Benefits Of Guest Blogging & My Guest Posts Round-Up

As a blogger, I know the significance of guest posting, and I’ve decided to share the numerous benefits of guest blogging along with my guest posts on different blogs. I hope this post would stimulate you to write guest posts on various blogs.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a type of marketing strategy where the bloggers appear as a guest on other blogs of the same niche by contributing articles. 

What Are The Benefits Of Guest Blogging?

Here are the main advantages of guest blogging

1. More efficient way to build quality backlink.

2. An attractive way to drive traffic.

3. An effective way to enhance the search engine ranking.

4. The best way to gain credibility among the people.

5. Genuine way to develop the brand name.

6. Respectable way to reach more subscribers.

7. Easy way to make friendship with influential bloggers.

8. A good way to improve the writing skill.

9. A natural way of self-promotion.

10. Nice way to learn from respected mentors.

I agreed these guest blogging benefits and presented my guest posts as a guest blogger in good PR blogs. I am a newbie blogger, so it was nervous to write my first guest post.

But now I am proud to say that I got many requests to write guest posts from my fellow and influential bloggers on their blogs.


My Guest Posts in Active Blogs

Following are my guest posts in good PR blogs. I am thankful for the blog owners who accepted my guest post and for encouraging me to do an enriched blogging.

1. Content Marketing and its role in online business

This is my first guest post in, a well-performing SEO, and technology PR 3 blog. Young founders of this blog are Mr. Atish Ranjan and Mr. Zainil, both accepted my post without any hesitation. I wrote about the content marketing strategy that helps the internet marketers to better understanding of writing quality content to succeed in any online business.

 2. Tips for blog commenting

My second guest post was placed on, a good blog to learn about designing a website or new plugins and widgets. Mr. Praveen Rajarao is the author of this blog and he favorably accepted my post. This post covers the blog commenting topic that assists the bloggers with the tips to convert their readers into commenters.

 3. Social networking websites and its active role in blogging

Third guest post of mine engaged in, a popular blogging and technology PR3 blog. Creator of this blog is Mr. Amit Shaw, a talented blogger who genuinely added my guest post. The role of social networking websites in blogging is my guest post topic that signifies the benefits of blogger’s participation in Social networks.

 4. How to promote blog post through genuine ways

This is my latest guest post in, a technology PR2 blog. Mr. Shameem is the creator of this blog, and he satisfactorily included my guest post on his blog. I marked some genuine blog post promotion ways for the bloggers in my guest post.

My heartiest thanks to all these inspiring blog owners for accepting my guest post constructively.
This is stimulating me to perform better blogging with excellence guest blogging shortly.

Useful Guest Blogging Posts 

Final Words

Practice writing unique, relevant and interesting guest posts with the necessary information for other blogs of the same niche. Then it is more likely to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

I would like to know your opinion about the benefits of guest blogging and you may also share your latest guest post in the comment section.

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