15 Home Business Ideas To Make Money From Home

Are you looking for the exciting yet profitable home based business ideas to pick the right one according to your interest, then this blog post is for you!

Home-based businesses are fast becoming the most favored way to earn money or augment an existing source of income. There are several benefits of launching a home business provided you have the dexterity and discipline.

Home businesses do not require huge investments. Nor do they require a squadron of employees. Work hours are flexible and expanding the nature and scope of the business is quicker.

A few skills, a computer connected to the Internet, social media marketing and a bank account to accept online payments are sufficient for any entrepreneur.

Best Home Based Businesses To Earn At Spare Time

Some of the trending home based business ideas that can be executed are as follows!


1. Online Counselor

Counseling is a vast field. People require counseling for various things- from investing in a house to marital issues, choosing a school to career guidance.

Those with extensive knowledge on a particular topic can run a successful business of online counseling.

2. CV/ Resume Writer

A resume that sounds excellent works great. Companies base their decisions of inviting a candidate for an interview based upon their Curriculum Vitae (CV).

If you possess the skills required to write a CV that aptly describes job seekers and their qualification, aspirations, you can venture into the resume writing business online.

Professional CV writers do not make common mistakes that candidates do and avoid these mistakes. You can also use an Online resume builder to make your job easier. 

3. Blog Writer/ Content Writer

Blogs were once considered as a bane by all industries since people could openly express their opinions on anything. Today, blogs are considered as necessary tools for promoting a product or service, political agenda, and security.

Ability to comprehend new things and expressing them informally are skills needed to open a blogging business. Even SureJob has mentioned blogging on the top of their online business list.

So, if you are good at writing, you may start offering your content service and make income in the spare time. 

4. Ethnic Products

The world is indeed shrinking as people migrate to meet their educational and financial aspirations. Yet they invariably carry the taste, sights, and sounds of home wherever they go.

A huge market for ethnic products exists worldwide. Understanding the needs of an ethnic group and supplying their needs is a great way to make money online.

5. Savings/ Insurance Consultancy

Buying insurance or investing in a savings product is often confusing. Limited knowledge makes people wary about directly approaching an insurance firm or bank.

Anyone with sound knowledge of these financial sectors and the ability to explain easily to laypersons can offer savings and insurance consultancy business from home online.

Banks and insurance firms pay lucrative fees to consultants. Banks and insurers also pay for accepting premiums and installments due from customers.

6. Remote Technical Support

Companies large and small require technical assistance for their IR systems. Large salaries demanded by IT professionals make impossible for several businesses to hire one full-time.

Thus providing remote technical support to such companies is another excellent internet home business.

7. Real Estate Brokerage

A shelter is among the basic needs of humans. Homes, shops, and offices are in demand around the year and at every geographic location.

Provide a comprehensive listing of various new properties, residential and commercial properties for rent. Builders and housing finance companies have sumptuous advertising budgets and pay websites for their listings.

Thus, I have kept the real estate brokerage as one of the clever home based business ideas to make some dough at home. 

8. Travel Assistance

Large foreign and domestic tour operators look for assistance for their tourists at every destination. This includes services such as local sight-seeing, hotel, and car rentals, healthcare and other facilities required by travelers.

A small home-based business offering these ground arrangements gets paid well by tour operators and service suppliers.

9. Tutoring 

Online tutors are great in demand! If you have a good knowledge of a particular subject (like Maths or Science), then you may signup with the online tutoring sites and make a decent salary without stepping out of the home.

Not only the comfort of work from home, but you will also be getting an opportunity to deal with the technical developments like web-based software (like Whiteboard) and virtual classroom.

10. Payroll Management

Salaries and other wages are remitted directly into bank accounts of employees. Meticulous calculations are required before drawing the final payslip.

Managing employee payroll is one of the best home business ideas that are in season always.

11. Gifting Services

Companies and businesses scour the market for great gifts for their associates and employees. These gifts are sometimes personalized to carry the identity and logo.

Services for designing and delivering personalized gift items are catching up gradually as online home businesses.

12. Feng Shui/ Vastu Consultant

The Internet is rife with articles that speak about the positive effects of Feng Shui and benefits of home and office arrangements according to the ancient Indian science, Vastu.

The two are also used for home and office décor. Families and companies will pay you handsomely for advice on how to generate good vibes for progress and prosperity.

13. Computerized Horoscopes And Birth Charts

Ancient science combined with modern technology is common nowadays. An increasing number of superstitious people want a computerized horoscope for everything- from curiosity to arranging matrimonial.

A good PC with appropriate software, mystical looking paper, and a high-quality printer are stuff you will require for this high-demand online home business.

14. Homemade Cosmetics And Beauty Products

Multinationals spend billions of dollars on research and development of cosmetics and beauty products that will offer ultimate skin and body care.

Yet, high demand for home remedies and treatments exists. Making herbal cosmetics and beauty products at home is fairly complex.

But the beauty conscious are willing to go great lengths and pay well for handmade, traditional personal care products.

15. Translation Services

Anyone with expert level proficiency in two or more languages can fork in big bucks through the web-based home business that offers translation services.

The type of translations you offer decides the amount you earn. Translating specialized textbooks and legal documents is a very profitable online business from home.

Final Words (Branding, Marketing & Promoting Your Online Home Business)

Proper branding works wonders for online home businesses. Once branded well, the product or service can be marketed easily using social media and micro-blogging tools. Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are excellent tools to promote your brand free.

Start from home. Meaning, involve your relatives and friends as customers. Seek and post their reviews online. Good reviews are key to the success of your online home businessPost videos of your product and services on YouTube whenever possible.

You save lots of overhead expenses with these online home based business ideas. You have to pay lesser taxes when compared with its commercial counterpart. Also, you can choose your working hours and expand or downsize the business at ease, whenever required.

So, what do you think about these genuine ways of making income at home? Leave your views in the comment section! 

17 thoughts on “15 Home Business Ideas To Make Money From Home”

  1. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    Another great post on home business ideas. Best way to earn money online working from home. Home business can be start anywhere, anytime without any investment. Here I have got some of very useful home based money making ideas such as tutoring and travel assistance to local area.

    I have seen many places where some person working to empower people starting small businesses in home, and it’s working too. Like Bamboo craft product in tribal area and then sell it to other different places. There is no requirement to invest money on it. Content writing is best for student for part time money who skilled in writing perfect article. Well instructed ideas indeed.

    Have a nice coming days.
    – Ravi.

  2. #3 is my favorite Nirmala but you have so many prospering options here. Writing blog posts and getting paid through a few different channels is one way to diversify your income streams and to build a sustainable, profitable home business. I like accepting sponsored posts, writing and selling eBooks, selling audio books and going the paid guest posting route. All help me to grow my income while circling the globe.


  3. It was a great post. I am sharing this post..I am reading this post very nice information to share in this post…so really great..thanks to share …

  4. Well written and great post. Above mentioned all jobs are good and you can earn money. But people think that immediately they will get the result but that’s not true. It will take time. If you want to earn good money then it may take more than 6 months.

  5. Hello Nirmala,
    Great post with some great home business ideas. Blog Writing is ideal one for me and already involved with this service.

  6. hello medam
    its great artical and idea. you can imagine that i left my 5 figure job fore online work now i am Blog Writer/ Content Writer work and earn more then my job and hppy life

  7. Hello, Nirmala, All the 15 Bussiness Ideas you have mentioned are very nice easy Bussiness Ideas everyone can do that Just required some skills as per the field. Instead of the above Bussiness Wedding Planing and Catering Service is one of the Successful Bussiness Idea.
    because as you can see, In Today’s busy life everyone wants to make their marriages and Functions successful and memorable they ready to pay you huge money to make their events successful and memorable. if anyone wants to start this business just you need a good Cooking team and skills to manage the events suitably

  8. It is a great list. I’ve done a lot of these free opportunities in the past and usually made a bit here and there. At first, I just spent it but then I learned to re-invest in other online opportunities (blog hosting, e-mail marketing, etc.) and it leads to even more money that way! 🙂

  9. Hi Nirmala,
    I came across your website and I just wanted to say, that the information you have provided is really useful. Thank you for your research.

  10. Since checking after a long time, I could not stop myself after reading its heading.

    All the ideas are good to start but one should be dedicated to achieve anything in their career path. I am willing to try some option especially #9.

    Thanks for sharing.

    -SK Lohar

  11. This information is great. I think tution jobs are very good and we can do it offline as well as online. There are lot of websites which provide online tution jobs.
    People who are staying at home, house wives can try teaching from home.

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