting successMy Profile

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  3. Siraj Wahid

    Sep 02. 2013

    Excellent Article, some of the websites are new to me. Thanks for sharing :)
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…7 Blunders Which Can Ruin a Newbie’s Blogging CareerMy Profile

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  4. Pramod

    Sep 02. 2013

    This is simply unique and awesome .I never heard that writing tutorials could generate cash too . I will check out those websites and try them out .Thanks for sharing the information on these sites .

    Pramod recently posted…Karbonn A9 Plus vs Micromax A92 (specifications compared)My Profile

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  5. Abdullah Salisu

    Sep 02. 2013

    Wonderful Article you did… It came handy to me.. Am going for number4

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  6. Vivek Jain

    Sep 02. 2013

    Again an excellent article with mind blasting information.
    I am first time seeing this money making process from writing tutorial online.
    I will surely check out those websites and soon I will write this type of content in my blog also.
    Thanks for sharing your idea. :)
    Vivek Jain recently posted…Top Advantages of Google AdSenseMy Profile

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  7. Yogiraj mishra

    Sep 03. 2013

    Awesome article I was not opening the email from mymagicfundas but Today heading catches me and I came here.
    Best collection of websites.
    Yogiraj mishra recently posted…Micromax Canvas series Rooting GuideMy Profile

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  8. Marshall

    Sep 03. 2013

    Nirmala, thanks for this article. I have been thinking about adding some tutorials and would have had to do all this research on my own (and probably missed half of them anyway).

    Great job.

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  9. Rohit Batra

    Sep 03. 2013

    For newbies this article is like a blessing..!! For those who want to generate traffic and write tutorials online one can make good amount of money..!!!
    thanks for sharing with us this fantastic article mam..!!
    Rohit Batra recently posted…Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 Specifications,Features,Price,Release DateMy Profile

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  10. rakesh kumar

    Sep 04. 2013

    Good Work Nirmala, but i think most of the bloggers come to blog space due to – easy money, they are not ready to make tutorial of that kind. If they are able to write that kind of tutorial, i am sure they will be able to earn much more money then they can even imagine. BTW a Good collection of website’s paying high amount for great tutorials. Keep it up.
    rakesh kumar recently posted…25 Best Responsive Opencart Themes Ever DesignedMy Profile

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  11. Aditya Nath Jha

    Sep 05. 2013

    Really nice post for those seeking how to earn money online and for those who have loads of knowledge and good content to share with the world and the community!
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted…How to choose a smartphone : The ultimate cellphone buying guideMy Profile

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  12. Atish Ranjan

    Sep 05. 2013

    This is the best way to earn as well as growing your skills because when you write something which do practically then it increases the ability to express yourself more infront of others. Good piece of writing.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…5 Tips to Recruit the Best People in the Tech WorldMy Profile

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    • Nirmala Santhakumar

      Sep 05. 2013

      Thanks for your positive comment Atish :)

      Yeah, sharing knowledge would let us to improve our skills more and more.

      I feel good to get you comment on Teacher’s day as you are my blogging teacher :P

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  13. Nirmala Santhakumar

    Sep 06. 2013

    Yeah, Online money making is my fascinating subject Ravi and I love to write on it :)

    Sure, Stay tuned here to know some legitimate money making opportunities!
    Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…How to make money online by writing tutorials?My Profile

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  14. Jitendra Vaswani

    Sep 06. 2013

    This tutorial helps how bloggers can earn money with video tutorials, Nirmala jee you are great teacher. I am new fan of ur blog.
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted…The Secret Recipe of Content Marketing in Gangnam StyleMy Profile

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  15. M Nirmal Anandh

    Sep 09. 2013

    Very useful info. These are the best ways to earn money. Thanks for sharing this nirmala.

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  16. kartik

    Sep 09. 2013

    Thanks for sharing the nice list of real websites to earn with tutorials. Keep doing your good work :)
    kartik recently posted…Tips and Tricks to Secure your WordPress-powered WebsiteMy Profile

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  17. Abhishek kumar jha

    Sep 16. 2013

    Should give these sites a try, big list.
    Though never tried on Youtube, hope to start it too soon.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Abhishek kumar jha recently posted…1000+ websites from Argentina Hacked & Defaced by Libero and dr.m1st3r.My Profile

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  18. Jane

    Sep 18. 2013

    Great list of websites where one can earn by writing tutorials Nirmala. Making money is an evergreen topic. And when you earn by writing tutorials, it is something really great.

    You help others by sharing your knowledge, and you really make the life of others easy – just think about who will be looking for tutorials. Those who are fed up with a software or those who badly need to know how something works need a tutorial. And by helping them out, those who writes the tutorial does a service and earns money – that’s two birds in one stone!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list!
    Jane recently posted…Get More From The Small Huawei Ascend P6My Profile

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  19. Pritam Nagrale

    Oct 08. 2013

    Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for this articles as I had no clue of these websites. Although you have specified the amount $5-$300 but I will check these websites to know more on the rates & try to make money through my tutorials.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…8 Weird Ways to Make MoneyMy Profile

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  20. Ravish Khapra

    Oct 09. 2013

    Excellent article. I was in search of some genuine ways to make money online & I think this is one of the best way for me to earn from writing tutorials as I am a freelance writer & I am very good at creating tutorials. Thanks for sharing.
    Ravish Khapra recently posted…Shenzhen – Window to the WorldMy Profile

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  21. Abid Omar

    Oct 12. 2013

    Hi Nirmala Mam,

    Excellent Article. There are so many ways to make money online, But. This method was unknown for me. Thanks you for this list and will try it one by one soon. Hope it will work for me :)


    Abid Omar @
    Abid Omar recently posted…Cash Donator Review: Start Generating more Income from your BlogMy Profile

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