Experts tips – Simple Discussion With Atish Ranjan from Techtricksworld

Hi readers,

This post contains some remarkable tips for you to perform well in blogging and online money making. Did you read why I had added experts tips section? If not, please read here!

I would like to publish my first post in this section with a short interview from the dedicated blog specialist β€œAtish Ranjan”, who is well known in the blogosphere by his helping nature πŸ™‚ . Through this post I wish to honor his valuable service to the blogging field and wishing him to achieve a grand success in blogging. Before indulging ourselves into the post, let me provide my readers with a brief introduction about him.


Mr. Atish Ranjan is from Delhi, India and has an incredible passion towards blogging. He currently works as a Senior Search Engine Optimization specialist in an IT firm and as of today manages 4 blogs along with his partner. Out of his four blogs, Techtricksworld is a well performing blog and holding the Pagerank 3. He devotes 2 to 3 hours of his day for blogging and monetizes his blogs with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews.

Check out below, my simple discussion with Atish and get benefited from his suggestions.

Experts tips – Simple discussion with Atish Ranjan

Hi Atish,

1. Your favorite blogs/bloggers

There are many. If I start taking the names then it will go a little long :P. But, yes Amit Agarwal of Labnol and Pradeep Kumar of Hellboundbloggers from India are very nice. I love to read Sue neal’s blog writeclever and I like the way she writes.

2. According to you, which is the best online job to make money from home?

Blogging is the best! In blogging, you can use different programs such as Affiliate marketing, Adsense and others.

3. Hope you’ve helped many newbies in shaping their career in this field. Could you please spell out at least one individual who is performing well in the blogosphere along with his/her blog details?

Everyone is doing well. Amit Shaw from Itechcode is doing wonderful. It’s tough for me to make a list of bloggers I have helped. Whenever someone asks for that I just try to help him/her.

4. Your secret of success

Success????? I don’t think I have tasted the success yet. However, there is no secret of success. Just work hard in a clever way. You should be passionate about what you are working.

5. Your advice for aspiring online money makers in simple words

Start only those works which you can do regularly. Stay motivated, stay fit, stay concentrated towards your goals and yes… work hard! πŸ™‚


Thank you!!!

I am thankful to Mr.Atish Ranjan for providing me his valuable time and answering my questions patiently.


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42 thoughts on “Experts tips – Simple Discussion With Atish Ranjan from Techtricksworld”

  1. Nirmala and Atish,

    Staying fit keeps you on point, love that note! I take a 5 minute break every 25 minutes to do exercise.

    People wonder why I am always smiling and acting silly on videos; this is the reason. Staying in shape carries over into your blogging activities in a BIG way.

    Thanks Guys!!


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Am glad with your presence and comment.

      As Atish told, staying fit is more important in blogging as many bloggers are spending too much of time to do blogging and forget to take care of themselves.

      Yeah, I too have your smile in my mind, its good. Thanks for sharing your ideas, keep visiting πŸ™‚

    2. Sugandha Agarwal

      Hello Ryan,

      You guys are correct !! We really have to stay fit in our life to achieve our goals and I really Liked what you said (25+5) !

      Thanks for the tip will really going to help me! πŸ™‚


  2. Brilliant ‘key’ questions from Nirmala and direct, honest answers from Atish which are much better to read than long lectures.
    One important point is great here, according to Atish, instead of chasing success and money, it’s better to work hard on creating great content, and success will then automatically follow.

    And only (truly) successful people will advice you to work hard. There is no shortcut for real success.

    Thank you Nirmala, for this short but effective interview and sharing Artish’ secrets! I can see your hardwork and passion for this awesome blog. Thanks to Atish for such honesty.

    1. Many thanks for your comment and appreciation Jignesh!

      Adding “experts tips” to mymagicfudas was in my mind from last month as I found the same category in a child health blog. So, the day before yesterday I implemented it. As Atish is helping me a lot to learn new blogging related stuffs, I honored him in my first post. He is such a genuine and honest person in the blogosphere πŸ™‚

      Have many experts in mind, will approach them with different questions.

      Yeah, he always encourages me to work hard and hope am performing somewhat better than before in blogging.

      Am happy with your presence, stay tuned here to read more tips from experts πŸ™‚

  3. Nice discussion Nirmala mam!

    And if Atish bhaiya says that he hasn’t tasted success yet, then it may be his kind words, because we all can see his success on his blogs. And at the same time, it means that he is not still satisfied with his success and that is what makes a great person even greater – To work for more…

    Would like to read more such expert tips soon πŸ™‚

      1. This is also a kind of success Atish, But i think you have something else in your mind. Everybody has some different definition of success at every phase of his/her life. So whatsoever right now you have, enjoy πŸ˜‰

  4. Ryan,

    Exactly health is wealth. Who knows better than me. Health should always be the priority.


    Thanks bro. Keep up the good work.


    Good to see myself on your blog! Thanks

    1. Many thanks for spending your valuable time to leave your comment here Atish πŸ˜›

      Your encouragement brought me here!

      Thanks for your great support πŸ™‚

      Please, keep visiting here to have a look at the tips from various experts and leave your opinions πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks @ Nirmal didi for great interview @ Atish sir ji @ I have asked an extra ordinary short bio on upcoming section but Sir ji , you would not reply me .

  5. Sugandha Agarwal

    Hello Nirmala,

    Congratulations for your new category and Thanks for this discussion !!

    It always great to know more and more about Atish Bhaiya !!

    About Success : That was really Kind reply from him and of course he will achieve the height in his life! πŸ™‚

    Thank you Nirmala and God Bless you Both !! πŸ™‚


  6. And Here comes the Secerets of Mr. Atish Ranjan.

    finally I got it that there is no secrets :D.
    All is your Passion, the dedicated hard as well as the smart work. πŸ˜€

    But Nirmala , There is mistake in it. In the introductory post you said about interview posts. but here you just presented it as an interview.

    But i enjoyed it while reading. Cause It was short not a long interview.

    Happy Blogging

    1. Welcome again Ravi!

      Thanks for commenting!

      What is the mistake? I specified that I am gonna present the blogging and online money making related tips from the experts in simple n short form every week with 5 questions. By next week, you’ll get 5 different tips from the another expert!

      Stay tuned here πŸ™‚

      1. I was thinking that this will be something different like an interview :D.
        Well this is also the nice way πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the tips:)

  7. Hi Nirmala,

    Nice discussion with Atish i do agree blogging is an good platform to make money instead of working under pressure of 9 to 6 job glad you are part of this field hope you will be in this list soon keep rocking

    1. Thanks for coming and reading my interview post Shameem πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your appreciation, am having encouraging blogging friends like you and so it is possible.

      Nice to read your thoughts, come here regularly to leave your opinions πŸ™‚

  8. Those are great expert tips. Thank you for sharing this information. Just as Atish Ranjan has stated above working hard and being passionate about blogging is the only way you can be able to succeed.

  9. Hello Atish and Nirmala,

    Apologies for my late response to this post – I’m very honoured to be mentioned – thank you, Atish πŸ™‚

    I have to disagree with your comment that you haven’t yet achieved success, Atish – I think TechTricksWorld is a remarkable achievement. I’m sure you’ll achieve even greater success in the future, but I don’t think you should minimize what you’ve already achieved.

    You’ve provided any aspiring bloggers with great advice here, particularly in stressing the importance of passion and hard work. I think one of the biggest secrets of your success is the way you reach out to help other bloggers.

    Thanks for helping us to get to know Atish a little better with this interview, Nirmala – and thanks, once again, Atish, for so kindly mentioning my blog.

    All good wishes,


    1. Hi Sue,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind response!

      Hope it was my mistake as I didn’t inform it to you that you’ve been honored by Atish after I published this post, Its ok!

      Coming to your point regarding the TTW Success, yes you’re right. It is well performing blog which engages the readers with awesome posts. Am daily visitor of TTW as am expanding my tech knowledge with it.

      Yes, again you’re right. He formed a good community around him by helping others. I too believe that this is the secret of his success.

      Thanks for the wishes, show your presence to my blog when you find time to leave your valuable reply.

  10. Wow… Nice interview with nice person.. Simple living, high thinking will make bloggers a rockstar one day for sure like Atish is now. Great !!!!

  11. Thank you Madam!

    As per Mr. Atish Ranjan’s tips the only way to get success is hard working. Really its a great interview, and also would like to say Thanks to Mr. Atish Ranjan for sharing his great tips.

  12. Hi Nirmala,

    Short interview yet informative, I do visit his blog regularly, but I never asked help, but I think now the time has come to ask the help to increase my traffic, thank you very much for sharing the information, see you soon.

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