Apple To Launch 12.9 Inch iPad for Business

Two days before (Aug 27th, 2014) Bloomberg reported that the Apple Inc. is developing a new iPad called iPad Pro with 12.9″ screen size. Let’s discuss about this iPad news through this post. I’ve already discussed the features of iPad which encloses the details of iPad4 and iPad5.

Apple iPhone is an excellent gadget to make phone calls, listen music and to send mails whereas the Apple’s innovative productivity tool, Macbook is brilliant in creating documents and editing videos. The Apple iPad rested between these two devices which is compatible to browse the web, watch the videos, respond to the messages etc. Current iPads have 9.7” and 7.9” display with longer battery life and greater selection of apps for tablet use. But the saddest thing is that the Apple’s iPad sales have dropped for the past two quarters. In the most recent quarter, Apple sold 13.3 million iPads which is 9% down from a year ago. Analysts estimated the Apple to sell about 14.4 million iPads on this recent quarter as it had sold 14.6 million iPads in the same quarter last year.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple seems to be an optimistic person as he said that the sales of iPads met company’s expectations but the Apple grasped that they didn’t meet the anticipation of analysts. He also added that there is still significant improvement that can be applied to the iPad and increase its sales to the enterprise customers. Recently the Apple had announced its partnership with IBM to boost iPad sales by creating applications for business solutions.

iPad Pro (Rumored Apple iPad with 12.9” screen)


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Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg News, Apple is preparing to roll out a larger iPad with 12.9 inch screen which would look like a laptop. It is rumored that this larger iPad tablet will be launched in the first quarter of the year 2015. It is also expected that this giant device would be more effective for mobile business users. Moreover, it would have ability to beat its rivals like Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and its cousin, Apple Macbook air. 

Expected specifications of iPad Pro

Here are the latest rumors of iPad Pro,
1. The larger iPad may be named as “iPad Pro” or “iPad 6”.

2. Its screen size would be 12.9” with ultra high-definition quality.

3. This device may be a blend of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.

4. There is a buzz that its design elements would resemble current iPad Air/iPad mini.

5. Its predictable OS is the next iPad operating system, IOS 8.

6.  As its screen is big, it is assumed that it would be 6 cm taller and 3 cm wider than the current iPad versions but with the same weight (1.2 pounds approximately).

7. To provide more advanced features, it may have A8 processor chips which are perfect for serious upgrades.

8. Touch ID fingerprint sensor, iPen, wireless mouse and keyboard are its other expected features.

iPad Pro release date & Price

If you’re a great fan of Apple products and want to get this gadget, you have to wait till next year. As I stated early, this big screen Apple iPad will be hitting the tablet market early in the year 2015. It is estimated that this giant iPad would hold the price tag between $650 – $700.


Apple Inc. is planning for the mass production of 12.9” iPad tablet and it will be released in the first quarter of next year (2015). Since the sales of the Apple iPad have turn down for the past two quarters, the company had decided to “Shake up the iPad line” with this larger device, iPad Pro and would target the enterprise users with its recent IBM partnership.

Even though that there is no official word on this Apple product, there is strong evidence that the company is gonna get into the manufacturing process of larger 12.9″ iPad by working together with a California-based company, Cupertino. Apple fans are expecting more advanced features from this device that can work with multiple iPad apps simultaneously.  

It is predicted that this monster Apple gadget could compete with laptop-tablet hybrids like Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Acer Aspire V5 touch. Would you like to buy this 12.9 inch iPad? Whether it would be a true business productivity tool? Share your thoughts of iPad Pro in comment section.

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