Introduction to new category “Experts tips” in my blog

Hi friends and readers,

I had started the “Experts tips” section on my blog where I would include tips from experts related to online money making and blogging. When I chose the WordPress domain to continue my blogging career, I got great and useful tips from experts. Those tips made me to create Mymagicfundas website which is live and active now.

I still look at ways to improve my blogging activity and often look up to my seniors in this field to provide me their expert opinion. Likewise, I wish my readers to reap the benefits of those experts’ tips. That thought has made me to add this category to my blog.

Many of the bloggers have a section for interviews in their blogs, and I found it a recurring model in all blogs. These made me realize that I need to think differently and act differently from others. So I added this category to my blog to present my readers with sweet and straightforward tips from the experts.

Sometimes, the readers would be annoyed with lengthy interviews which contain many questions and longer paragraphs. This would prompt the readers to skip the blog instantly. I have done the same as I thought that it would be hard for me to get any useful information from these interviews. Also, some readers may get bored and forget to visit the blog permanently. Also, many newbies would struggle to earn money online by committing mistakes in performing online jobs.

With these apprehensions occupying my mind, I decided to provide some useful tips in a simpler way. I planned to ask 5 simple and beneficial questions to internet marketers and bloggers, and I wished to showcase to my readers the online business intricacies along with this Q&A session.

With the ray of hope that the experts would be at ease in answering my queries which require simple and short tips from them, I have taken up this pattern. Hope that this section will be useful and wouldn’t bore the readers and the experts.
Stay tuned here for experts tips and reap the benefits 🙂

16 thoughts on “Introduction to new category “Experts tips” in my blog”

  1. Hello Nirmala,

    it is quite interesting and unique category here.

    I’ve seen people introduces Interview and other related things, but you introduced expert tips- it is quite interesting.

    I’ll surely visit to read, what expert says.


    To your success


    1. Oh, it is really nice to hear that you’re gonna visit regularly to read the experts tips 🙂

      Yeah, i thought long interview would annoy both the readers and experts! So decided to make it short interview and named experts tips.

      Gald about your visit and comment, stay tuned here!

  2. Hey,
    By the way nice inspirational article which was well created for bloggers.I wish you will get some of experts to write in this category.i think now i am going to visit this category everyday to learn different things.

  3. Wow !!! Thats very very interesting :D. I like your Idea Nirmala 😀

    You are saying right about the lenghty Interview posts. Almost same questions are asked in every interview . That makes sometime boring while reading it.

    The step taken by you is very appericable . I liked that very much. Even I was thinking to add some different and outstanding category instead of interviews :D. But that is seceret yet ;). Soon i will reveal it :).

    And yes. kindly inform me whenever you post in this category. I would love to read the Expert’s Advice 😀

    1. Thanks for your boosting reply Ravi 🙂

      I thought to add an interview section, but felt that the readers may get bored with it.

      If the tips from the experts are simple n short, it is easy for them to read and they would love to come back here to read the 5 different questions from various internet marketers and bloggers regularly.

      Sure Ravi, will let you know once my blog is updated with experts tips 🙂

  4. Hmm… interesting idea. I am sure this would get you more visitors and their repeat visits would increase. Hope you keep changing the five questions you planned to ask.

    1. Thanks Malathy!

      Yes, will approach every expert with different questions. I posted my first post in this category and my next target is to catch you with useful questions.

      Am pleased with your visit, keep coming here 🙂


    That’s really need to be appreciated, you have made the right decision & hope we could get more tips form mymagicfundas & i’m also ready to share my blogging tips. 🙂

  6. Nice to see “experts tips” category in your blog. By this way you can share inspiration posts and success full persons story share with us.

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