My contribution in a guest blogging contest and inviting bloggers to it

Hi readers and blogging friends,

This post is about my contribution in a guest blogging contest and inviting bloggers to it!

Just few days back, I have updated my blog with a topic “Benefits of guest blogging and my guest posts”. There I composed the benefits of guest blogging activity and my guest posts in good PR blogs. Also I suggested that the bloggers should write the guest posts to build an authoritative backlink for their blog/blogs.

guest blogging contest

 After writing that post, I was surprised with a great guest blogging contest running in the blogosphere. Writing guest posts on other blogs was so fun and good for me, as it helps to construct a genuine relationship with other bloggers and to get new readers. So I decided to participate in that guest blogging contest and submitted a guest post. 

Details of the guest blogging contest

The guest blogging contest was structured by a blogger Mr. Kulwant nagi, founder of Bloggingcage. He is inviting all the bloggers to do a guest post on his blog and giving cash prizes with some additional rewards for three winners.

This contest is live now and it is going to be end on 25th April, 2013.

The bloggers should submit a guest post with at least 600 words, which should be well-written and formatted. Once the submitted guest post goes live, then the guest blogger (author of that post) should promote that post to reach wider audience. Additional 15 days will be given to the participants to promote their guest post (up to May 10th) and the winners will be announced on 20th May, 2013.

Need your help to win in this contest

I wrote a guest post on the topic “Top 5 ways of getting unstoppable visitors to your blog”

Here I almost summed all the honest ways to make the visitors to come back to your blog regularly.

guest post

Read it!

If you felt it is a beneficial topic, then help me to win in this contest by commenting and sharing my guest post as I need to earn more points!

The point details are

1 Like – 2 points.

1 Tweet – 5 points.

1 Stumbleupon – 5 points.

1 Google+ – 10 Points.

1 Comment – 20 Points.

I hope that I’ll get a positive response from my readers and blogging friends.

Thanks in advance for all 🙂

I am inviting all the bloggers to participate in this contest and enjoy the benefits of guest blogging.

I got valuable comments from my friends and great bloggers for my guest blogging contest post, many thanks to them 😛

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