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As this is the first post on my newly launched blog “MyMagicFundas, I would like to share the details of my inspiring blogs from which I gained the necessary knowledge to do an enhanced blogging. These blogs fall under an esteemed lot of my collection.

It’s with these following blogs I improved my skills on earning through blogging & online marketing. I am privileged to share the details of these blogs with my readers so that all those who read this blog of mine can reap the same benefits as I have.

10 Resourceful Blogs That I Love

Here are my all-time favorite blogs!

favourite blogs


From the name of the blog, it is clear that this blog is meant to provide the basic blogging tips for the people. The founder of this blog is Ms. Ileane Smith, who always loves to share her known information. She started her blogging career in the year 2009. This terrific blog is fed with the data linked to blogging, social media, technology and with some blogger interviews.


This excellent blog was started last year but now stands with a page rank of 3. Here people can learn how to set up a website and start making money from it. Matt Smith from the UK is the owner of this blog, and he has experience in web design, 3D animation, Photoshop and so on. People can gain knowledge about writing, money, blogging, social media and lot of stuff here.


Do you want to become a professional blogger? Then it is the best blog to follow and thrive in blogging. Also, this blog would help the people who are running their online business by managing the time & schedule and aids to achieve their goals by providing the tips to perform efficiently. I’m feeling proud in saying the founder of the blog is Mrs.Jane Sheeba, from TN, India.


This excellent blog shares the information related to social media, online money making, blogging, tricks allied to PC, Facebook and many interesting, useful objects. Two young guys named Mr. Atish Ranjan n Mr. Zainil Dedhia are the founders of this blog and both are specialized in SEO. Presenting giveaways to the people is the awesome attractiveness of this blog and continuing its success with wonderful posts.


This blog well describes blogging, internet marketing, software and gadgets, SEO, word press and useful tips & tricks for the publics. Mr. Amit Shaw is the CEO and the author of this magnificent blog. He is a hard worker and achieved great things in short duration. People are encouraged to share their suggestions to enrich this blog.


It is a technology blog and presenting the internet, blogging, social media related information. The owner of this blog is Mr. Pradeep Kumar, and he founded this when he was 17 years old. Cheers to sharing this blog detail, as he is a passionate blogger from Chennai, India. He is ready to help the people with open arms, so people can approach him to ask doubts and questions concerning to his articles.


This fabulous blog offering the evidence associated to make money online, SEO and Social Media marketing. Mr. Erik Emanuelli is the owner of this blog, and he published an eBook named “how to build the online business”. He is an adoring blogger running no. of niche websites.


It is a wonderful blog that contains executable blogging tips and affiliate marketing strategies. Anil Agarwal is the man behind this active blog who got a master degree in computers. I’d always like to read his useful blog posts on social media, WordPress and money making. 


It’s an amazing blog to learn the basics of blogging and encloses several how-to guides for WordPress. This award-winning blog had great subscriber base and got featured on National Media. Harsh Agarwal is the founder of this blog who is a simple guy passionate about blogging and internet marketing. 


You could get best tips related blogging, money making online, SEO and social media tips in this active blog. Mr.Abhishek Balani organized this blog last year, and he is an engineering student who loves to share and help others.

My Final words

The founders of these websites are my most inspiring bloggers. They have been instrumental in all my success and have also paved the way for my idea of launching a self-hosted blog. I’m almost regular to these blogs and the other blogs that I have referred to improve my awareness in online business are,,, and

I would like to dedicate this blog of mine to all these prominent bloggers. I suggest all my readers go through this collection of best motivating blogs and get your share of benefits from them.

What do you think about these great inspirational blogs? Share your view in the comment section. 

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