Premium WP Themes Club Comparison: TeslaThemes Vs Themeisle

If you are an avid blogger or a serious internet marketer, then you might have known the importance of having a professional looking website. Yes! A site with a pleasing design would attract more eyeballs and make conversions in terms of sales or leads.

Not only to make sales/leads, but you could also get an unforgettable brand name and search engine benefits with an attractive, fast-loading, WordPress theme design. Out of all, you could offer a great user experience to your site visitors so that they would easily navigate and reach the exact stuff what they look for. 

In this post, let me a make a legit comparison TeslaThemes vs Themeisle themes, so that you could recognize which theme is best in what aspect. 

TeslaThemes Or Themeisle – Which Is Best?

TeslaThemes was founded in the year 2013, and Themeisle was launched just before the TeslaThemes (2012). Both provide awesome themes which can capture users’ attention.


1. Design

Let’s talk about the design of TeslaThemes first! The themes made by them are unique and also would provoke the users to engage with the information provided. All the themes have a good and clean design.

On the other hand, Themeisle themes are also quite good with an impressive & clean design. It has only 15 premium WordPress themes for their customers. But the best part of Themeisle is that they offer more free themes for who have a tight budget.

You never need to worry about the theme installation as both the themes offer detailed documentation, setup guides, and FAQs.

So, if we compare the design features, both the biggies offer cute design, but the TeslaThemes is a better option to opt since it provides 50+ premium themes, whereas Themeisle provides only 15+ premium themes. 

2. Updates

Coming to the “updates” feature which is essential for themes to reduce the bugs and enhance the loading speed. 

It is magnificent that TeslaThemes provides you with weekly updates, whereas Themeisle themes have monthly upgrades. Thus, here also the TeslaThemes stands ahead.

3. Supported Domains

Themeisle offers only three supported domains in the $99 pricing plan and in TeslaThemes it is unlimited in all the pricing plans. That being said, you can install one single theme on as many sites you want to.

So, if you ask who is winning this point, then it’s clear that why to pay more in getting the license for unlimited domains.

4. Responsiveness

It is essential to talk about the responsive feature of a WordPress theme as Google had announced that the mobile fit design would perform well and get better search engine rankings. 

I compared the mobile responsiveness of both the themes and recognized that they look awesome on small-screen gadgets. 

Both are leaders in responsive theme feature!

5. HTML Themes

Themeisle themes don’t offer the HTML themes along with WP themes. However, TeslaThemes provides you with HTML version of every theme; that will help you to convert it into Joomla, Drupal and whatever you like.

As you can have full control on these HTML themes of TeslaThemes, it is superior to Themeisle in this feature. 

6. Free Customization

So everyone would like to customize their themes to create a brand name for their business/blog, Am I right?

If you ask me to cast my vote on Free WP customization service between these two themes club, then I would like to prefer TeslaThemes.

And the reason is that they help their buyers in priority bugs fixing as well one hour free customizations to provide the desired look that they need. 

This kind of benefit lacks in  Themeisle as they don’t allow any customization services rather recommend you to do on your own. However, they will help you to get the job done in fixing the bugs and other theme support.

7. Premium Plugins

Themeisle themes have excellent collections of Premium Plugins, and some of them are quite famous like WP Product Review Pro, WPPR Comparison Table and much more.

On the other hand, TeslaThemes yet to sell their own Premium Plugins to their buyers except Free Login Customizer Plugin.

Here the winner is Themeisle Themes!

8. Test Dashboard

Both of these themes come with the test dashboards with which you could check any WordPress Themes; then it will get deleted.

During the test hours, you may get test access to all the features of your targeted theme like admin panel, checking interface, settings, design, responsiveness, etc.

Enter TeslaThemes Test Room

9. Price to Access Themes

When comparing the pricing structure of both the themes, TeslaThemes leads the competition. Yes! Themeisle demands $99 to access using their all 20+ Premium themes. 

In TeslaThemes, you just need to pay $59 (best value pack) per year to access all their 56 current themes and 18+ new themes which they plan to launch every year. 

So, if you want to save some bucks and expecting a good number of theme access, then TeslaThemes is the best choice for you.

10. Lifetime Pricing

Renewing the theme subscription for every year may be expensive if you have low earning or tight budget. In that case, you may opt the one time payment with lifetime access which is the best solution for beginners. 

Now, comparing these two theme club, both provide lifetime package to their buyers but with different pricings and different features.

Themeisle provides you unlimited license on their themes, priority support, and also lifetime update for 20+ themes which they have. You have to pay $149 or $249 to get these packages.

TeslaThemes provide you complete pack including unlimited license, lifetime access to their all current and upcoming themes including Free HTML and PSD files with excellent customer support. All in one you can buy this package at just $199 which seems cheaper with more benefits as compared to Themeisle’s lifetime package.

Other Theme Features That Are Worth To Compare

11. Money Back Guarantee

Themeisle gives a 30-Day money back guarantee with certain terms and conditions and in TeslaThemes, you will get only 14 days money back guarantee. 

So, Themeisle is better in money refund feature for unsatisfied customers because the max time duration for refunding can give you ease in case if you are not happy with their support or themes.

12. Affiliates Commission

You might be wondering how much affiliate commission these two provide as being an affiliate marketer.

Themeisle offers a whopping 55% commission to all their affiliate whereas TeslaThemes offer you just 50% commission.

So, if you willing to choose the one which provides you a bit higher commission then, in that case, Themeisle is better to opt. 

13. Lifetime Commission for 2nd Tier

2nd Tier commission is something which you will earn from your referred affiliates. Suppose, someone through your referral link make sales; then you will too going to earn your commission. 

TeslaThemes provides you 15% as 2nd tier commission for the lifetime, unlike Themeisle where you can’t find such affiliate program features.

14. Coupon Sites

Do you own a coupon site? Then Themeisle is not for you because you can’t use any coupon sites to earn from their affiliate program as it’s strictly prohibited.

But there is no such restriction in TeslaThemes affiliate program. However, you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to use “TeslaThemes” domain name in your PPC keyword and any link schemes while doing the promotion. 

15. Affiliate Payout

Coming to the affiliate payout, Themeisle is not going to pay you anything unless you reach $100+ sales.

TeslaThemes let you withdraw even you earn $1 in a month.


A correctly coded, beautiful WordPress theme would let you get a great brand exposure and offer good user experience as well. I have tried my best in comparing the features of TeslaThemes and Themeisle themes.  

If you ask me personally, I would recommend TeslaThemes as it wins in most of the theme features when compared to Themeisle. Moreover, they provide the best customer support for its users and give weekly updates which is awesome.

It is my personal choice and may vary with other theme users. So, Which theme would you like to get for your WordPress site? I would like to know your viewpoints of this theme comparison, TeslaThemes Vs Themeisle, leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

4 thoughts on “Premium WP Themes Club Comparison: TeslaThemes Vs Themeisle”

  1. Nice sharing Nirmala ji,
    I really like and appreciate your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

  2. Hello Nirmala,
    In my opinion, Tesla themes are better than any other themes out there because of the customization options available and great user interface of all the themes for different needs. I am personally using and recommend Tesla themes for any serious blogger out there.

  3. Hello Nirmala,

    Themeisle need to do more improvements on their themes and I am using and recommend Tesla themes which are absolutely amazing. Tesla themes are light weight and have lots of customization options.

  4. Hi Nirmala,

    Very nice of you for sharing it.

    Good themems are so important for any serious blogger because as it attracts users and as well makes your blog beautifully customized. Its for them who seeks for audience’s satisfaction.

    The whole description is done so well by you, as you have discussed by points, it makes more easy to understand. According to me Tesla Themes are the best in the two, will definitely share it with my belongings.

    Thanks for the post.
    Have a nice day.

    ~ Harshwardhan

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