How To Make A Profitable Blog From Scratch?

Are you thinking to start a new blog? Or do you wanna build profitable blog?

If you just want to start a blog for passion, then you could easily do without any hassle.

However, if you wish to create a blog that makes money from scratch, then you should understand, practise and implement some essential approaches.

Moreover, you should follow some critical blogging techniques to generate decent revenue from your blog.

What the heck are those strategies and procedures?

If you Google the question “How to start a blog?” you will find millions of good resources with which you could build a nice blog.

If you search “How to make a money making blog”, you will get only the limited search results (trustable and followable) and those might be the contributions of the blogging experts who revealed their blog earning methods for the budding bloggers.

I have been blogging since 2012 and I make money from my blog through several strategies and different monetization methods like Adsense, Paid reviews, Sponsored posts and Affiliate Marketing.

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Everyone can do it! But how?

What are the basic skills needed?

What are the plans should be implemented?

How long will it take to earn money from a blog?

You might have these queries in mind! Let me clear your doubts through this post and hence you will be able to make a successful blog that could get you a huge profit.

Guidelines To Create A Successful Blog That Makes Money

To build a blog that makes money, it is good to exercise the following habits and employ a few necessary blogging procedures.


6 Essential Blogging Habits To Practice

Building a lucrative blog isn’t easy! Just try to practice some good habits before starting your blog!

1. Fix The Goal – you might have heard the famous proverb “A man without a goal is like a ship without the rudder.” Yes, the same applies here as well.

You should have a proper goal like “I should make $1K per month from a blog” or at least “I should get 5K visitors per month for my blog”. Whatever it may be! Fix your goal first!

2. Learn Consistency – Do you know, Google and other search engines love consistency. Yup! Not only the robots, but your loyal readers would also like to grab the details from your blog in a consistent manner. 

So, practice a lot to work with consistency. You should maintain constancy in crafting and publish the content, taking part in blogging communities & forums and appearing on social media to spread your content.

3. Build Relationship – If you blog in an isolated place, it is not blogging. To establish your foot in the blogosphere and create a brand name for your blog, you need to learn how to build a relationship with fellow bloggers and niche influencers. 

Help them in any way (either you can write about or spread their content or do technical support for them) and create a supporting community for your blog.

4. Time Management – It is the toughest thing in blogging. In my earlier days of blogging, I got distracted though unwanted emails and social media. 

Now, I have learned to control my time and work in a focused way. So, if you want to get success in make money with your blog, managing and scheduling the time is more important.

5. Practice Writing Daily – I’m sure that you can’t stand out from the crowd without a unique writing style. Yes! How you are expressing your thoughts and the way you present the data matters a lot. 

You should grab the huge eyeballs with your exclusive writing style. To get more creativity in your writing, practise to write on a daily basis; write something that would help you get a strong reader base.

Check the details of Grammarly to create the error free content!

6. Study About Blogging Tools – To blog in a professional way, it’s nice to read about the blogging tools like WordPress, themes, plugins, hosting, email marketing and much more. I would suggest you be trained and get premium blogging tools to perform better.

I would suggest you be trained and get premium blogging tools to perform better.

6 Blogging Techniques To Build A Money Making Blog

How to start a blog and make money? – It’s a million dollar question!

You have to follow the 6 blogging strategies to earn a stable income from your blog.

1. Choose Right Niche

Choosing the exact niche is more important. Brainstorm your ideas and find out the topics that you could do well. It may be of Health, Technology, Wellness, Blogging, Fashion, Lifestyle or anything. 

Visit the related forums; Understand the requirements and the difficulties of the people. If you have high confidence that you could give the helpful solutions to their problems on a particular topic, select that niche. 

Have it in mind – If you choose your preferred subject to blog, then it would be much easier for you to update your blog often.

My Key Strategy – I have great confidence in writing about WordPress and Technology, and thus I have recently launched two new blogs and updating them regularly.

2. Setup Attractive Blog

Choose a reliable hosting service to make your site load fast, avoid downtime issue and protect your valuable data.

Besides, pick an eye-catching domain name for your blog. Many researchers proved that the site with a pleasant design would drive more visitors, and they are being converted into subscribers/leads. If you want to

  • Get a memorable brand name
  • Offer good navigation experience to the readers
  • Obtain good search engine rankings

then, you should opt an attractive site framework that pleases both the search engines and your visitors.

My Key Strategy – I use Genesis Framework for my blogs as it has inbuilt security features, loading fast and SEO friendly as well.

Also, I hosted my new blogs on the best WordPress hosting, Inmotion hosting that is steady fast and affordable.

3. Do Keyword Research

Here come the critical blogging phase! Yes, if you wish to drive an enormous organic traffic (Traffic from Google and other search engines), then you should do keyword research.

It is nothing but finding out the profitable keywords that you could rank top in search results. You may use Google Adwords to see, what people search on the niche that you have selected, search volume per month and competitiveness of the keywords.

My Key Strategy – I use the paid keyword research tool “Long Tail Pro Platinum” version to find out the rankable keywords for my niche blogs.

In the below image, you could see some long tail keywords (that could be rankable) with low average keyword competitiveness.


4. Write Compelling Content & Collect Emails

After doing the keyword research, you can come to the conclusion, what to write about. Do some research on the topics that you have elected to write and create the comprehensive problem-solving blog posts to help your visitors.

Writing compelling content would allow your readers to recognize your subject knowledge and blogging passion. You may take polls, or include the call to actions and request them to take action by explaining their needs and viewpoints.

Email marketing is the best way to get the loyal blog readers. Provide informative content and nudge them to sign up to your email subscription to send the blog updates and offers.

My Key Strategy – I would always like to write the content with necessary details, screenshots, and multimedia to engage my readers and stay authoritative in the eyes of Google.

GetResponse is the best email marketing service that I have been using it since last year. It supports me to grow my email list. Have a look at the screenshot 🙂


5. Focus on SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed a lot!

We should play smartly to get love from search engines. Yes, the keyword stuffing kind of SEO has completely dead, and you should learn the importance of adding LSI & Long tail keywords in your content.

Learn and execute on-page and off page SEO techniques. Build backlinks from authority sites through genuine ways like

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog directory and social bookmarking submission
  • Infographics/slide share submission
  • Round-up posts/interviews (to link out the good resources)
  • Forums and Q&A sites

These activities would boost your search engine page rankings. Try to get the mention anywhere on the web; it gives the positive signal to the search engine robots that would widen your web presence.

My Key Strategy – I would prefer white-hat link building techniques for the long run by using Ahrefs; Also, I never do over SEO.

6. Choose Monetization Method

Once you have started to implement the above strategies, you will begin to drive traffic to your site. Now integrate the best monetization technique that is suitable for your blog. There are several ways to earn money from a blog like

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Banner & Direct Advertisement
  3. Adsense programs
  4. Paid Reviews & Sponsored Posts
  5. Blog consultation or other blogging services
  6. Creating and selling your own products/services

Depends on your audience and their requirements, you may make a choice of the exact one and generate a passive income with your blog. I have already told my blog monetization ways in the very beginning of the post.

Bonus Tips To Construct A Rewarding Blog

Try these blogging methods to make money from blog quickly!

1. Event Blogging

Choose an event like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day or any popular event that is being celebrated by the people around the world. 

Understand the desires of the people what they search on the internet for that particular event like quotes, wishes, messages, etc. 

Create helpful blog posts and monetize your blog. Learn to build backlinks and execute a monetization method like Adsense. Drive traffic and make money.

Learn to build backlinks and execute a monetization method like Adsense. Drive traffic and make money.

2. Amazon Niche Blogging

Bloggers have started making a massive income from Amazon niche sites. You can also try it!

Here is the ultimate guide to make money from Amazon niche sites.

3. Blog About Trendy Matters

If you blog about the trendy matters and get good search engine rankings, you could make a huge profit with your blog.

For Example: Recently, the Pokémon go, and Prisma App went viral among the web users. Do the research, write about the viral topics, and earn solid bucks from your blog.

Final Words

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If you have a positive mindset to learn the innovative blog matters and work in the right direction with passion, it is more likely to earn money from your blog.

So, first, decide what to blog about! Then generate the helpful content for your target audience and perform legit link building process.

Market your blog through social media and email newsletters. Convert readers into sales/leads and finally build profitable blog. 

I hope you like this guide to make money through blogging, and it would help you in building a beneficial blog. 

If you need any help in setting up a blog or any other blogging related matters, feel free to reach me through I’ll try to do my best for you!

Share your valuable thoughts about this post in the comment section. I would like to discuss with you 🙂

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