8 Misconceptions That Falsely Motivate People Into Blogging [Insights]

Almost every internet literate have a blog today technically. Having no idea of what to write and why, many internet computer literates have started creating blogs and started scribbling on them.

The motivation had not started at the point of availability of blogging platforms for free but at the point of their fellow onliners and friends getting famous or earning some bucks from blogging. They are somebody who never cared about the popularity and money but just kept writing till today.

They are the first bloggers, and it is how the blogging was started. Later, it took many routes and were becoming a choice of career for so many aspirants today.

In this article, I am going to talk about the most common misconceptions that are motivating people into blogging. I also want to suggest the newbies to turn those false beliefs into right motivation through insights of some case studies and my knowledge.

8 Major Misunderstandings About Blogging

Following are the main faults that wrongly drive people to get into the blogging. 


1. Blogging Makes Easy Money

Unfortunately, it has become the primary motivation for most of the blogging beginners today. Blogging aspirants have started thinking as if the blogging is an easy way to earn money. It is one kind of wrong bait to catch the big fish.

Making money is not that easy, no matter if it is online or offline. Every buck needs a sweat drop shed (though you work in AC environment). This misconception was all started back in those times when ‘view/click-ads-and-earn’ programs sprung up spoiling the advertiser-publisher relationship.

This kind of programs encouraged a zombie computer user to sit in front of the screen and view/click on some ads for 30-40 seconds each to get $0.001 into their accounts.

What! Seriously?

Yes, I am serious about it. How much time will it take for you to earn $1 with that frequency? Just think about it. Isn’t it scary?

People who get used to see Nano-bucks (I should say ‘Nano’) adding into their accounts with ‘0’ implementation of mind will become reluctant to work on the ‘real’ projects. If you are the one who just got turned on to blogging from such kind of programs, you got loads of things to learn.

Blogging, when talking about commerciality here, is a part of marketing activity.

You sell your content here, improvise its value by time to time with the help of SEO and networking techniques. The earnings will not start by themselves, or you will become rich overnight. Have patience!

2. Everyone is Making Money By Blogging

Every blogger is making money from blogging is one of the most common blogging misconceptions that falsely motivating the youngsters in the countries like India into a career path that they never chose.

Unfortunately, it crawled on to blogging as well. I remember those times when our brothers & sisters, aunties & uncles craving for jobs in growing software industry. Computer programming was new to everyone at those times. Only a few people could take a step forward into it, that too because they are passionate about it.

Later the times come when people irrespective of the engineering branches started getting into software industry just because of the growth and cultural changes they’ve seen in their seniors. It has set a blind belief in the youngsters and their parents that the software jobs are high paying.

Neither all software jobs are high paying, nor the employees are skillful as of today. The blind belief has driven almost every youngster in the country into the industry giving the surplus amount of options to the companies that drastically reduced the salary thresholds. The sad thing is people still wanted to go for software irrespective of their interest.

Ahem! Ahem! I know that this post is about blogging!

Oh Yeah! It is! I find this scenario very close related to blogging. Blogging industry is growing now. The number of blogs in the blogosphere has increased exponentially in a span of 10 years.

I had a friend who created five blogs at five different times watching me earning through blogging. He even got Google AdSense approved for those five times with my little help, but he never worked on any of them seriously.

Entering into blogging being inspired by someone is good but doing the same because someone is growing in front of your eyes in the same industry kills your valuable time. Neither you can produce quality content nor can you earn an empty shell from it.

If you are thinking of setting up a blog with no particular aim, don’t do it now. Everyone else is doing it; that doesn’t mean you should do it too. You can earn on something else that you are good at. If you think you can link blogging to it, then think about it.

3. Blogging is just Hitting the Publish Button

Most of the newbie bloggers will literally have this blogging misconception. Publishing the blog post is the only definition of blogging for them. I used to believe this even. I have a hunch that you had this misconception too.

Every blogger will come to know about the importance of promotion after publishing the blog post in the evolution later.

I know many wonderful bloggers who still struggle to get the website search traffic they deserve. Their earnings are less, but they write A-class content every time. Being a blogger takes the adherence of some changes.

Blogging is not just jotting down the knowledge on to your blog in the form of individual blog posts, but it also involves promoting them to the horizons of the virtual world. Hitting the ‘publish’ button can only create the notice, it is your job to pin (not Pinterest pin) it in the right place.

No matter how good the content is, it would go in vain if it is not read by your readers. Make up you promotional strategies along with your idea of starting up a blog.

Start using the two legs first, you will then learn how to walk and even how to run in no time.

4. Blogging Makes Anyone An Overnight Star

There are many ‘blogger celebrities’ in this blogosphere. Yes! I mean ‘blogger celebrities’, not ‘celebrity bloggers’.

Let me clear the difference between the both. ‘Blogger celebrities’ are those who become famous because of their blogging style and number of followers whereas ‘celebrity bloggers’ are those who are already famous in their respective fields and also do blogging as a hobby.

For example, Nirmala madam is a ‘blogger celebrity’ and Amitabh Bachchan is a ‘celebrity blogger’.

Becoming an overnight star is another blogging misconception that drives people into blogging. Earning a name in any field takes time to establish yourself in the industry.

To become a ‘blogger celebrity’, you must leave your footprints in the blogosphere with your versatile blogging and networking skills.

Also, it is your readers who should honor you a title in the industry not for yourself. It is laughable to see some mediocre bloggers calling themselves superstars of blogging.

Remember those tales where heroes will be chosen because of their qualities? The same happens in the case of blogging as well!

5. Blogging Means Google

Google have got into our nerves totally. People even started to believe that their internet connection is working when only they see Google logo displayed on their browsers.

Google is not the whole internet. It is more than a search engine of course, but it is not the only master out there. Just like the same, blogging is not Google.

The job of search engines is to index the content on the websites and show the best of their links to its users.

The blog is also a website, building content on it continuously. Search engines crawl and rank your blog posts only if they are relevant and quality enough. This misconception is an addition to that ‘Blogging is AdSense’ which I’m going to discuss later in the post. 

Newbie bloggers will get discouraged quickly if their blog posts don’t rank on Google SERP. As we talked about it earlier, blogging is not all about hitting the publish button, it needs some strategies to be implemented to get into the limelight.

Optimize your blog to reader-friendly for both humans and robots. Consider all search engines. Your blog should not be confined to a single search engine because you content should be accessible to everyone on the globe, not for only those who use Google.

I remember aspirants asking me to teach the basics of blogging and the ways to earn through it with the help of Google and ad clicking (they mean AdSense). The interest is driven by the motivation that we have discussed in the point no.2, “because everyone is doing it, so do me”.

In a nutshell, make your blog accessible to every search engine not just Google and every human being out there (if you have no particular traffic targeting ideas). If not Google, blogging is not done. You might have thousands of subscribers to listen to your updates on social media, through emails and other search engines.

6. Blogging is Manipulating Search Engines

The want of earning easy money from blogging would direct your initial thoughts to manipulate search engines.

Manipulating search engines to get on to the top of SERP is an unethical process of blogging. This practice might pull your blog down from search engine’s index as quick as it ranks because of those techniques you used.

Some event bloggers and only money focused bloggers still practice these techniques that are also called as black-hat techniques. Optimizing your blog for search engines is not bad but unethical optimization would kill your blog quickly.

For example, optimizing the obsolete code and removing errors in the website code to load it fast is one of the ethical ways of doing search engine optimization as it helps web crawlers understand and access the information much efficiently.

Blogging is not only for event bloggers and money makers. The main motivation is that to share with the world the bloggers’ individual knowledge and information. Making money out of it was emerged in later times.

If you are focusing on an event blog, think about making it eternal in the course of time. Your work after a year on it would pay off iteratively after then.

Don’t just create blogs to manipulate the search engines and to make money from them in the short time.

It would lead to the invention of new algorithms by search engine authorities to weed out obsolete and low-quality content from their databases.

7. Blogging is AdSense

It is one of the major blogging misconceptions of all times. It is good if the bloggers get motivated by Google’s contextual advertising program, AdSense but, bad if motivated ‘only by’ AdSense.

The scope of earning through a blog with AdSense ads on it have set this false belief in the blogosphere.

Yes! It is true that a blogger can make the most of his content through Google AdSense. But the term ‘making-the-most-of’ is much broader than that.

Blogging is not all about earning through AdSense. It is sad to see people stopping blogging just because the Google disables the Adsense account or didn’t get the Adsense approval. 

Let me tell you my little story with AdSense and blogging,

I remember those first days of getting AdSense account and making nothing out of it. I got my AdSense account years ago but haven’t implemented it on the blog I got it approved for (yet). I applied for it because everyone else was having it and talking about it.

At those times, I don’t even believe that a term ‘online earning’ existed for real. I worked on it later after knowing the real scope and value of what I got for my blog and succeeded.

But, AdSense was never my motivation for starting up a blog. So, I won’t take it much into my blogging strategies even today.


Let me tell you another story that is right in contrast with mine,

Recently, I’ve seen a status update of a commercial blogger on Facebook, boasting of his commercial success and criticizing those bloggers who do it for passion with a weird looking meme of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yes, that was sarcastic! But right after 24 hours I’ve seen another status of him with a different meme of Leonardo DiCaprio showing the fear of rumored Google spam algorithm update.

Summarizing the perception of this point, I would like to suggest you not to blog for AdSense, I mean only AdSense. It might give you pleasure at the initial stages, but you will lose yourself in the course of time.

You’d lose the quality of the blog sometimes and might have to fear about the Google or any other search engine’s never stopping optimizing updates.

A friend of mine who helped me in the initial stages of blogging merely stopped it because, he always depended on and blogged for AdSense.

I’m ain’t against Google AdSense. It is one such best revenue sources for any average career blogger. I’m telling you not to depend on it solely.

8. Blogging is an Easy Career Option

Blogging can be a career choice for anyone irrespective of the educational qualification. One must keep learning when once decided to walk into it; otherwise you would experience Blogger’s Block

Just like any other corporate job, blogging also needs writing, researching, little coding, learning, networking, and marketing skills to get on the board for a safe flight. There is no such thing called ‘easy’ in case of serious career.

This misconception includes considering blogging only for homemakers, retired employees, students, and jobless. If so, there would not have been blogger millionaires who shifted onto blogging from high paying secured corporate jobs.

Blogging is not a B-grade job, and it is not that easy to choose it as a career.


Blogging is the rising field. Bloggers are emerging, (even) with startups to help newbies and companies connect with each other to re-discover the marketing strategies.

Your motivation to take blogging (as a career) should not be polluted by any of those non-practical misconceptions.

I hope that I’ve debunked some facts about those false blogging motivations and it is left to your perceptions now to understand.

I sincerely thank Mrs. Nirmala for inviting me to her blog and allowing me to share my two cents of knowledge about it.

I’d rather be delighted to read your thoughts on the topic and reply to them here. What are your viewpoints on these blogging misconceptions? Share them in the comment section. 

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