AskMe – All-Rounder App To Acquire Desired Data Near Your Area

This post contains the details of a handy app, AskMe that would allow you to search any information near your locality.

Smartphone apps are really smart! Yes, they are valuable assets that make our life easier and thus no need to live a hectic life. I know that you already carry a bunch of apps on your smartphone to handle your business and personal tasks. Do you have any versatile app for shopping and to search about the best product/service near your place?

If not, you may check the details of an all-rounder app “AskMe” developed by Getit Info services. I’ve recently downloaded this free app and let me tell you some of its essential details which would help you to bring the variety of information related to shop, eat, play and read reviews with few mobile phone clicks.


About AskMe

askme-app-search-data is a one stop destination to get information about anything in India. It was launched in June 2011 by Getit Info media and it has an extensive & accurate directory of information for its consumers. You may use this gainful service to get details about jobs, matrimony, travel, business and so on. Business people can use it effectively to reach their customers through its various channels through internet, mobile app and voice service no. 4444 4444 44.


AskMe App – The Bapp of all apps

AskMe is available for smartphone users in the form of app with the tagline “The Bapp of all apps” to offer all the information they need about their locality through various ways. It is the third app of Getit Info services Pvt. Ltd whereas “Yellow pages India” and “Free ads” were the previously developed apps by the company. This Android app is easily downloadable and it can be used in several ways to search nearby places to eat/play/shop, book the movie tickets, read business reviews, find jobs etc.



Remarkable Features of AskMe App

Following are the remarkable features of Askme app that made it to stand out from the crowd in grabbing the needful data.

1. Clean & user-friendly interface

The interface of AskMe app is user-friendly and smooth to use. As it is very clean, you would not be feeling any clumsiness while using it. What you’re searching will be evidently displayed in a bold manner with exact information.

2. Better search engine

If you’re searching for some information, you will be able to make a simultaneous search on “free ads” and “latest offers” without visiting the homepage. Hence you could instantly get great deals provided by the businesses near your area. Not only these, you may also check the latest classified ads with this app.

3. Quick functionality

This app has been designed in such a way to help the people who are looking for their daily life needs. Searching information with this app is quick and so, no need to wait in queue or get stuck with road traffic.

4. Add & Share feature

You can read reviews about various businesses near your region and it is possible to add your feedback and tips for your preferred businesses. You may also make your own listings of your desired businesses and share them with your friends through email or on famous social networks.

5. Uses fewer resources

This application uses mobile data/Wi-Fi connection and GPS to offer any information and doesn’t eat much memory of the phone as well.

6. Help & Support

If you’re unable to grab the required data, you may record your phone & mail details and you’ll be contacted by AskMe App team with related information what you were searching for. You may also reach them directly through customer support.


Download AskMe App

You can download AskMe App without difficulty and it is compatible for any Android device that has after the version 2.2.


My Final Words

AskMe is an innovative app that has the power of three attached applications. Its simple interface to provide the maximum amount of information is the fascinating thing about this app. As it is loaded with lot of features, you’ll certainly be adored while searching the information with it. I would say that it is must have app for Indian smartphone users.

I hope that you’ve well engaged with the details of this clutter-free app, AskMe. Do you wanna get this app for your mobile phone? What is your opinion? Let me know through your comment.

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22 thoughts on “AskMe – All-Rounder App To Acquire Desired Data Near Your Area”

  1. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for notifying us with this app. I have been seeing advertorials about it in TV for a few days. But didn’t tried it.

    I have been using Google for every stuff I need to know about a place. But with your review, it seems to me that it’s more convenient and easy and fast to use.


    1. Yeah, everyone use Google to search information globally but this handy app would let to search data near your area. Thanks for taking time to leave your comment here Sayantan, keep coming 🙂

  2. I was not aware of this app at all. I do Google around looking for some interesting app but damn I have missed this :). Thanks for your review on this app. I will certainly give it a try.

  3. The day Askme launched, I installed same day in my mobile. But I was not aware of the functions and features. After reading this article I came to know more about Askme. Thanks for making us aware.

  4. Hi,

    Great app for searching local deals around your area.No need to search google and open too many links to get the best deal.Really saves our valuable Time.

    Thanking You

  5. I heard about this last day on TV.. but i didn’t noticed these much relevancy for this app. Thankz for the review.. 🙂

  6. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Don’t know if this app will be a success but the advertisents of this app are gaining a lot of attention due to the comedy elements in them…baap of all app :p

  7. Hi,

    I was already using this App for my various stupid questions and yes this app is really has almost all my answer.

    Its searching functionality is really awesome since I get my result efficiently without wasting any time.

    But recently I have flash my phone due to some reason and no doubt I am going to install this app again. I just forgot to install this app and this article reminded me to install this app. My smartphone is eagerly waiting for this app.

    Thanks Di for reminder. 🙂
    >SK Lohar

  8. Really interesting writeup, Ask Me app has become very popular over the period, I came to know about this app through tv advertisement only, earlier I was not so keen to download this app but after reading its review I also decided to try this for once, thanks again for this post

    1. This is really fantastic app and I have been using it since its inception. Now the company has added more features which making it more enhanced.

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