Best Chrome Extensions For Safe Browsing

Most of the internet users’ choice is “Google Chrome” browser, and it has gradually gained fame due its clean interface and fantastic features.

The speed & compatibility, significant extension library, and Incognito mode (private browsing) are some of the remarkable features of Google Chrome browser that helps to beat its rivals without much effort.

Moreover, this secure web browser provides easy navigation and inbuilt task manager for efficient browsing. Out of all, it has excellent security features with auto-updates to keep you stay safe on the web.

So, you don’t need to worry about malware and personal information stealing. Yes, it has Sandboxing safety feature to monitor your activities and protect against malicious programs & phishing actions. 

For advanced security, make sure that you’ve selected the option “Enable phishing and malware protection” in the advanced chrome browser settings.

Opt Chrome Extensions For Safe Browsing

You know that the internet is a place of rigorous security threats. With the increasing internet user-base, the safety concerns associated with the Chrome browser is also rising. Even though it the fastest web browser that contains safe browsing features, it would be better to use a best chrome extension to surf the net with a secure connection.

Thus, to ensure your online safety and get rid of the online privacy concerns, you may check the following simple-to-use add-ons for Chrome available for secure browsing.

Best Chrome Add-ons To Enhance Browsing Safety

You can customize the internet privacy options of your Chrome browser with the help of Chrome web stores by accessing the hundreds of add-ons for better protection, but I’m sharing seven popular Google Chrome extensions for safe browsing that are worth checking out.


1. Password Alert 

Few days back, Google has rolled out a new extension named “Password Alert” to protect the users from unauthenticated access and other harmful websites. If you mistakenly logged into phishing sites that intend to steal your Google accounts password, you’ll be notified of this brand new chrome extension.

Also, if you enter your Google for work password anywhere other than your Google accounts, you’ll get a warning message to change your password. This helpful extension also tries to find fake Google Sign-in pages to inform before you entering your password. But, you should understand that it will not protect passwords for non-Google services.

2. LastPass 

It is one of the best Chrome security extensions that I’ve been using it for a long time. This award-winning password manager gives secure access from any system by saving your username and password. If you wish to keep your online data safe and accessible, this extension comes handy for you. It never accesses your passwords as the data encryption and decryption are being executed on the user’s machine.

LastPass saves everything, and you can manage them through a simple password vault. Creating new passwords, generating the secure passwords to replace the weak ones and protecting the account with multifactor verification are the key features of this excellent chrome extension.

3. Disconnect

Do you want to make the web faster, more private & secure? If you say “yes”, then this is the ideal Chrome extension for your internet privacy needs. This prudent chrome add-on will let you visualize and block the websites that follow your search and browsing history.

You’ll be stop tracking by 2000+ third-party websites and access the web pages faster by Disconnect chrome extension. Lifehacker has featured this add-on for chrome under the title “20 best Chrome extensions.”

4. Ghostery 

If you doubt that someone is tracking your web browsing, Ghostery is the way to go! It efficiently looks the invisible followers placed by some online companies that are interested in your web activities. This awesome chrome extension would provide the details of the privacy policy and opt-out options of the identified companies.

If you don’t have trust in those companies, you may block their scripts, images, and other documents. “GhostRank” is its best feature that helps us to create the complete list of detectable items. Ghostery’s primary aim is to take care of your online privacy, and it doesn’t require any sign-up process.

5. Blur 

Blur is another outstanding chrome extension to guard your password, payments, and privacy. Do you often forget your online passwords and struggling to create tough-to-crack passwords? You may stop worrying now! Yes, this exceptional chrome extension creates strongly encrypted passwords in just one click.

Moreover, you may shop online without giving your credit card details to the merchants but you’ll be using the masked card like PayPal. With this best internet security Chrome extension, you can block hundreds of companies that are secretly gathering your data and the tracking websites that doesn’t depend on cookies. It has featured on popular tech sites like PC Magazine and CNET. You may try its premium version too.

6. HTTPS Everywhere 

HTTPS Everywhere has been created to encrypt the web by automatically switching thousands of insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS to protect you from account hacking and close watch. This chrome security extension is now in its beta stage, and thus you may have some issues while using it.

7. Web of Trust (WOT) 

WOT is a famous chrome add-on that helps you to get reliable websites according the user experience. It’s a service to tell about website status while you’re surfing or purchasing on the web. If you use search engines to look for a particular product/service, this online safety Chrome extension shows the reputation of sites like the traffic lights.

Yes, the green light indicates that the users have rated the sites as trusted, yellow light specifies that you should be cautious while using that web pages and red light warns of the potential threats of the websites. You may also rate the sites by sharing your experiences. This amazing chrome add-on has been featured in popular medias like New York Times, PC world, CNET and so on.


You’re probably puzzling about “How to stay safe online?” and tools to install for safe web browsing. Google Chrome is the safest web browser, which is getting broader with the safe browsing protection abilities. However, adding security to your browser is necessary, as you know that the internet has too many disreputable users who are ready to steal your valuable online data.

Adding any of the above-discussed Google chrome extensions would help to stay away from the dangers of the internet. If you search in the Chrome Web Store, you will get endless chrome add-ons for web-security, but I’ve narrowed the list to seven chrome security extensions which would ensure secure browsing experience.

What is your opinion about these chrome extensions for safe browsing? Do you use any chrome add-on for internet privacy? Have you experienced anything bad on your web confidential matters? I’d like to know and discuss the online security, use the comment section to share your familiarity on safe web browsing.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial relationships with any of the chrome extension developers discussed in this blog post. Thus, I disclaim responsibility for their services. Besides, adding too many chrome extensions can slow your PC down at worst. 

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