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Dear lovely readers,

Today after a week hiatus I am back with an “Experts tips” category post with the answers from a great internet marketer “David Leonhardt” from I am really pleased with your response which makes me to bring some tips from the various experts. My last discussion with Valentine Belonwu was so interesting and I staggered with his remarkable replies. Yesterday, I had a good discussion with David leonhardt through email. 

Let me speak few lines about him and his blog with which you could find some useful information with it.

About David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt is the owner of “The happy guy marketing” offering online marketing services, multilingual SEO and variety of ghost writing services through He is also the chief marketing strategist lives in Canada. He used to spend most of his time in developing strategies to capture the imagination of media and public. He is also expert in writing the news releases, reports, articles and newsletters. Strategic thinking is the secret of his success and now he is applying it to the website marketing and search engine optimization.

He had previous experience in working as a Director, Public relations, CAA Ontario and Manager, Public affairs, Canadian Automobile Association. He strongly believes that the online content is more important for building reputation, to get social presence and even for SEO. He manages a team of top writers for the required people to set up book or website in English, French or Spanish language. So he is working with a team and helps professionals and entrepreneurs promote themselves better through “The happy guy marketing”.


Let’s check the exact answers of David Leonhardt for my constructive questions.


Experts tips – Helpful discussion with David Leonhardt

1. How to do the keyword research? Also tell how to use the keywords in the blog posts?

I am not a big data person.  I don’t trust the data, other than to give a rough order of magnitude, especially for the long-tail keywords that in most cases are the ones that really count.  And when I do keyword research in French or Spanish, even some fairly significant terms just don’t have enough data.

My first step is to try to think like a customer.  So I ask myself some questions:
1. Who would want this product, service or information?  In what situation would they be in?

2. What questions would they be asking that might make this product, service or information useful to them?

3. What words would they use to search? This last question is even more important with some of Google’s Hummingbird refinements.
I then plug these terms into Google Keyword Planner (in the Adwords section of your Google account – yes, you need to be signed up for Adwords) to see if there are any words or phrases that I might have overlooked.

If I want to torture myself chasing long-tail keywords that I already know don’t have enough data, I will create a huge list of possible long-tails and plug them into the “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups” option.  I use both the two column and the three column options.  In the first column I put the action words like “find” “get” “I need” etc.  In the second column, I put my main keyword, such as “blogging” or “carpentry”.  In the third column, I put qualifiers, such as “tips” or “tools”.  You can see how many possible long term keywords one can generate just for carpentry this way…

Find carpentry

I need carpentry

Find carpentry tips

I need carpentry tips

Find carpentry tools

I need carpentry tools

Carpentry tips

Carpentry tools

Now imagine you have 15 or 20 items in each of the three column.

The one thing I suggest you do NOT do is pull keywords from your competitors’ meta tags.  You will just amplify any errors they might have made.  I DO recommend that you check the words they use, in the keywords meta tag or on their pages, to give you ideas.  I also do NOT recommend that you put more than one or two very generic keywords into your own meta keyword tag; why give your competition easy intelligence into all your hard work?

There is no formula for where to put keywords.  Make sure they are prominent (so in titles and subtitles) and that they read naturally.  Make sure to use synonyms (“woodworking”) and variations (“needing a carpenter”), because text that has the exact same term five or six times, and no variations or synonyms looks like pure spam.


2. When Google would penalize a website/blog? Tell some practicable ways to stay safe from Google animals?

I have two answers.  First, just do things as naturally as possible.  Create really, really good content that people will want to share.  That is one of the reasons why I include a carefully thought our image in ever post I write.  Then get your material in from of as many people as possible through Twitter, FaceBook, etc.  Note that it does not matter how many tweets and shares you have.  Yes, more is better, but buying a thousand “likes” or “tweets” for a post from fake accounts won’t help you.  It might even backfire.  There is no substitute for networking in private groups, through curation services like Triberr and, in places like ViralContentBuzz, JustRetweet and SocialBuzzClub, and in niche communities like BizSugar, DoSplash, Fwisp and

My second answer is that nobody really knows what it takes to be safe.  Once upon a time, it was smart to blast your article to 500 article directories.  The more people saw it, the more likely they were to visit your website and by.  It was not about SEO or PageRank.  It was good old fashioned marketing.  But if you did that six or seven years ago, your website is now probably sitting in Penguin Hell.  At the bottom of the pile.  Underneath the ice.  So the best advice on this point is to get as many of your links as possible the natural way and stay away from anything too contrived.  And pray.

Here is a pretty good summary in InfoGraphic format: How Google read your Backlinks?


3. How do you generate traffic to your website and which is your most preferred traffic generation method.

For information, Twitter and Google Plus seem to work best for me.  For sales, nothing even comes close to Google search.  Every now and then, Yahoo search seems to be my friend 🙂


4. According to you, which social media tool is powerful in advancing a blog/website and why?

Twitter.  You can tease people in 140 characters, but to read anything worthwhile, they have to visit your blog.  On Facebook and Google Plus and MySpace and LinkedIn, people can just chat there without ever reading the article you wrote in the first place.


5. Specify some fast and natural link building methods. Also tell, is it essential for a blog to get links from Forums and article directories?

I see no reason why forums and article directories shouldn’t be part of an outreach program.  Make sure the article directories are high quality – they look like they are being well-kept and they require manual approval of your articles.  On the forums, make sure you are actually being active.  Links from your account are pretty worthless if your account is worthless.  Better to be active every week on five or six forums and occasionally drop a link that to have an account at 100 forums where you are not active and drop one useless link.

6. Show some resources for the bloggers/webmasters to expand their skills or name some of your favorite blogs/websites from where you’re gaining your knowledge.

I don’t go to just one or two websites; I curate tips from my Tweet stream.  But the one person who I have been reading a lot of recently is Neil Patel at where I am trying increase my understanding of how to convert visitors.  I plan to set up a new site, and conversion will be a big deal.


As you are the chief SEO and writer of, here is a special question to you

What is the future of SEO?

I have always said that SEO is a matter of public relations.  Yes, there is a technical side of it when it comes to setting up the website properly, but for the most part that is good web development.  Public relations is about creating intriguing content and finding ways to reach your audience with it and, if possible, involve them in it.  And that is really what modern SEO is becoming.  It has been that way since 2013 (Google’s Florida update), and it has been growing more and more like that each time Google upgrades its algorithm. SEO is all about getting inside your ideal customer’s head, figuring out what questions they are asking…then answering them.

Thank you so much David 🙂


I am very much grateful to David, who spent his valuable time to answer my questions. I hope his answers would engage my pretty readers well.

@ readers,

To get fast track success to your online business, you can contact David Leaonhardt via for various freelancing service and to promote websites.

Connect with him on twitter and LinkedIn.

Hope you find the discussion with David Leonhardt helpful, I inspire you to leave your thoughts through comments and stay tuned for next “experts tips” post with another expert 🙂

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  1. Hey,

    I really liked the first heading in which David Leonhardt gave some tips about Keyword Research, it will surely help me to do some efficient Keyword Research. I liked what he said about Twitter, we can merely attract people with 140 compelling characters and can force them to visit our article 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the tips mam 🙂

  2. Hi Nirmala,
    Another great informative stuff. Just a quick query how do you approach such huge bloggers? Do you Email them about their interest or they approach you?
    I would appreciate your help on this.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for reading my post Esther 🙂

      Why they should approach me? Already they are experts. I used to make research, choose them, approach them politely, explain about my “experts tips” category, ask 5-6 simple question related to their niche, write intro about them & their blogs, collect answers from them, consolidate and finally publish as a blog post.

      Hope you are satisfied with my explanation, keep coming 🙂

    2. Hi Esther.

      Nirmala ia being too modest. She has been working hard at doing exactly what I was suggesting in answer #2: “There is no substitute for networking in private groups, through curation services like Triberr and, in places like ViralContentBuzz, JustRetweet and SocialBuzzClub, and in niche communities like BizSugar, DoSplash, Fwisp and”

      Having seen Nirmala all over the place, having read her blog many times as a result, having retweeted her tweets (and having seen her retweet my tweets), I already “knew” her by reputation very well. She had laid the groundwork. And with so many spam emails we all get for guest posting and link exchanges and such, which most of us just delete, laying the groundwork through online networking is very important.

      1. Thanks for your kind words David, I feel good about it 😛

        Yeah, I do work for my blog and I love it.

        Moreover, I know that the regular readers makes a blog successful and so am writing for them than bots.

        Am pleased with your appreciation, thanks again 🙂

      2. Hey Dave,
        This is great to hear from you directly. I am new to blogging and have started with my blog couple of months back. I Google around to see what other bloggers are doing and Nirmala is doing an excellent work. So I learn lot of things from here. It is great to see your response too.
        It is my pleasure to get your reply and would be happy to be in touch with you.

  3. Nirmala I enjoyed these tips. I also gained some great ideas for tribes through David’s share. I will bookmark and dive into those communities in a few.

    Thanks buddy!


  4. David, I have a burning question. You mentioned about the usefulness of justretweet, viralcontentbbuzz etc. Since Google gives weight only to links from authority sites and authors, is it worthwhile to get your tweets retweeted or your wall postings are shared in Facebook by just about every member of social exchange clubs?
    Tks for your time.

    1. Hi Malathy.

      Well, let’s start with the usual answer. That depends. Having them tweeted by weak accounts does not good. Having them tweeted by good accounts does a world of good. By good accounts, I mean people who have lots of real followers who will occasionally visit your blog, leave a good quality comment and maybe even blog about what you said.

      There are a couple ways to Maximize the value you get from these tribes.

      1. Select mostly the top quality tribes. In my mind, Viral Content Buzz and Social Buzz Club have the highest overall quality of content, because both have fairly rigorous manual filtering of who gets in, and they won’t tolerate crap. I had something rejected recently at VCB, because it was a contest post and I did not realize that contests are verbotten for quality reasons. Just Retweet is almost as high quality as VCB and SBC. There are others like EasyRetweet and YouLikeHits that let in a lot of spam, so your stuff will get tweeted by many lower quality accounts.

      Notice how I suggest to select “mostly” the top quality tribes. I do use EasyRetweet and YouLikeHits to a very small degree. Why? So as to get mny website out in front of a larger crowd. I am a big believer in variety. So these smaller, less-controled sites might make up 5% of my tribe sharing, probably less than that.

      2. On some of these tribe sites, you can set thresholds of who shares your content. Both JustRetweet and EasyRetweet have this feature. So you can specify that only accounts with at least 100 followers can share it. Or 1000 followers. I know that many people set the threshold at 500 or higher, but I usually set it at 250. There are some crap Twitter accounts with over 250 followers, but most crap accounts have fewer.

      Occasionally I set the threshold down at 100, just to capture a wider audience so that some fresh faces are tweeting my stuff and hopefull reach their followers, even if they are not many.

      I am now tring PinWoot for Pinterest, too. It is pretty young and they are still adding some basic functions. Just a few days ago they added the ability to add custom descriptiosn, which I really value. Hopefully they will also make it easier to “skip” stuff we don’t want to pin so that the overall quality goes up as low-quality images (like product pics and storefronts, for example) get skipped by many users.

      So, in summary, go for quality first using these two strategies, but I am not shy to also spread the net wider on occasion.

  5. After a long Time I have been visiting this category. Believe me Nirmala, you are doing this work consistently and it is highly appreciable.

    Though this is just like an Interview post, but what if we learn something great. It Doesn’t matter when we are going to learn useful and valuable tips.
    As David has told about the submission of 500 directory, that’s just an old fashion Marketing strategy.
    Today If you are in Blogging Niche,you will have to create the stronger relationship with fellow blogger and reader of you blog.
    For Internet marketer, It just depend on What marketing strategies he is using and that must be updated with the current marketing era.

    I have seen a lots of people uses different tools for their marketing purpose and they rank their sites higher in SERPs.

    The keyword research guide told by David is very new for me. I never tried to find keywords in this manner. I hop next time I will find some better results with keyword research 😀

    The other thing in the discussion are just common and known to me somewhat, but still I will apply them with a new strategy.
    Well this was a very short view of mine about this post 😉 Thanks for bringing such great expert tips to us Nirmala.
    cheers !!!

    1. Thanks for your appreciation Ravi 🙂

      It is good to read your thoughts and happy to hear that you’ve got some keyword research tips from David.

      Keep coming here to learn some useful stuffs and share your views 🙂

  6. There is a proverb in my local dialect which goes something like this, when the elder finish bathing, then water is finished!

    What did I make of this post? As a 22 year old blogger, I have no other options than to read this post with keen interest and try as much as possible to implement what the elders are saying.

    Hello David, thanks a lot for this interview and thank you Madam Nirmala for bringing us this interview.

  7. Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Honestly, it really makes peeps and seo tools look bad with your explanation. Haha! You totally nailed it with the google adword tool and thanks for sharing that!

    Appreciate it and keep in touch!

  8. What a revealing interview. David is definitely one to listen to when it comes to SEO. With the ever changing aspects of SEO and Google penalties and algorithm changes, it’s good to know David can be trusted to steer one towards the right path.

    I like how much impact he is making taking advantage of the communities out there. That’s certainly one of the great ways to get traffic and activity nowadays.

    Again, very revealing interview!

    I found this shared on the Internet Marketing Social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it.

      1. Sure, not just me but obviously other “kinggers” will be visiting here as more of your posts get shard on

        For example, this post was shared by David himself and it brought lots of us over here to read it. So, the more of your posts get shared and if they are valuable, they get “kingged” and get to the top for more people to see, read and visit.

        And from what I can see, you are already a “kingger”. You registered but having started sharing yet. I am one of the moderators there and have welcomed you. But if you have any issues, feel free to hit me up or contact the support directly.

        1. Thanks for your great explanation about Kingged Sunny 🙂

          Yeah, am a kingger and am sure, I will actively take part in that community soon.

          Glad to know that you’re working as a moderator there and i’ll certainly engage the kinggers with quality blog posts.

          Keep visiting to leave your thoughts about my blog post 😛

  9. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    That is a great post!!
    Very rightly shared some valuable tips.
    I really found the part on the importance ant tips for Keyword reseacrh very useful.
    Thanks for sharing the tips with us all, Nirmala. 🙂

  10. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    Really i found this post very informative as David had shared good topic mainly keyword one which i found to be useful for me.


  11. Hi Nirmala

    Awesome tips here. David is truly an expert in SEO. I’ve joined any forum yet because I’m in college and i don’t want to lose focus. Social media is very effective in driving traffic


  12. Hello David and Nirmala,

    These are very nice tips. Especially, you have very well explained about the tips related to the keyword research. This guide will be helpful in improving my keyword research better. For me also Google search is best after Facebook traffic.

    Thanks for presenting this interview for us. Would like to read more of this kind 🙂

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  13. Hi Nirmala

    Seems this the first expert chat I’m commenting on and it’s the best ever. I took time to read every pinch ofi t (as I’m trying to venture a little bit into SEO) and they were really helpful.

    Thanks David for the comment reply to Malathy, I also found that helpful, apart from keyword planner, do you use or recommend any other tool? Might be a dummy but it looks difficult since google changed from keyword tool to keyword planner.

    I’m not sure if I should be asking this question but I hope you don’t mind. What kind of keyword should a PR 2 blog use?
    Low competition? Medium? 1k – 3k monthly search?
    I hope you understand what I mean.
    Have a wondeful week ahead.

  14. Hi Nirmala

    Great expert tips you have brought on your blog which i have seen his activities on some communities but not able to delicately visit his blog he has given an great tips about keyword research which is must needed for every content creation keep coming with more

  15. I would call this post as Expert Talks . Seriously , i have found some good tips on doing keyword research for articles . I’m gonna follow them for sure . Thanks for sharing .


  16. I just have two words for this post ‘Simply wow’….These tips are really precious, and these were also coming from a successful blogger which makes it even more appealing….Keyword research is a very interesting part and I love doing mingling with words which somehow helps my posts to rank well in SERPs……

  17. Dear David Leonhardt, That’s a wonderful and informative post. I learned a lot of things from this post. It is true that a million fake likes on a post doesn’t matter. I also liked that you are being honest with what you said, because most of the bloggers give false information to promote their site/affiliate while giving their expert tips and try to earn some bucks from them. And thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

  18. google keyword planner is really a great tool to build traffic on your site.
    I am also using it from few days before.
    thanks for sharing such useful information….:)

  19. He seem to be an expert. I like how you came up with the topic it actually caught my eyes and I wanted to know what this SEO guys asked and some of his tips. Thanks for the share.~ Anetta

  20. When I started out my blogging journey all that I did was be natural. It didn’t work, so I made myself technical. Then when I got used to it, they are back to being natural. It is really difficult to keep up with this transition. I hope Google doesn’t change their algorithms too soon!

  21. For me the first question was the most interesting one and truly appreciate the depth in reply. David really went to the extreme to share his practical method. Thank you very much for this.

    I liked the reply of second question especially for the references of the blogging tools and sites that are working good for great bloggers. It should help many to learn what is working and what is not.

  22. What a great article, 🙂

    A big thanks to you for sharing such a great expert advice with all of us. I added it to my favorites blog site list

  23. I have seen David picture all over the net he is a member of almost all bloggers communities I have joined and I see him as a very active blogger, commenter and author, nice finally to add a inspiring character to the pretty red avatar 🙂

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