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Dear bloggers,

Hope all are doing well. I have always been interested to meet you all with a beneficial post every time. I usually draft my ideas as writings but this time I have made this post with my bitter experience. Yes, most of the bloggers do spend some quality time to create well-researched blog posts with a fresh perspective  for their readers. But it hurts them when their content gets copied by other bloggers. Am I right? I have experienced this issue thrice!

Referring other blogs to get key points and doing competitor analysis are upright blogging activities, but copying or writing the posts with same style of other bloggers by not even changing the sub-headings is a level too low. They should understand the fact that posting original content will do wonders in gaining authority and helps to get higher rankings in search engines.

It’s a known fact that the bloggers who have gained good credibility never copy the content of others since they know how to survive in the blogosphere. Then you may ask who the ones who do such mistakes are? Newbies? Or bloggers with multiple blogs? Why do some bloggers copy content? What is the benefit of copying or following the same style? I have asked these questions to myself and decided to write some useful post on this issue which I wish would be an eye opener for copycat bloggers.


Why Do Some Bloggers Copying Content?

The following might be the reason for some bloggers to copy content from other blogs.

1. Content from popular blogs will help in improving traffic.

2. Have multiple blogs and no time to write.

3. Experiencing blogging burnout.

4. Feel lazy to write or due to bad communication skills.

5. The desire to earn from blogging in a short period of time.



What Would Happen If Bloggers Copy Content?

Some bloggers copy content without knowing the impacts behind it. Some of them are

1. Hit by search engine algorithms

Search engine algorithms are getting smarter these days and it can easily detect either your content is original or not. Even though, bloggers will get traffic for copying posts in the beginning, their blogs will be blacklisted for content duplication and finally they might lose their organic traffic.

2. Reputation loss

Expressing views with own voice and involving with readers are deciding factors of reputation. If bloggers get hit by Google animals for scraped content, then readers will stop respecting them or they will even stop visiting their blogs.

3. Illegal

Copying content without proper citations would lead bloggers in a legal trouble. It is also called Plagiarism and it is ethically wrong.

4. Tough to stand out from the crowd

There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere and distinctiveness with a personal touch is essential for every blogger to generate blog posts. If not, it would be tough to stand out from the crowd.

5. Low monetary benefit

If they have met any of the above-mentioned difficulties, obviously the monetary benefits from their blog will be low.


How Bloggers Can Protect Their Blog Content From Copying?

Truly speaking, I didn’t have the knowledge to protect contents of my blog. Some guys have copied my blog posts, I did a research to save my content from stealing and I have collected the below information.

1. Text selection on blogs should be disabled.

2. It would be good to allow partial/short RSS Feed.

3. Digital watermarks can be used (some added data that is not visible to normal users)

4. Published content should be declared as copyrighted.

5. Using “TYNT” could be a good solution by leveraging copy-paste activity. 

If you are not conceived with my solutions, you may check this useful post on “How to find out who is stealing your content and what to do about it?” 


Nowadays, Google and other search engines are doing a great job to reward the original authors and penalizing webmasters who steal information from other websites. So, write your own content and if you’re experiencing writer’s block, do discuss the issue with other bloggers to get some tips to write epic blog posts. If you’re sluggish in producing a good content, then I would suggest you to do some research and learn some writing tips to become a good writer.

Blogging is not a copy paste game! It requires passion, dedication and interest to build relationship with other bloggers and readers to build a successful blog. Unique content with personal touch really matters and I am sure that you’ll get a lot of love from search engines. Believe me, I am familiar with it! Stealing content from other websites/blogs is an immoral habit. Hence it is better to stop doing this illegal job.

We’re always busy in creating new things and we feel doomed if someone gets an unjustified gain of our hard work. I really feel terrible to find exact copies of my original content on some blogs without any credit and the most vexing part is that the copied content ranks better than the original content. Has this ever happened to you? What is your opinion about copy content done by some bloggers? 

I’ve discussed this issue with my all-time favorite bloggers! I would suggest you to have a look at their thoughts listed below.

Atish Ranjan from

Just report To Google in this case! It happens! In fact, few of my posts are copied and copied one ranks better than my original post.

Reginald Chan from

Reasons they copy your post is because they want to drive the same level of traffic.

Well, this could easily be done with visible meta tags etc.

Since your posts come first, Google algorithms will play a priority on that. This means that posts that get indexed first would be named original. While Google won’t do anything much on the matter until the next algo, it is safe to say you are still ‘okay’.

If they are often copying, you can easily report them via Google.

Of course, this is not healthy but it happens a lot and to nearly every blogger. I don’t really give much of a damn on this due to the above indexing part.

Why people copy?

Traffic, jealousy and even thinking of getting the revenue. For me, they just want a piece of the pie. With over 60m blogs, the competition is very real. Haha!

In terms of ranking, yes it will be affected one way or another. Simply because there is extra one competitor in the market. Of course, there are several very fast ways to make your article standout.

Nonetheless, hope this helps!

Badrinarayanan from

This happened to me way back in 2008. I never bothered since I knew that any content that is published at a later date than the original content’s date is considered as copied content and it would not affect the first author. I don’t think it would harm your status in way. May be you can turn up your collar that someone is emulating you.

Just carry on.

Suresh Kumar from

It’s common these days. People copy A to z without permission. It certainly hurts the ranking for sure and here is what you need to do.

1. DMCA notice

How to request for URL removal of copied content?

Just find who all copied and file a notice for all.

2. Add a canonical tag in your site header

Share your views on copy content activities of some bloggers. Do you have any bitter experience like me? Discuss through your comments.

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