Make Impactful Presentation With Free PowerPoint Templates Download

Do you want to create the stunning PowerPoint presentation? In this post, I have listed some best places to look for the PowerPoint themes free download.

PowerPoint templates come in all shapes and sizes and using the right ones can help you leave a lasting impact on your audience.

The visuals of presentation templates should be carefully used as to ensure that your audience does not feel lost amidst a sequence of visually confusing imagery.

While a lot of good Microsoft PowerPoint templates are usually paid, there are some websites which do offer free PowerPoint templates.

3 Top Sites That Offers PowerPoint Themes Free Download 

I have singled out some awesome templates from three top websites. So, check out the recommended sites and slide decks and learn how you can make the impressive presentations with free PowerPoint templates download. 



FPPT aka Free PowerPoint Templates is a veteran when it comes to the provision of PowerPoint themes free download. The website has more than 7000 free Powerpoint download and you would be surprised to see how many topics FPPT has templates for.

Here are three recommended templates from this website that can help you make an impact when delivering your next presentation.

Free Earth PowerPoint Template

There are some shades of blue that are too sweet to ignore. Not only can the right combination of blue shades give a calming effect but even grab audience attention.

Free Earth PowerPoint Template

The Free Earth PowerPoint Template is perhaps a perfect example of how to create a perfect blue color slide deck. This awesome template has a beautiful title slide with an analogue clock situated on the image of a globe amidst a water themed background.

This is a general-purpose template and you can use it for a wide range of topics related to anything from global warming, environmental protection and nature to politics, war, peace, international relations, etc.

Free Labyrinth PowerPoint Template

The Free Labyrinth PowerPoint Template is yet another impressive presentation template which can be used for a wide variety of topics. The title slide depicts a maize, with a silhouette of a man carrying a briefcase. This makes the template suitable for business, finance, marketing, as well as gaming, design and web development related topics.

Free Labyrinth PowerPoint Template

This is one of the best PowerPoint themes free download as it is a multi-purpose template that can be used with a diverse range of subjects. This template contains four slides, each of which can be adjusted to create custom layouts with ease. Apart from the title slide, the other three sample slides give enough space to allow presenters to insert any type of content such as; charts, tables, diagrams, images and even a lot of text.

Free Strategy PowerPoint Template

Chess is the game of kings and is often regarded as a game played by people of class. The Free Strategy PowerPoint Template starts with a stylish image of a chess board and a hand moving the queen to execute the next move. Beneath the image is a brownish bar where you can add a title and subtitle to introduce your topic. The title slide is followed by three generic slides.

Free Strategy PowerPoint Template

This remarkable PowerPoint template can help you make an impact by using chess as a symbolic image for discussing topics related to politics, economics, war, law and order, business strategy and the like. The chess image can help you generate some visual appeal by cashing in on the charisma of the game itself and its symbolic importance.

2. SlideHunter

If you have ever needed business themed free PowerPoint templates download and you have not been to then you have missed out on some of the most impactful business PPTs. 

Slide Hunter has some of the most amazing business themed slide designs, as well as editable diagrams, maps, flowcharts, timelines and free slides related to other common presentation topics such as; vacations, the Holiday Season, sports, education, etc.

Brain PowerPoint Template for Problem Solving Presentations

Brainstorming sessions and problem solving methodologies can be practiced using PowerPoint. To make your job easy you can use appropriate PowerPoint templates for such sessions. The Brain PowerPoint Template is one such slide deck which gives two sample slides with a diagram and associated text-boxes to help you conduct team meetings and come up with solutions.

Brain PowerPoint Template for Problem Solving Presentations

The circular diagram in sample slides gives proposed sections for defining, recognizing and evaluating a problem, which can then be followed by implementation decisions for meaningful strategies, decisions, with relevant ideas. You can also change the sample pattern and make your own to conduct team meetings to generate ideas, identify problems and come up with solutions.

Time is Money Widescreen PowerPoint Template

A time themed widescreen template might just be what you need to make an impact during a presentation. The Time is Money Widescreen PowerPoint Template contains a beautiful title slide with silhouettes of a man and woman dressed in formal attire.

Time is Money Widescreen PowerPoint Template

This is one of the best free PowerPoint templates for business presentations as you can duplicate the sample slides to create a slide deck with graphics that resemble the Modern UI like flat design.

Counter PowerPoint Template

It is hard to imagine that anyone reading this post has not used a smartphone. This also means that many of you are familiar with the weather and time widgets that are all too common for smartphones, especially Android devices. The free Counter PowerPoint Template provides a title slide with a smartphone inspired counter which looks like a weather widget from an Android device.

Counter PowerPoint Template

There are also other counter-illustrations within other sample slides which you can use to display digits and statistics using visually appealing counter graphics.

PPT Template

PPT, as the name clearly identifies, is a free PowerPoint templates download provider. What makes this website really useful are the high-resolution PowerPoint templates with glossy designs. The site is perfect for people looking for the PowerPoint themes free download and has excellent visual appeal as well. 

Free Teamwork Bulb Chalk Hand PowerPoint Template

With a chalkboard like design, this free PowerPoint template gives a beautiful slide deck. The title slide has Team Work written on a blackboard, with doodles illustrating ideas and teamwork.

Animated Happy Holidays PowerPoint Template

The Free Teamwork Bulb Chalk Hand PowerPoint Template can be perfect for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, academic presentations and the like.

Free Creative Vision Chalk PowerPoint Template

The Free Creative Vision Chalk PowerPoint Template is another awesome template which uses the same idea, i.e. a realistic blackboard with doodles on it.

Free Creative Vision Chalk PowerPoint Template

This template has illustrations which emphasize the need for creativity and vision, which can mix with a plethora of academic and business themed topics.

Animated Happy Holidays PowerPoint Template

Just in case you thought PPT Template was all about doodles and blackboards, here is a template to show you just how diverse the templates are at this website. The Animated Happy Holidays PowerPoint Template which sports holiday season themed background with falling snowflakes animation.

Animated Happy Holidays PowerPoint Template

I would say that it is one of the top PowerPoint themes free download which is perfect for Christmas and Holiday Season presentations and you can also use the animated sequence to create video sequences using PowerPoint by saving your presentation as a video file.

Final Words

The combined archive of free presentation templates of all three websites mentioned above consists of more than 11,000 free PowerPoint templates download, which is nothing short of a lifetime supply of slide decks on any topic you can think of.

Aside from the websites mentioned above, you can also find free PowerPoint templates with some impressive layouts at

And since the only free viable alternative to PowerPoint seems to be Google Slides, you can also check out free Google Slides templates, which is a website which offers presentation templates for Google Slides.

What do you think about the PowerPoint themes free download that I have mentioned here? If you found the above-recommended templates and websites useful, do share your experience by commenting below.

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