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My Beloved Readers,

I hope that everyone is doing well, cheers to meet you all with an expert’s tips category post. Few days back, I had a nice chat with Martin Shervington to get some helpful Google Plus information for you and this time I grabbed a number of useful replies from a great internet marketer, WordPress blogger and Web Developer, Kevin Muldoon from kevinmuldoon.com.

Before checking his incredible insightful reactions for my questions, I would like to tell about him and his active blog in a brief manner.

About Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon is a travel lover, a Scottish webmaster who has been working online for more than 13 years and now lives in South Africa. I would say that he is a great internet marketer as he has involved in almost all IM aspects like Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. He didn’t miss his journey on YouTube and podcasting too.

Kevin Muldoon from Rise Forums

He learned programming skills during his education and registered his first domain in the year 2000. In his initial online career, he created the websites using Notepad (HTML) but his post graduation course in software development had helped him to deal with PHP codes.

He gained immense knowledge in PHP & Perl based scripts and thus he built several websites between the years 2001 – 2006. In 2007, Kevin have started to blog with WordPress CMS and released several free WordPress themes. In addition, he published thousands of WordPress tutorials and ran a premium WordPress theme store for his users.

I feel happy about Kevin as he is making a comfortable life from working online and helping others to make money. Not only these, Kevin is also offering his support on WordPress related issues through his community “Rise Forums” (An Internet Marketing forum for bloggers, developers, AMS and online entrepreneurs which is 100% free to join).

About Kevinmuldoon.com

Kevinmuldoon.com is the personal blog of Kevin where he writes about Internet marketing, blogging, social media, WordPress website development and productivity tips. You may check his income reports, recommended resources, case studies and books under “Resources” category of his blog.

Besides, he offers several services like WordPress consulting, Blog Coaching, Paid Forum Posting and Article Writing at an affordable price. You can read much blogging related product & service reviews in this blog and if you subscribe to his “Newsletter” you’ll get a free copy of one of his books, “The Traits & Habits of Successful Bloggers”.

Popular Launches Of Kevin Muldoon

I’m sure that you’re gonna surprise with the list of popular websites created by Kevin Muldoon.

1. He launched “BloggingTips” in the 2007 and handled it for 3 years. He published more than 2500 articles along with other bloggers and sold the blog to the Affiliate Marketer ‘Zac Johnson” in 2010.

2. He established WPMods.com to focus his writing on all WordPress related stuff. He putted up that blog for sale and now it is merged with wphub.com.

3. Besides, he launched a successful Football forum using vBulletin, many gambling related websites, Affiliate website, WordPress theme store and so on.

Kevin Muldoon’s E-books

Two blogs, BloggingTips.com and WPMods.com had facilitated Kevin to become a blogging expert. “The Art of Freelance blogging”, “The Ultimate Blogging Resource List” and “The Traits and Habits of Successful Bloggers” are the three e-books written by him and you may buy these Kevin’s books through Amazon.

If I continue to speak his valour, this post will never end up! Now, you may read his precise answers for my questions.

Expert’s Tips – Kevin Muldoon from kevinmuldoon.com

Hi Kevin,

1. Online publishers and bloggers believe that the content is the king. Express your wonderful insights on content creation and content marketing in blogging & internet marketing. Name some content marketing tools that you can’t live without.

It was Bill Gates who said that Content is King back in 1996. His prediction was correct. It is content that drives the internet, whether it be blog posts, news stories, forum posts or online videos.

I do not rely on too many tools. I use Photoshop for images, Gmail for email, and Google Docs for taking notes. I also use the FTP client Filezilla to upload files when necessary.

That’s all I need. I don’t feel I need to subscribe to any productivity service to make writing content any easier. If anything, it would complicate my process of producing content.

2. I would like to know your valuable opinion on blogging with WordPress platform. Also, let us know some advanced (paid) WordPress plug-ins that you’re using for your blog.

WordPress is without the doubt the best all-round content management system available online and it has been for several years. It’s the CMS I use to build all of my content websites. That does not, however, mean that it is perfect.

There are a number of areas in which alternative publishing platforms are doing things better.

I disagree that advanced plugins necessarily need to be paid. Some of the best plugins available for WordPress can be downloaded free of charge, such as Akismet, WordPress SEO, Jetpack etc.

One premium plugin I always use is VaultPress. It is my favourite way of backing up my WordPress websites.

WP Rocket is my favourite caching plugin. It’s very easy to use and always speeds up my website loading times.

Another plugin I always install is User Role Editor. It is free to download. The plugin allows me to modify what certain users and user groups can and cannot do. This functionality is essential to me and should really be available in the core version of WordPress.

3. Spell out some of the bloggers that you really admire. In addition, recommend some helpful resources/tools for bloggers and internet marketers.

When I first started blogging around 9 years ago, I followed dozens of blogs actively. I was always reading blogs and leaving comments.

Today, I do not actively follow any blog. Most of the articles I do read tend to be from friends I have made online, such as Brian Jackson (http://brianjackson.io/) and Joe Fylan (http://joecanwrite.com/).

I rely on many Google services to operate online. In addition to Gmail and Google Docs, I check my websites are ok using Google Webmaster Tools and check traffic using Google Analytics.

One service I used to use frequently is Todoist (https://en.todoist.com/), however I stopped using it to manage my schedule.

I truly believe that many bloggers are complicating their workflow by using too many tools and services. This can lead to procrastination. I much prefer to simplify everything and avoid anything that will distract me and take up more of my time.

4. How do you drive traffic to your blog? Which is the best traffic driving strategy to a website? What is your opinion on getting organic traffic? Do you use any tool to perform keyword research?

My blog KevinMuldoon.com is a personable affair. I simply write about the subject that is on my mind. I don’t actively research keywords or trending topics. I write about what interests me and things that I have been working on.

99% of my traffic is organic. It comes from referrals, search engine traffic, recommendations, and return readers. I do get a small amount of traffic from Twitter and Facebook too.

There really is no best traffic driving strategy. There are websites that get huge amounts of traffic from Twitter and very little from search engines. Others are ranked high in search engines but have no social media presence.

Though in the long term, it is important to retain visitors by encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletter. If you have a large targeted email list, you can generate income without the need of Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

5. My last question! How a blogger/internet marketer can make the most out of social media?
Since you’re an internet marketing expert, what is your suggestion for upcoming individuals who wanna make income in this field?

Use social media as a tool, not as a place to hang out. Social media is a great way of connecting with people, finding out about the latest news, and promoting articles you have written. Though I believe many bloggers waste too much time there.

There are bloggers who spend hours on social media every day. This is time that would be better spent researching future blog posts and/or writing blog posts. If social media starts to affect your work schedule, it is best to review how you spend your time. I think the best thing to do is to try and spent at least 70% to 80% of your time writing and preparing content and the rest on promotion.

My number one piece of advice to beginners is to help people. If you can help people and solve problems for them, you will generate traffic and increase income. Do the hard work that other people do not want to, whether it be a list of 100 useful resources or a long case study that is thousands of words long. If you help people and focus on high-quality content, you will be successful.

My sincere thanks to you Kevin for agreeing to give answer for my questions.

@ readers

Kevin Muldoon is an experienced blogger and internet marketer who has created, handled and sold hundreds of websites since 2000. This amazing WordPress junkie promotes himself, his books, his products and websites through his personal blog, Kevinmuldoon.com and offer support to his clients through his forum “RiseForums.com”.

I’d recommend checking out his personal blog and signing up at his Forum to get the beneficial tips on internet marketing and WordPress. I can foresee that you found this Expert’s tips category post useful and recognized the skills of Kevin Muldoon. You may connect with Kevin on Google Plus to stay up to date with his latest articles.

What is your opinion on this internet marketing authority? Do you already know Kevin Muldoon and his forum? Express your thoughts and experience in the comment section!

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32 thoughts on “A Chat with Internet Marketing Expert, Kevin Muldoon from kevinmuldoon.com”

  1. Excellent interview Nirmala. I loved how such a famous blogger has kept his workflow and tools to a minimal level.

    I totally agree that one should focus on what is actually driving business and not get distracted by the noise, and I try to follow the same rule in my business.

    1. Hi Hitesh.

      Thanks for the kind words. I would certainly not class myself as famous, though I do have years of experience in this field.

      I do use social media sometimes, but most times I find it a distraction that causes me to do less work. Too many people have the balance wrong by spending hours every day on social media and very little time on their blog.

      Thanks to Nirmala for setting up this interview 🙂


      1. Nirmala Santhakumar

        Hi Kevin,

        I was surprised while seeing your comment, thanks much 😛

        Even though you’re saying that you’re infamous, this shows your Magnanimity 🙂

        I’m familiar with your blogging and IM journey but I’m wondering that you’re using the tools in a minimal level.

        My pleasure that I’ve grabbed some helpful answers for my readers 🙂

    2. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog Hitesh,

      Thanks for leaving your comment and yes, I too amazed with the replies of Kevin and wondered how such a great famous personality uses very few tools for his online career.

      Working without distraction is more important as it would let us reach success effortlessly. Thanks for getting time to check the answers of Kevin, stay tuned to meet some more specialists in this field. Have a good day 🙂

      1. Wondeful interview and a healthy discussion going here. Most of the bloggers insist others to do keyword research always. They recommend many paid tools. But, a famous blogger like him uses minimal tools! I think he is right. We should avoid distractions. Content is the king and if we help others we will automatically get traffic. We should also avoid wasting time and money by reducing the usage of too many tools.
        Thanks for the wondeful article.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Chat with us. Its inspiring us to move on in blogging.
    I heard many times saying ” Content is the king ” but I don’t know actually that it was told by Bill Gates. Thank you Kevin Muldoon…

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hey Basharath,

      Like you, I was also unaware that the blogging proverb “Content is the king” was told by Bill Gates. Thanks to Kevin for letting us know this thing!

      I too get a lot of motivation to blog with passion after reading the precise replies of Kevin.

      Thanks for finding time to read my post, keep coming!

  3. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for bringing Kevin Muldoon here. He has been a good blogger since i knew him, i must say i have been secretly following him ever since.

    Like Hitesh has said, I loved how such a famous blogger has kept his workflow and tools to a minimal level.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar


      Good to know that you already know Kevin and following him from long. Yes, I really like his viewpoint on using more tools.

      Thanks for checking the reactions of Kevin, keep visiting to leave your views.

  4. Thanks for publishing Kevin Muldoon interview here. He has been a good blogger and I must say I have been following him from today because of this blog.
    More interview’s we are expecting. I loved how such a famous blogger has kept his workflow and tools to a minimal level. http://www.populartourist.com

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog Sri 🙂

      Thanks for reading the interview of Kevin Muldoon and great to know that you’ve started to follow him.

      Sure, I’ll my level best to bring some helpful information from blogging and internet marketing expert.

      Keep visiting!

  5. Hi,

    Great interview and I must say I’ve learned something new tips from this post. Indeed social media must be used as a tool to generate leads.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Tushar,

      Thanks for your visit and I’m so glad that you’ve learned something new from here. Stay tuned!

  6. Great Post Nirmala,

    I have recently started following you and enjoy reading your posts very much. This is one of the great posts of you, which I have come across.

    About Kevin Muldoon,
    He seems to be an inspiring person. I didn’t know about him earlier. His answers motivated me to write even good and focus on my blog even more. Earlier, I used to think these famous bloggers are doing good because they can afford premium plugins which we new bloggers can’t. But, now I think this is their hard work that they are famous, not the premium plugins. Following Kevin Muldoon from now as he is a WordPress expert and I also own a WordPress blog. I would love to follow his guide. Which certainly will help my blog to reach to a new level. Thumbs up to you and Kevin Muldoon. 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Sonam Asrani,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for following me. I can see your passion in blogging through blog commenting everywhere. Try to contribute some helpful guest posts on active blogs to expand your presence and get connect with infulencers.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Kevin and yes, he is just awesome and a motivating blogger. Grear that you’re gonna follow him, I’m sure that you’ll grab some exceptional materials on WordPress and Internet Marketing.

      You’re always welcome to share your opinion here, have a good day!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation Nirmala, I highly appreciate. I’ll do try to write some good guest posts. Have a Great day 🙂

  7. Hey Nirmala,

    Thank you for the excellent interview, so many actionable tips that can be practically applied into one’s own blog.

    I know kevin for the past few years now, I have followed his personal blog along with bloggingtips for years now. I still actively read kevinmuldoon.com – it is an excellent resource.

    I agree with most things – I don’t like productivity tools or buying too many wordpress plugins etc. A blogger’s time is best spent on writing articles or promoting it.

    Uttoran Sen,

  8. Kevin is seriously an awesome blogger and an Entrepreneur.

    I was a member of his forum for 2-3 months and learned a lot of awesome things from the expert. Later, I got busy in my projects and stopped using that forum.

    I have read his story on his personal blog and found it very encouraging and motivational. He has gone through such a big projects in his life, so he is the right person from whom we can learn the right lessons.

    I was amazed to read that he was the actual owner of bloggingtips.com

    Bravo, Kevin. 🙂

  9. Glad reading this interview from Kevin Muldoon, Great inspiration for every bloggers , Thanks Nirmala for posting this wonderful interview.


  10. Hi Nirmala,

    Awesome interview! 🙂

    Well, this is the first time I heard about Kevin Muldoon, since you introduce him to us through this article. 🙂

    I agree with Kevin that the bloggers have to focus on their work and do not use too many tools. It will disrupt the flow of our work. Honestly, I do not really know about the tools for blogging, I just did as Kevin, what I learned, that’s what I share to my readers.

    Maybe if I had started advanced in creating a quality article, I will use some tools that might be useful for my blog. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Nirmala.
    Do have a great weekend!


  11. Hello mam,

    As usual your post is awesome and informative.
    Excellent interview and motivational discussion going here..!!
    Many of us think that using too many premium tools we will get more traffic but its wastage of time and money.
    Expert blogger like him uses minimal tools and hard work. I have learned new tips from this post.

    Thanks to You and Kevin Muldoon for sharing wonderful discussion with us

  12. @Nirmala

    Hi Nirmala
    Happy perusing this meeting from Kevin Muldoon, Great motivation for each bloggers , Thanks Nirmala for posting this heavenly meeting.

  13. Hi Nirmala,

    I don’t know Kevin Muldoon before, just because of you I came to know about him, after reading this interview I realised how fortunate I am to know about him, he has given good tips to new bloggers too regarding social media promotion, thanks for sharing this interview.

  14. Hello there Nirmala,

    I don’t know Kevin Muldoon some time recently, in light of you I came to think about him, in the wake of perusing this meeting I understood that I am so lucky to think about him, he has given great tips to new bloggers too with respect to online networking advancement, much obliged for sharing this meeting.

  15. “Hello” I trust that everybody is doing admirably, cheers to meet all of you with a specialist’s tips classification post. Couple of days back, I had a pleasant visit with Martin Shervington to get some accommodating Google Plus data for you and this time I got various helpful answers from an incredible web advertiser, WordPress blogger and Web Developer, Kevin Muldoon from kevinmuldoon.com.

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