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A thoughtful post for the bloggers to join in blogging community like Indiblogger to acquire its benefits.


What is the necessity for bloggers to join in blogging communities?


If you are a serious and passionate blogger, it would be better if you promote your blog through some genuine ways to increase its popularity. Joining and participating in blogging communities is the best way to reach the minded visitors effortlessly. Also it helps you to get good exposure to other blogs/bloggers and obiviously increase in your blog traffic.

If you are a splendid writer, used to publish multiple blog posts in a single day and if there is no one read those, then?

I know, you are zealous blogger, maintaining your blog post frequency, sit back and wait for the response from the readers. If no one is responding to your magnificent blog post contents, you would feel as a pessimist and finally it leads you to quit blogging.

To avoid these, am suggesting you to join in some blogging communities with which you could get some advantages. What are those?



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Advantages of blogging communities


1. Unique opportunity for the bloggers to build network and to make new connection with other bloggers.

2. Best place for them to share their experiences and to learn new blogging related stuffs.

3. Chances to meet some influential bloggers and to get solutions for the problems/doubts.

4. Honest place to propaganda about the new blog posts and to get good response from new readers.

5. Looking various blog posts at one place would let the bloggers to generate some new blog post ideas for their blog.

Hope now you understand the necessity for the bloggers to join in blogging communities.

Previously I discussed about Blokube, a blogging community website and let’s continue our talk with the details of, a blogging community


What is Indiblogger? is a largest and active blogging community for Indian bloggers. It was founded by Renie Ravin in the year 2007. It is the hub of all Indian bloggers who likes to network between them and help the bloggers to get good publicity for their blog posts. Registration is simple here and the bloggers need to submit their blog for approval.


Features of Indiblogger


1. It is a great platform which actively engage the bloggers with contests and meet ups.

2. A forum is associated with it, in which the bloggers can share their opinions and get help from other bloggers.

3. It is a Dofollow blogging community which aids the bloggers to learn new trend in blogging.



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4. It works like a blogging directory, where the bloggers can list their blog and find countless blogs of their same niche.

5. Generic badges are available for the bloggers to insert in their blog which offers a link directly to the member profile of Indiblogger.


Indivine and Indistream in Indiblogger


Bloggers can submit their blog posts in Indivine in appropriate categories to get vote from other members. The members can vote for the most deserving blog posts and the post with more votes will pushed to top.

Indistream is a colourful three column tweeting cum chat facility for the bloggers. IndiBloggers get together on twitter to discuss various topics with the help of the hashtag, #inditweetmeet here.


What is Indirank in Indiblogger?


Indirank is an automated ranking system for the Indian blogs and it is calculated based on various factors. Here blogs are ranked on the scale of 1-100, the higher the score of the blog represents more active the blog is. Considering the post frequency, Moz rank, Alexa rank and incoming links, it will be updated every month or once in two months. It was recently updated this month and here is my Indirank






Indiblogger is a genuine community website for the Indian bloggers to get good reputation and traffic to their blog/blogs. So, if you are an Indian blogger, am recommending you to join there and add other bloggers of same niche to your network. Make use of Indivine and Indistream to improve your blog traffic. Try to connect with other bloggers with the help of default search and create good relationship with them. This would help to protect your blog from Google animals and to perform well on search engines.


Are you a member of If so, share your experience and indirank with me. If you are not a member, am telling you to join there to enhance your blogging activities 🙂

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