Dosplash – A lively blogging community

This blog post gives the details Dosplash, a lively blogging community and suggests the bloggers to take part in it.

Do you like loneliness? Then I would say that “Blogging” career is not suitable for you. Yes, a blog needs an active community to grow and to reach next level. How to form an active community for a blog? I know, you could make use of social networks. But taking part in useful blogging communities would help you to reach targeted visitors for your blog and it has other benefits like getting high SERP, increasing DA, acquiring new readers and blog post ideas.

If you are my fixed reader, then you might know that am having separate category for blogging communities and discussed the details of some popular and worthy communities like Bizsugar, blokube, Blogengage and so on. Here am gonna speak the details of another active blogging community “Dosplash”. Let me speak about this dynamic community in detail but before that, do check the ways to make a strong relationship with blogging community members.


How to make strong relationship with blogging community members?

Blogging works with the concept “Relationship” and here are the few tips to make the relationship stronger.

1. Mention the name of community members/their blog in your blog post.

2. Write guest posts and comments for them.

3. Do share their blog posts and help them to get traffic.

4. If possible, take care of their blogging works if they held up with personal works.

5. Stay honest, humble and polite with them.


About Dosplash:

Dosplash was created by Jane sheebha, who is the founder of Probloggingsuccess, in the month of August this year (2013). She has started this community for the bloggers to share their knowledge, promote their blog posts and to interact with other bloggers. She used plingg CMS to build this community and worked a lot to brought some good improvements over there.


Variety of categories like Internet marketing, business, technology, home & personal improvement, love & relationship has made for the bloggers to get targeted traffic and build relationship for their blog. Registration is free and the users could join with their Facebook or Twitter account.


Functioning of Dosplash

Dospalsh works well now and it reached the Alexa Rank under 40k. It follows the voting system like Bizsugar, Blog engage and Blokube. If you submit the blog post, it would be listed under “Upcoming news’ category and if it reach enough votes (at least 7), it gets published and hit the attractive homepage of Dosplash. You could share the submitted posts in your social networks with the easy share buttons available at the bottom of every post. Here is one of my published post in Dosplash.






To discuss, expose and to make friendship with like-minded people, you could make use of blogging community like Dosplash. Moreover, to protect our blog from Google animals, referral traffic is needed and so it is essential for us to take part in these types of blogging communities and enjoy the other benefits which I’ve listed in the beginning of the blog post.

Complete your profile with enough details with your picture and be sure to share some quality posts in Dosplash to make this blogging community more valuable. I am a member of Dosplsh and stay active there from long. I feel good that am getting new like-minded friends and little traffic with it.

So I suggest all the bloggers to take part in this proficient community by sharing worthy blog posts, give your vote & comment for other posts and drive targeted traffic to your blog. Share your experience/insights related to Dosplash blogging community through comments 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Dosplash – A lively blogging community”

  1. Great post about dosplash. I have seen and I think I have joined too initially but didn’t work there as that seems to be devoted for bloggers only and I am not a blogger 🙁 :(. Hence People doesn’t vote on other links.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment John 🙂

      Sad to hear that you didn’t votes for your post in Dosplash.

      I would suggest you to give a try again, add like-minded people in Dosplash. Hope they’ll give their vote for your post.

  2. Good introductory piece about Dosplash, Nirmala. We have shared this post on our blogging community,, because we believe bloggers need as many more great blogging communities as possible to promote their blog posts. We are all working together, not competing with each other, 🙂

    Now, more than ever before, is the time to get even more active with other bloggers and blogging communities like this help to make that possible.

    Google can’t be trusted to continually bring traffic, PPC and paid traffic is increasingly becoming even more expensive… but engaging in the right social media and/or blogging communities like Dosplash, Blokube, BlogEngage, Kingged, etc, can keep traffic coming in for bloggers.

    Once again, thanks for this, Nirmala. It’s shared and “kingged” on our Blogging and Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking community,

  3. super like for this article….
    i don’t know about this community.It really helpful for bloggers specially for newbies…

  4. Hi, Nirmala Mam,
    Yes very true,
    Blogging is all about engagement, interaction and meeting new people online. We can do these all through ourselves active in bloggers community.

    Dosplash, might be good community;however, I think it will consume our time. Taking part in different blogging community is really time taking.
    Though, I will check it out.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  5. Yes Indeed. Dosplash is a nice looking and useful blogging community. I think Jane Sheeba s the admin of this community. She has done a good job for bloggers like me, you and others.

    I really want to appreciate you for this wonderful post you have made. Because, two days before i posted an article about Sundar Pitchai, yesterday i searched the keyword of my blog “Classiblogger” in Google, the post of Sundar Pichai in “Dosplash” indexed in first page. I felt great about this.

    Thanks to jane sheeba for this wonderful community. Thanks for sharing this post Nirmala.

  6. Hello,

    Well the first thing is I’m already a member at Dosplash blogging community which is really awesome platform for blogger although it’s growing.


  7. Great Post Nirmala,

    I am hearing about Dosplash fist time but after reading your post its sounds great. I will definitely try Dosplash.
    Thank you for sharing this

    Nikhil 🙂

  8. Nice Nirmala! I never heard about Dosplash before and I also agree that it is nice to join in a blogging community. And I have to admit that this post is great. Nice that this post was shared here in Kingged! 🙂

    I believe that bloggers should join a community like this and too. 😀

    Found this post shared on, the IM social bookmarking site.

  9. Hi Nirmala,

    I’ve heard a lot about this community. Further, I still have that list of communities you suggested me on Facebook.

    You are absolutely right. These communities make life a lot easier for bloggers. It is like a platform for networking and helping promote each others’ content.

    Right now, I’ve been traveling a lot and down with fever. Will jump into the fray of communities you suggested and make use of them soon! See y’all there soon 🙂

    Hope you have a great day!


  10. Nice Nirmala!

    I never heard about Dosplash before and I also agree that it is nice to join in a blogging community. And I have to admit that this post is great. Nice that this post was shared here in Kingged!

    Thanks for sharing i just join it right now.. 🙂

  11. Nirmala ,

    I had been following Jane’s blogs from long. I loved her hardwork and dedication she has put into her blogs. And her dosplash is just awesome. There are only a few blogging community for niches like parenting. I am super happy that Dosplash caters to all kind of audience too and thats a PLUS point as well. Great post as usual.

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