Mymagicfundas Got Google PageRank 2 from 0

This post suggests some imperative blogging stuffs for the bloggers to get good PageRank.


My blogging journey

Last year, the same day (Dec 9th), I went to meet an internet journalist, Mr.Badrinathan, who by chance resides near my home. He has been giving training to people in the field of blogging and internet marketing. My blogspot blogs was greatly affected by Google Penguin updates as there were no social signals.

Hence, I went to his house to discuss about blogging. I was staggered by his knowledge and came to know that he has been surviving in this field since 1998 and has been making regular online income from various sources. I requested him to teach me some imperative blogging stuffs to enhance my blogging skills. He immediately agreed, reviewed some of my blogs and suggested me to switch over to WordPress. Then he simply replied me “I am telling that you will learn blogging by yourself and you no need to undergo any classes or training”. Initially, disappointed with his words I had come to any idea that blogging with WordPress was going to be a difficult ride.

It was then; I got connected with ShathyanRaja, blogger through FaceBook. With help of Shathyan, I have become friends with many co-bloggers from whom I have learned many essential blogging nuances. As I have always mentioned in my previous blog posts, I have been greatly inspired by Mr. Atish Ranjan, blogger who had provided some good blog sources to read and who had guideded me to learn the basics of blogging. I gained my confidence through these support systems and started to read many blog posts related to SEO, writing and so on. I practiced on writing valuable comments and blog posts effortlessly. Being Engineering graduate and with the help of a gentle push from my fellow bloggers I decided to pursue my ambition of starting a tech blog with WordPress.

With the unremitting support and guidance of Atish, I founded my blog “MyMagicFundas” on the 16th of Jan 2013. Google updated the PageRank on 4th of Feb 2013. As my blog was barely 20 days old and due to limited no. of posts, my blog received a PageRank of zero. I devotedly continued to publish quality posts for my readers and I understood the importance of creating backlinks, that too specifically with blog commenting and guest blogging.

From the day of the initiation till now, I have contributed 20 Guest posts on various blogs. I also recognized the importance of social presence and made my presence felt in social networks and blogging communities now and then.


PageRank 2 for Mymagicfundas

On Dec 6th 2013, Google update the PageRank for all blogs and I got PR 2 for my blog “Mymagicfundas”.


Even though, this is not a big achievement, but being a part time blogger, I was able to spend only very few hours for blogging as I had to work on family front too. Moreover, I have not reached this achievement for my blogspot blogs. Hence I feel good that my hard work has helped me to get a good signal from Google. Even with a PageRank of zero, most of my blog posts hold good SERP as I always do a little keyword research and present the posts with basic SEO.

I had been waiting for some time for the Google PR update so that I can improve the visibility of my blog to get good advertisers and sponsored posts. Currently I monetized my blog with Google AdSense and funding has been quite good. Also I have been going over the idea of Affiliate Marketing and hence have been concentrating to improve my blog traffic. Now I feel comfortable with WordPress blogging as the plug-ins do magic here.


Google PageRank and its benefits

If you’re a newbie blogger, you might ask “What is PageRank and how important it is?  I would say “Yes, of course”

Here are the essential details of PageRank 

Google PageRank measures the importance of a web page and it was developed by two Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to Matt cuts, head of web-spam team at Google “PageRank is an opinion from Google about how reputable the web page, it includes not only the links to that page but how important those links are” and it typically updated once in 3 or 4 months. In simple words, you’ll be given PageRank based on the no. relevant and reputable links along with your quality content. Am I confusing you? Check this video for better understating.


Benefits of having good PageRank

Having good PageRank has various benefits like

1. Credibility and authority of the blog could be improved.

2. Possibility of receiving more comments and guest post proposals

3. Opportunity to get good advertisers and sponsored posts.

4. Fast indexing of blog posts by search engines.


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Tips to get good PageRank

I would suggest you to follow these points to get good PageRank.

1. Publish regular blog posts with good quality (3 per week)

2. Contribute your quality guest posts and comments to various blogs having good PageRank.

3. Stay active in popular social networks, add & follow influential bloggers in your niche and improve the social presence of your blog.

4. Take part in blogging communities like Blokube, Bizsugar, Blog engage and do vote and share your fascinated blog posts.

5. Use some awesome blogging tools like buffer, justretweet etc to increase the targeted traffic to your blog.

6. Do keyword research and select commonly searched keywords to use in your blog post naturally. Don’t stuff keywords in the post, particularly long tail keywords. Just use proper keywords related to the title of the post and its synonyms logically in the post.

7. Get your blog linked to few trusted directories, social bookmarking sites and forums.

8. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools regularly to track the links and visitors of your blog.

Out of these 8 points, I missed to do 7th point, will implement it soon.

Not only to get good PR, the about listed points would help you to get striking Alexa rank.


Final words 

I feel that my worthy blog posts, social presence, guest blogging & blog commenting activities have helped me to get PageRank 2 for my blog. In a blog, I’ve seen the meaning of PR 2 is “the good news, you can improve”. I used the tool “Fruition” and confirmed that my blog stays safe from Google animals. Google and other search engines always expect unique informative posts. So, I recommend you to follow your own style and keep yourself updated with latest trends to do an enhanced blogging.

I got into the blogging world due to being inspired by many bloggers. I want to spell out their names here and mention their blogs to show my indebtedness.

Atish Ranjan of  Techtricksworld

Badrinathan of Onlinemoneyworld

Suresh Kumar of Softwarebuzzer

Shameem of Techclickr

Suresh Khanal of Bivori

Reginald Chan of

Ankit Singla of Bloggertipstricks

I had hit their Facebook’s PM many times to clear my queries! My special thanks to them.

I am not a blogging or SEO expert, am still in the learning mode. But I would like to share my knowledge to help others in getting good PageRank. Would you like to ask any questions related to this post? Please let me know your queries through comments 🙂

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