How does my Alexa rank get reduced day by day?

This post explains “How does my Alexa rank get reduced daily” for my readers and newbie bloggers.

The current Alexa rank of my blog is under 70K and it is reducing day by day which is a good sign.

I started this blog in the month of January this year. Till now I have written up to 42 posts and have contributed 14 guest posts for same niche blogs. Few days back, I even updated my Facebook timeline with a statement – “Completed 40 posts with 80K Alexa rank in six months – I feel great”.

I was humbled with the number of Facebook likes, wishes and messages from my blogging friends and influential bloggers. I even received few personal messages asking me “how you got good Alexa Rank?” and also “Are you specially doing any tricks to get it?” and so on. My only reply to the second question was a big “No”.

Yes, I am not implementing any specific trick to attain good Alexa rank. Few of the newbie bloggers questioned me “What you used to do after publishing your blog post?” I summarized my activities briefly to them but decided that I should describe it in an elaborate manner to my readers.

I am not going to provide any tips to my readers to improve the Alexa ranking, but would share answers to the question – “How does my Alexa rank get reduced day by day?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you might be aware of my favorite style of starting from basics. Yes, here, even in this blog post too!

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa is a web information company which gives rank for blogs based on its health and traffic. Lower the number, better the Alexa ranking.

What have I done to get good Alexa Rank?

* Once my blog was set up, I registered in and added my blog to it.

* I have installed Alexa widget on my blog and added the Alexa toolbar too in my browser.

* I maintain a consistency of publishing 2-3 posts per week. I create unique posts and a WordPress PluginSEO by Yoast” helps me to publish the optimized blog posts.

* I’ve written simple Alexa reviews for my preferred blogs and request my lovely blogging friends to do the same for me.

* After publishing my post, I use Ping site named to tell the search engines that I have got a new post in my blog.

* I update the FB and G+ fan page with my new blog post.

* I make it a point to share the post in social networking and social bookmarking websites like FB groups, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble upon, LinkedIn groups, Reddit and Delicious.

* I understand the benefits of participating in blogging communities and so I stay active in Blokube, Indiblogger and Bizsugar. Recently I joined in Triberr too.

* I have a good list of Dofollow and Comment luv enabled blogs with which I work on blog commenting.

* I continue to contribute my worthy guest posts on good PR blogs (at least 3 per month).

* I usually inspire my visitors to leave their valuable thoughts through the comment section with my blog posts and by replying to each comment with enthusiasm.

* I never forget to share the valuable blog posts on my social networks.


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What are the missing treasured ways by me?

As I’m a part time blogger, I can spend only few hours a day. It’s really hard to find time for blogging but I still doing it with passion. I know that I am missing some treasured ways to get good readers and Alexa rank.

I suggest you to execute Forum participation and promoting your blog with content curation method to get good SERP and to perform well in the blogosphere.

You might ask “Is rank from Alexa that much important?

Yes! Yes! Check the reasons here!

Why Alexa rank is important for bloggers?

1. To accept your guest posts, the influential bloggers might check your Alexa.

2. Alexa ranking improves the exposure of your blog.

3. Advertisers might look at this blog rank to check your reputation.

4. To prove that you are an expert in your niche.

5. Obviously, increment in traffic to your blog.


Amazon is the founder of Alexa and it is a ranking based internet company. The Alexa rank is calculated based on the factors like traffic, backlinks, bounce rate and so on. Praise and support Alexa by installing Alexa toolbar & Alexa widgets and write Alexa reviews for your favorite blogs. Produce good quality content and maintain post consistency to have good Alexa rank.

I know, am missing some genuine ways to increase my Alexa ranking!

Hence it’s your turn now! Speak…

What is your Alexa rank? Did I miss to share any imperative way to reduce Alexa rank? I”m eagerly waiting for your wonderful thoughts through comments!!!

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