Experts tips – Simple Discussion With Atish Ranjan from Techtricksworld

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This post contains some remarkable tips for you to perform well in blogging and online money making. Did you read why I had added experts tips section? If not, please read here!

I would like to publish my first post in this section with a short interview from the dedicated blog specialist β€œAtish Ranjan”, who is well known in the blogosphere by his helping nature πŸ™‚ . Through this post I wish to honor his valuable service to the blogging field and wishing him to achieve a grand success in blogging. Before indulging ourselves into the post, let me provide my readers with a brief introduction about him.


Mr. Atish Ranjan is from Delhi, India and has an incredible passion towards blogging. He currently works as a Senior Search Engine Optimization specialist in an IT firm and as of today manages 4 blogs along with his partner. Out of his four blogs, Techtricksworld is a well performing blog and holding the Pagerank 3. He devotes 2 to 3 hours of his day for blogging and monetizes his blogs with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews.

Check out below, my simple discussion with Atish and get benefited from his suggestions.

Experts tips – Simple discussion with Atish Ranjan

Hi Atish,

1. Your favorite blogs/bloggers

There are many. If I start taking the names then it will go a little long :P. But, yes Amit Agarwal of Labnol and Pradeep Kumar of Hellboundbloggers from India are very nice. I love to read Sue neal’s blog writeclever and I like the way she writes.

2. According to you, which is the best online job to make money from home?

Blogging is the best! In blogging, you can use different programs such as Affiliate marketing, Adsense and others.

3. Hope you’ve helped many newbies in shaping their career in this field. Could you please spell out at least one individual who is performing well in the blogosphere along with his/her blog details?

Everyone is doing well. Amit Shaw from Itechcode is doing wonderful. It’s tough for me to make a list of bloggers I have helped. Whenever someone asks for that I just try to help him/her.

4. Your secret of success

Success????? I don’t think I have tasted the success yet. However, there is no secret of success. Just work hard in a clever way. You should be passionate about what you are working.

5. Your advice for aspiring online money makers in simple words

Start only those works which you can do regularly. Stay motivated, stay fit, stay concentrated towards your goals and yes… work hard! πŸ™‚


Thank you!!!

I am thankful to Mr.Atish Ranjan for providing me his valuable time and answering my questions patiently.


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