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Hi Readers,
I’m happy to meet you again with an “Experts tips” category post and your gratefulness have nudged me to get some obliging tips from a professional blogger, Wade Harman. I’m his Google Plus follower and regular to his blog His activeness in G+ inspires me a lot to do an enriched blogging and his marketing tips are worth to read. Before checking his precise reactions for my questions, let me tell you about him and his blogs.

About Wade Harman

Wade Harman is a full-time blogger and an internet marketer. He is also a relationship marketing expert and Google Plus nerd. He maintains two blogs, and where he coach and help the bloggers/internet marketers to make money through social media marketing strategies. 

He dedicates time in helping people to construct their social media updates to get exposure and engagement through word play and psychological strategies. He is all about building relationships online, runs a weekly Hangout on Air, Relationship Marketing and has had the pleasure of talking to influential guests like Mark Traphagen, Eric Enge etc. about their experiences in creating relationship online. Thus, he assists the business people to create social presence, build a relationship and drive traffic which would help them to take their business to next level with little effort.


Actually, Wade Harman is an ex-coal miner and was thrown into Blogosphere due to a mining accident. He got his Cognitive Psychotherapy graduation in the year 2000 and now he uses his knowledge to research & develop the social media tactics for the businesses/blogs to drive their targeted traffic. He was nominated as one of the “Top Ten Social Media Bloggers of 2013” and have received the honour “Top 25 Social Media Bloggers 2014” from He had contributed some articles to and here you could get his e-books details on Amazon.

Blogs of Wade Harman

As I specified early, Wade Harman manages 2 blogs.

This is his new blog where he writes about Google Plus and relation marketing tips for bloggers/business professionals. He also offers coaching program for people who wants to build their relationship online and make money through social media marketing. Here he pinpoints that building relationship is more important than building links and how it can be effectively used in online business.

He helps you succeed in blogging through this blog by writing blogging and social media marketing tips. Here, a flawless system has been developed by Wade on what people are looking for online. So, in this blog, you could learn on how to influence people and how to get more interaction on social media posts to drive traffic to your blog/website

Now, check the precise replies of Wade Harman to my questions!

Experts tips – Wade Harman from

Hi Wade,
1. What is the biggest challenge of blogging? How do you organize your plans to do consistent blogging?

One of the biggest challenges in blogging is building trust with your readership. Until you have that, you don’t have anything because until people start to trust you and what you say, you won’t become successful. Always write to give them the best information possible and try to help. I would tell someone that wants to be consistent at blogging to set a schedule. You don’t have to write every day of the week to become successful at blogging.

Yes, it’s better for the search engine when you write more, but one cannot write a great post every day of the week. Sure, you may get by with that for a few days or even weeks, but at some point, you’re going to come against the ever popular writer’s block and then what? You’ve just messed up your schedule! New bloggers need only write one post per month. Work on building your audience on social during the times you’re not writing and building relationships. People that are established like me can get by with writing one post per week. But whatever schedule you set for yourself, stick with it!


2. Driving traffic is the biggest concern for every blogger. How you’re getting traffic to your blog? Means, reveal your traffic secrets. Also, tell how you’re getting ideas to update your blog.

One of the best sources of traffic for me is social media. I don’t really care about SEO tricks because the search engine isn’t what’s paying my bills. It’s the people. So I go where the people are, and that’s on social. Some of my ideas that I have when I write a blog post come to me at different times, that’s why I like using a tool called EverNote to capture any blog idea that I might have. Whether I’m on a plane or mowing the lawn when the idea hits me, I can write it down to be researched later.


3. I see your activeness in G+, I like it very much. Moreover, it inspires me to work and learn a lot. Can you explain the importance of staying active in G+ and how to get a relationship with influential bloggers over there?

G+ is a social platform of a different quality. It’s not like Facebook or Twitter where it seems that people have a hard time seeing your content. If all of your followers were online at the time you published a post on G+, they would all see it. That’s the simple beauty of G+ and that’s why I like it. Google Plus is also a conversational platform. It’s where people come to build relationships and have discussions about certain topics. I’m proof of that, but you have to treat it with respect. Don’t go dumping links and leaving. No one likes that at all! G+ can really help you succeed if you do it the right way. The simple fact that both sides, the influencer’s and the regular people are all listening to you if you have something important to say.


4. How did you monetize your blog? Are you an Affiliate Marketer? If you’re familiar with AM, let us educate with a brief summary.

Before I started I had a site called and I sold ad spots on that site, affiliate links, and the usual ways of monetization. Now that I solely own WadeHarman most of the money I make comes from other ventures as is more of an informational site for my readers.

I am an affiliate marketer I guess. However, I don’t practice affiliate marketing as hard core as I used to. Most of the products I promote on (if any) are usually things that my friends have or products that I know will benefit my readers.

In affiliate marketing, one has the opportunity to make a lot of money with products they know nothing about, however, that doesn’t give you free reign to promote those products. I have always said that if you haven’t used the product personally don’t try to sell it. Remember the trust factor from above? People learn to trust you because you always tell the truth about things. If you’re trying to sell something that you have never used nor tried, that’s not being honest. It always comes back to what the reader will benefit from.


5. Why it is important to build reliable backlinks for a blog? What are the best ways to do so?

I could care less about backlinks. Search is something that is always changing and one could drive themselves crazy trying to chase it. I don’t even waste my time. But I would say that the most reliable backlink is the one where other people link back to your articles from high ranking sites. Give it time, you will start to see reliable people linking to you after a while.


6. What would be the future of blogging? Will it be considered as a good profession? Do you have any other job other than blogging?

For my future, blogging is all there is. I don’t have any other job, nor would I want any other job but being a blogger. I love it! I love to write and I love to share with people my knowledge about different things. The future of blogging, for me anyway, looks bright and has a long and prosperous future.

If you’re reading this post right now and you want to succeed at blogging and make the future look bright for you as well, then you have to keep at it! You have to understand that if you’re just starting out, you’re not going to see anything in the form of income for quite a while. You have to be a peace with working for free until you get established. This is why the future of blogging for most people looks bleak. They give up because success isn’t right around the bend for them. Only the true hard-core and dedicated people will succeed at this. If you want it, it will come. But you have to be patient.


7. Share some of the best social media & SEO tools that you’re using

Some of my favorite tools that I use are at Wade and I use these every day. They give me traffic all day long and they also help me sustain my social media as well. In my opinion, these are the best tools for my business. You will come across other tools that you like for yourself and when you find them you will know. Each tool is different, but these are the best for me.


Your Favourite quote, favourite blogs and message for my readers to make money online.

My favorite quote is this: “Be a hero to one individual at a time and stop marketing to the masses!”
My favourite blogs are,,,, and

My message to your readers would be this:

Just blog. Be social. Find your social media site that you love and stick with it. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to have a strong social presence on all the major social sites. That’s not a good strategy. Pick one and stick with it. Don’t just dump your links, be conversational and be helpful to people. Remember it’s a social site. The last thing I would say that the funny thing about blogging is some of the best promotions that you can do for yourself is when you’re NOT promoting yourself. Helping others is the strongest tip I could give anyone.

Why? Because people remember that person that has taken the time to help them. Do that enough and you’ll have a small army flooding your site after a while. That’s why it takes so long to succeed at blogging. You’re on social trying to build a reputation of honesty and helpfulness with these followers. You’re building trust.

Thank You for spending your precious time to answer my questions Wade Harman and I hope it would engage and help my readers. 

@ Readers,
I’d recommend his constructive blogs to get tips on Google Plus, Blogging, relationship, content marketing and social media marketing strategies. Do visit the blogs of Wade Harman to grow your business and you may connect with him on Google Plus to learn relationship marketing.

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