10 Top Posts Of Mymagicfundas 2013

This is a roundup of 10 top posts of Mymagicfundas 2013 for its beloved readers.


Dear readers,

 “My hearty New Year wishes to you all”

We have entered into the New Year 2014 and 2013 was a memorable year for me as I published some beneficial posts for you. I wish to do the same forever. Now, I come here to share my favorite and well performing posts of Mymagicfundas 2013.

There has been lot of changes in search engine optimization and Google brought Hummingbird algorithm to deliver the accurate search results for the people. Some blogs had hit with this update due to extensive and irrelevant use of keywords in their blog posts. I suggest all the bloggers to avoid keyword stuffing and do basic SEO for all the posts to drive genuine traffic. Now check the 10 top posts of Mymagicfundas 2013.


Top posts of Mymagicfundas in 2013

I have split the top posts of Mymagicfundas under four groups.



Top 3 posts which help to drive organic traffic

1. Top 5 online jobs for students to earn at spare time – I listed some genuine online earning options for students.

2. How Facebook is earning money – Do you have keen interest in knowing the monetization methods of Facebook, then you could check this post.

3. What is blog commenting and how to perform it to get its benefits? – This post would help the newbie bloggers to understand the power of blog commenting and it stimulates to leave their worthy comments.


Top 3 posts which received more no. of comments

4. How does my Alexa get reduced day by day – This post would help so many bloggers who wanna improve their Alexa Rank. I just shared my blogging familiarity and some tips for bloggers to get good Alexa rank.

5. Mymagicfundas got Google PageRank 2 from 0 – This is a lovely post which says my blogging journey and regular blogging strategies.

6. Google Plus SEO Strategy and ways to improve it – As Google Plus has some SEO benefits, this post would help you to get good SERP by following the good Google Plus SEO strategy.


Top guest posts which had reached good exposure

7. How to make your blog popular? – This post is for newbie bloggers to make their blog popular.

8. Top 10 questions that bloggers should ask to themselves – Are you a dedicated blogger like me? Then do ask these questions to yourself to become a successful blogger.

9. What should you do if you are not making with blog? – Are you not making money with your blog? This guest post would help you to meet the monetary benefits through your blog.


My favorite blog post

Useful Google Plus features better than Facebook – I compared some imperative features of the two giant social networks, Google Plus and Facebook through this post. This is my favorite post as I stimulated to use Google Plus after writing this blog post. 


Final words

Perhaps you’ve missed these top posts of Mymagicfundas and so I consolidated these here to inspire you. I hope you’ve adored my blog post preferences and it would help you to learn some beneficial stuff. Actually, there is no way to express my gratitude to have your readership but I am sure that I’ll bring a lot of constructive information through the blog posts of Mymagicfundas. So stay tuned!

I need your valuable thoughts related to these 10 top posts of Mymagicfundas to improve its performance, talk with me through comments 🙂

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28 thoughts on “10 Top Posts Of Mymagicfundas 2013”

  1. Hiiii Nirmala mam,
    At first Happy New Year to You and your Blog readers.
    I really love to read this type of post which is shared as a report or as a list because this type of post shares various information and a complete summary of all popular articles.
    so, a special thanks for sharing this post with us…..!!

  2. Nice Round up. wow, all of my favorite bloggers are writing their round up posts these days. I was just reading the post on Atish’s blog about 2013 highlights of techtricksworld and now here.

    Great work guys. Keep it up.

  3. I am new to your blog and it is first comment on your blog. I will read your article one by one which you have mentioned in this post.. Very nice and unique article list in this post.. Keep writing such stuff for us.. Happy blogging and new year…

  4. Hi wonderful list of posts and I spent half an hour and read all them, I like all your posts on your blog that you explained the things that is very useful.

    Thanking you.

  5. Hello Nirmala Mam
    First of all a Very Happy new Year 2014.
    I know it was too late to wish, because I was out of station.
    You mentioned top 10 posts of your blog. All are awesome.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    Caught up with this post a bit late, blame it on my poor health. This post was destined to be special. Because all your blog posts are usually rocking! This list is showcases the best of them! ! I’ve already been through some of them, while some remain to be read.

    I’ve opened up that Alexa rank related post and Google plus features in new tab! Will go through them shortly 😉


  7. Hi Nirmala Madam,
    It seems to take revision classes by reading above articles. You have done fabulous job by bringing us the most hit article of your blog in 2013. We surely going to spend some time to take your information into consideration. Thanks for this post.

  8. Hello,

    Need to read ll the listed posts as I’m kinda new here or visiting after a long time. The post “Useful Google Plus features better than Facebook” is very great and informative.


  9. Hello Nirmala,

    Your all posts are deserves to be here but these 10 are very good and i little bit surprised also were is Experts Tips posts why they are not into the list other wise this is your list.Thanks for sharing .

  10. Hello Ma’am,

    All your post are awesome which I read. Thanks for sharing list. I will read all which I missed.

    Belated Happy new year! 🙂

  11. The posts which are categorized under social media are really informative and I guess I should read them once again.


  12. I really love this post. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself…Thanks for sharing this… 🙂

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