How does my Alexa rank get reduced day by day?

This post explains “How does my Alexa rank get reduced daily” for my readers and newbie bloggers.

The current Alexa rank of my blog is under 70K and it is reducing day by day which is a good sign.

I started this blog in the month of January this year. Till now I have written up to 42 posts and have contributed 14 guest posts for same niche blogs. Few days back, I even updated my Facebook timeline with a statement – “Completed 40 posts with 80K Alexa rank in six months – I feel great”.

I was humbled with the number of Facebook likes, wishes and messages from my blogging friends and influential bloggers. I even received few personal messages asking me “how you got good Alexa Rank?” and also “Are you specially doing any tricks to get it?” and so on. My only reply to the second question was a big “No”.

Yes, I am not implementing any specific trick to attain good Alexa rank. Few of the newbie bloggers questioned me “What you used to do after publishing your blog post?” I summarized my activities briefly to them but decided that I should describe it in an elaborate manner to my readers.

I am not going to provide any tips to my readers to improve the Alexa ranking, but would share answers to the question – “How does my Alexa rank get reduced day by day?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might be aware of my favorite style of starting from basics. Yes, here, even in this blog post too!

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa is a web information company which gives rank for blogs based on its health and traffic. Lower the number, better the Alexa ranking.

What have I done to get good Alexa Rank?

* Once my blog was set up, I registered in and added my blog to it.

* I have installed Alexa widget on my blog and added the Alexa toolbar too in my browser.

* I maintain a consistency of publishing 2-3 posts per week. I create unique posts and a WordPress PluginSEO by Yoast” helps me to publish the optimized blog posts.

* I’ve written simple Alexa reviews for my preferred blogs and request my lovely blogging friends to do the same for me.

* After publishing my post, I use Ping site named to tell the search engines that I have got a new post in my blog.

* I update the FB and G+ fan page with my new blog post.

* I make it a point to share the post in social networking and social bookmarking websites like FB groups, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble upon, LinkedIn groups, Reddit and Delicious.

* I understand the benefits of participating in blogging communities and so I stay active in Blokube, Indiblogger and Bizsugar. Recently I joined in Triberr too.

* I have a good list of Dofollow and Comment luv enabled blogs with which I work on blog commenting.

* I continue to contribute my worthy guest posts on good PR blogs (at least 3 per month).

* I usually inspire my visitors to leave their valuable thoughts through the comment section with my blog posts and by replying to each comment with enthusiasm.

* I never forget to share the valuable blog posts on my social networks.


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What are the missing treasured ways by me?

As I’m a part time blogger, I can spend only few hours a day. It’s really hard to find time for blogging but I still doing it with passion. I know that I am missing some treasured ways to get good readers and Alexa rank.

I suggest you to execute Forum participation and promoting your blog with content curation method to get good SERP and to perform well in the blogosphere.

You might ask “Is rank from Alexa that much important?

Yes! Yes! Check the reasons here!

Why Alexa rank is important for bloggers?

1. To accept your guest posts, the influential bloggers might check your Alexa.

2. Alexa ranking improves the exposure of your blog.

3. Advertisers might look at this blog rank to check your reputation.

4. To prove that you are an expert in your niche.

5. Obviously, increment in traffic to your blog.


Amazon is the founder of Alexa and it is a ranking based internet company. The Alexa rank is calculated based on the factors like traffic, backlinks, bounce rate and so on. Praise and support Alexa by installing Alexa toolbar & Alexa widgets and write Alexa reviews for your favorite blogs. Produce good quality content and maintain post consistency to have good Alexa rank.

I know, am missing some genuine ways to increase my Alexa ranking!

Hence it’s your turn now! Speak…

What is your Alexa rank? Did I miss to share any imperative way to reduce Alexa rank? I”m eagerly waiting for your wonderful thoughts through comments!!!

136 thoughts on “How does my Alexa rank get reduced day by day?”

  1. I liked the way you mentioned all the scores – highs and lows of so many bloggers and their ranks. Yes, I have the toll bar but I now rarely take a look at it, though I know that it’s gradually dropping for me and so has the PR rank improved – I guess once you know all is well, you don’t worry much

  2. Hi Nirmala ma’am,
    Thanks for the tips. My blog’s alexa ranking is also developing constantly. I’m following some of your tips already and will follow the rest from now.

  3. Hello Nirmala Mam, all these points are really helpful to get good alexa rank.
    As you know my blog is only 5 months old but it’s alexa is like an inspiration for most of the bloggers.
    There is no secret behind this. I only follow the same way that you share here.

    And I’m totally agree with you that participating in forum is most effective and time consuming too. But I’ll try to be active there too to get best exposure for my blog.
    Great tips for all the bloggers 🙂
    Thanks & Regards!

  4. Hi Madam Nirmala,
    Thanks for those tips as well. My blog is now a month old and I’m doing everything possible just to reduce its alexa ranking every passing day.

  5. ITs nice to hear all these guru tips from you nirmala mam,,,As i have started my blog back in feb/2013. to calculate my blog age it will upto 5 months and several days….

    These are all happened how i had decreased my alexa rank, most of the strategies i have followed that you have mentioned in this article….yes one thing that i have fully concentrated

    >>>in early days and till now i am regularly update by blog with daily basis…..believe me if you do the same you will see dramatic change in alexa…

    my blog alexa is near now 21k and is reducing day and day.

    Nirmala mam would you accept guest post from mine.

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for sharing. Alexa rank is very important like what you said. I know so many sites checked on this when it comes to guest posting.

    Keep it up!

    Definitely back for more.


  7. Dear Madam,
    Being a newbie,I always find it difficult to increase the viewership. Still not installed the Alexa widget but will install soon. I will implement the tips mentioned by you and hope to see good results soon.Even I also have limited time frame for blogging but still I happily manage it.


  8. Hello Nirmala Mam, maintain a consistency of publishing quality post is the most importent in this. Many of the bloggers i know follow post on a fixed time. all these points are really helpful to get good alexa rank. Thanks.

  9. Hey Nirmala ,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and your secrets ..Your blog is ranking higher and higher day by day just because of your hard-work .The tips you’ve shared will help many bloggers.


    1. Yeah, your are right Pramod,

      Am working hard to improve my blog and some influential bloggers are guiding me to proceed in the right path.

      Glad to hear that my shared tips would help the bloggers.

  10. The results for your blog itself depicts the correct mechanism to adopt in order to achieve a good alexa rank. Being Active on Forum can help a lot but I have been absconding from it a while, will try this method.

    Thanks. 🙂

  11. Hello Nirmala mam,
    Great article indeed ! 😀
    I have never come across, and I’m gonna check out pingler.
    Thanks for your article and keep posting 🙂

  12. Congrats for getting so much success Nirmala..I know that you are working very hard..You should conduct a hangout too in which you should let other bloggers know your success story..Am following your blog now regularly as the improving alexa rank is making your blog very popular..

  13. Hello mam,
    I bog is just one month old and my Alexa rank in India is 20k and in World is 4.28 lakh. I am also following many of your way and from now I will follow rest. I have one question in my mind, is my Alexa good, as my blog is just one month old?
    Thanks for the sharing this post. Keep Posting. 🙂
    Google Android 4.3,Check out Updated Features

    1. Its good that you are already following some genuine ways to improve your Alexa.

      Is your blog one month old? Just work on it regularly. No need to worry about Alexa rank much as of now.

      Maintain post consistency and try to get good social signals for every post.

  14. Hey Nirmala, I really enjoy to read your Happiness moments i pray that you will get more and more happiness like this
    Alexa rank is very important and i am happy to see your blog in good ranking.
    thanks for sharing such a nice guidelines for us.
    Best of luck,

  15. I have to admit I don’t know that much about Alexa. I didn’t know that you could add your site to it. I am going to be doing that today.

    Congrats on accomplishing so much as a part-time blogger. Thanks for all these tips.

    1. Thanks for your boosting comment Susan 🙂

      Just register in Alexa, add and claim your blog in it.

      Write Alexa reviews for same niche blogs and request your friends to write the same for your blog.

      Do regular blog updating with quality content and stay active in social networks.

      Then check your Alexa rank and let me know how it is 🙂

  16. What can I say?
    This is the one and only area. I am always lacking behind.
    But your post makes me 100% now.
    Thanks Nirmala for this excellent post.
    Bloggers never reveal their secret of success. You’re the only person reveal most of the secrets for your success.
    I appreciate your hard work, dedication towards blogging.
    I am really proud you’re from my city of Chennai.
    There is no words to express my happiness
    My best wishes always with you

    1. Thanks for appreciating me sir,

      Yes, you know very well that am performing blogging with devotion.

      What is there to share the secret of success. I read these tips in many blog posts before few months and am just implementing it right now.

  17. wow! really like the post. it help me so much found it through facebook and I am glad to hear all the strategies you are implementing! Thank you for this..

  18. Hi Mam
    What an Awesome Post.I will try to follow all the steps as mentioned by you in the post.Thanks for sharing this wonderful article

  19. nice and informative blog i will say this was.
    alexa rank is very good thing and maintaining its consistency is again a tough job.
    even my sate is coming down day by day and i am very happy with the stats.

  20. Wow less than 1 lakh in just a few months that too just publishing 40+ posts. You are better than Many people out there.
    Thanks for the tips.Will follow them evrytime from now.

  21. Hi Ma’am !
    No doubt a simple yet influential post for us. However I use “pubsubug” (plugin also available) for pinging purpose 🙂

  22. Thanks for sharing this useful information!

    As i see that there are already 44 responses on your post
    and Again I missed the opportunity to comment here on the top 5 because of preparing the content for my site.

    I am feeling very sad about this but also hoping that next time I will definitely get success.

    Now if I talk about this article then I have already mentioned you about this on Facebook also.
    No Doubt! this article deserves these 45 comments with including 1 of mine!
    Keep writing your beauty with excellent overviews;)

    1. Good to see your passion in blogging and commenting here with feelings. It happens, but is ok, am happy with your presence.

      I too used to try to be the first commenter of few specific blogs, but I can’t due to my blog post writing.

      Thanks for appreciating my work Vivek, keep doing it 🙂

  23. Hi Nirmala
    thanks for sharing this Alexa tips. i am just started a new blog. and working for increasing alexa rank. i will apply all this tips and some other things too .

  24. Hey Nirmala
    4 months ago I started blogging and i followed all tips as you mentioned above and now my alexa rank is 65K in worldwide and 7K in India.
    These tips really works.
    Well done, keep it up. this post will really helpful for newbies.
    Happy blogging.

  25. What a great resource Nirmala. You’ve inspired me to do more guest blog posts and to join a blogging community!

    Thanks again!


  26. Ah! impressive. With 40 article you have reached 75k in Alexa. What to say…!. Thanks for these effective tips..

  27. Hello Nirmala ji,
    I found many points in your article,I was missing to improve the alexa ranking of my blog. I will follow the points,you have mentioned. This is really a great article once again by you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. Wonderful job Nirmala. Regularity, quality content, marketing always help to reach success in blogging. Well done!

    1. Thanks for adding value to my post Priya.

      Even am busy @ home, i am just maintaining the post frequency with good quality for my readers.

      Am really happy with your appearance, keep doing the same to leave your valuable suggestions.

  29. Absolutely brilliant. You made this so wonderful by providing very easy steps to increasing ones’ ranking. I’ve had my rank reduce only to have some issues that kept it out blogging for a while. It has really increased on a sad side but I’m ready to get it all back to reducing once again. I’d surely use this post as a reference. Thanks for this great work Nirmala

    1. Happy with your presence and comment 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your real experience here and glad to hear that you’re gonna use my post as a reference.

      My wishes for you to get good Alexa rank soon, stay tuned here!

  30. Wow, amazing and very helpful post.
    I will try to absorb as much possible so I can reduce Alexa rank on my blog.

    Thank you!

  31. Yeah, writing Alexa reviews on other blogs of your same niche would help you to get good Alexa rank.

    Sure, will visit your blog and do the needful.

    Keep showing your presence here to read some magical posts Yogesh 🙂

  32. Hi Nirmala, I am a Newbie in Blogging World. You have shared really a nice article. This article will be helpful to those people who have just entered into the blogging world like me or think to enter. Hope We will get more useful articles from your blog which will be helpful to us. Best of luck for your future

    1. Welcome to my blog and thanks for your wishes Moumita 🙂

      Yeah, i used to take care of my every blog post in such way that it should be useful for my readers.

      Stay tuned here to have a look @ the magical articles 😉

  33. Though the Alexa ranking may not be such an accurate score due to their information gathering methods in ranking any site, it is mainly a measure for improvement and advertisers really consider it in choosing whether to advertise on a site or not. I can see you have achieved a lot in just few months of blogging, the lower it gets the more competitive it becomes. I will advise you intensify your efforts even more so as to be among the first 10k before the end of the year.

    1. Many thanks for your advice Nwosu, sure will try my best as you told.

      Am pleased with your views related to Alexa rank, hope this adds value to my post.

      Keep coming here to leave your valuable suggestions 🙂

  34. Hey nirmala glad to see your alexa getting increased day by day as advertisers always gives importance for advertisement and thanks for sharing your strategies

  35. I don’t really give much importance to the alexa rank. I do check the alexa rank of most of the blog I’m visiting but that’s just the number. Sometimes, a blog receiving thousands of visitors may have 2L alexa rank and vice-versa.

    I’m already following most of the points that you’ve mentioned. That’s probably the reason why my alexa rank is so low.

    1. Thanks for speaking your views related to Alexa rank Pawan.

      I too like you, not giving much importance to Alexa, but it is improving regularly,

      Its good that you are doing some genuine blogging activities like mine, keep it up!

  36. Hi Nirmala,

    You have written a great post. Guest posting is one of the best way which will help you in lowering the alexa rank of your website. I also am trying to lower my alexa ranking by guest posting at various forums and moreover you also get backlinks with the same method. Thanks for providing a great article. I will try other methods too.

  37. woah. as of this commenting, your post received around 100 responses

    i want to blog consistently but i cannot do so since i do not have a nanny yet for my two year old son so the responsibility of taking care of him lies on me. i can only focus on commenting on other blogs and create a few short articles. i really miss creating huge lists of info for my readers (e.g. 110plus commentluv enabled blogs)

  38. This is simply a nice job well done. I see you’ve been working so hard on your blog and it has paid in the long run. Thanks for this article, it would serve as an encouragement to newbie bloggers.

  39. Hello ma’am,
    Well while I was reading your article I got confused with your statement “That my Alexa is reducing from 75k”, and I was like…how can this be too cool for any blogger. Then I thought mathematically that Oh..!! Here the blog fame is inversely proportional to the Alexa ranking.
    Jokes apart, to built such a quick and remarkable ranking in such a competition is not any easy task to do.
    Bookmarking your post. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing this secret.


  40. Hi Nirmala,

    Read your post for the second time today. Don’t know how I missed commenting here ;P

    Feels great to see you improving your Alexa continually, it’s now on 65K! Great achievement!

    Because Alexa, Google PR and DomainAuthority are the most important metric for any blogger to monetize blogs, it is good to attempt improving them.

    1. Its ok, Suresh! it happens sometimes.

      Am feeling good to get the appreciation comment for my Alexa rank and am not doing anything specific to improve it. But it is good!.

      Thanks for your boosting comment 🙂

  41. Wow, congratulations. Both your blog and our blog are of the same age. We started our blog on 1st of January, and we’ve published more than 100 posts (or to be exact, 5 articles in average for every week).

    I personally use Alexa as my personal target. By knowing that my Alexa ranking is lowering, I know my blog is getting better and better.

    1. Thanks for sharing your blogging and Alexa history with me.

      5 posts per week? Seems good and hope you are a full time and professional blogger.

      Am a part time blogger and taking the time out for blogging 🙂

  42. Thank you for sharing what you did to get a good Alexa ranking. I also implement a lot of the things that you do. I’m glad to see that your score has gone up. Keep up the good work!

  43. that’s really awesome. but do joining sites like tiberrr and blokube really help you to increase your blog community or not. Just want to know this 🙂

  44. Hi Nirmala , you clearly explain me why Alexa is important for bloggers. I had joined social media websites to increase my blog traffic. Triberr, blokube , blogster are my favorite communities for promotion.

  45. i am now trying to decrease my alexa rank. as you know it is important to get some adviretisement banners. anyway, thanks for the great post. it will be very useful for me.

  46. I normally don’t focus a lot on Alexa. I haven’t installed the Alexa widget on my blog.

    So assume I get 10000 visitors who don’t have an Alexa toolbar installed it won’t reduce my alexa rank. (health niche)

    On the other hand if I blog about technology (most technology geeks have Alexa toolbars) and around 100 visit my site, my alexa rank will see great improvements

  47. Alexa Rank is such a big deal for bloggers of every niche. Thanks for these useful post. This post is inspiring me to improve my Alexa rank too..

  48. thats is really amazing… but sometimes i feel alexa doesn’t give the genuine result, in terms of daily page views,

    yu see this website

    in in shows 1500 page-views per-day and next day when searched it shows a different. so i somewhere feel its not showing the proper result.

  49. hi nirmala madam,
    i am so thankful to your post regarding how to reduce the rank of alexa. every one will see alexa rank to determine weather the site is trusted or not ,or to find how famous it to reduce rank in such a great website your tips will helps to ebery ine those who who wants to be a successful blogger.from now i will follow your guidelines madam…..

  50. Hello Nirmala,
    Thanks for writing such a detail article about alexa ranking. Alexa provides world wide ranking which definitely reflects a reputation of a site. I am facing a problem since 2 weeks. Alexa toolbar is not working with my firefox browser. Can you please help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks for reading the post Sakib. Yes, Alexa matters a lot and it is much related to the traffic of a blog. I have no idea about Alexa toolbar for Firefox, I’m using Chomre Browser. Reinstall your Firefox and try again.

  51. Hello Nirmala Didi,

    Nice to see this post in your blog. I am also trying to increase my alexa rank but i don;t know properly on which factor alexa provides ranking for our blogs/websites ?
    These day i am getting traffic from Search engine and Social media both but mostly from Search engine, so alexa is not giving respect for blog .. Why ?

  52. good article, but i think alexa only works good to websites that have got ranking of few thousands. anyways, your guidance may help newbies like me, thank you man

  53. Hello nirmala ma’am
    These many Days I was struggling to make a good alexa,Still struggling but From now I don’t think so it’ll happen,Your post is just amazing,you’ve listed all the practical tips that truly works.
    Thanks for the share

  54. Hi Nirmala Mam,
    Thanks for sharing helpful information on alexa ranking. Same condition here my alexa rank is day by day increment but not understand what to do for stop this. Now after read this post i’m follow your techniques.

  55. Hi ,
    Thankyou , for posting such an valuable information ,i usually face problems in improving my Alexa ranking but i think from now your post will help me lot in impoving my Alexa.

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