15 Websites To Play Online Video Games For Free

This post has a list of entertaining websites to play free online video games when you get bored or to make yourself chill out from the hectic work. 

People consider the negative effects of online games like depression, aggression, and addiction. But a recent research says that playing video games can help a person to boost his/her memory, social and cognitive skills. The hand-eye co-ordination, planning & multi-tasking skills, fast analysis, situational  awareness and respond well to challenges are the positive effects of playing online video games.  

Yes, new studies found that the shooting games would improve the ability of the students to think about the stuff in three dimensions and so they could do the same in their academic courses to enhance their intellectual skills. Playing puzzles and role-playing games would improve the problem-solving capability of the performer. Likewise, playing simple games like angry birds games can help the players to improve their moods and ward off their anxiety.


Even though, I am busy with home and online works, I used to play online games whenever I feel bored. Besides, I do agree with the results of new studies in playing online video games. Yes, I would feel better after playing some of my favorite online games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Rail Rush, Mario, F1 Race, Deer Hunter 2014, etc. Let’s have a brief look of technology improvements in online gaming and some innovative gadgets to get better gaming experience.

Technology improvements in online gaming

Online video games have improved a lot due to the technological advancements like AI (Artificial Intelligence), 3D effects and motion control features. But now days, game designers offer some progressive degree of realism in online video games with the help of new technology languages like HTML 5 and CSS 3. Thus, the browser-based video games are becoming popular among the game lovers and having some innovative gadgets like gaming keyboard & mouse, portable hard drive, wireless joystick and excellence headset would enhance their gaming experience.
Now have a look of at the list of websites to play free online video games if you feel like fed up.

15 websites to play free online video games

Here are some amusing free online game websites to play at your spare time.


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1. Addictinggames.com

Addictinggames is the one of the largest game website in US which has 10 million unique users every month. This active website listens to users through reviews, ratings & favorites and delivers fresh games for them. It produces innovative titles and search out new game concepts & ideas. Many online games were invented here and it is a leading supporter of Flash game development community. All types of games like car games, shooting games, strategy games, action games including multi-player games are available in this dominant gaming website.

2. Shockwave.com

Shockwave has numerous free online games and free download games with a ton of gaming categories to choose and play. To make their gaming library virtually endless, this website gets updated daily and the user will enjoy unlimited play all the downloaded games without any ad interruptions. For serious gamers, a premium option with a month fee to download the games is also presented here. Together with the variety of online games, there are certain games available for pre-schoolers, kids, teens and parents in this game site.

3. Arcademics.com

Arcademics offers a lot of educational games like free math games, art games for students. The main mission of this website is to engage and excite the students with their full filled educational games that would enable automatic and fluency in their academic performance. Here they could stay safe while playing the games and inappropriate users are blocked. This gaming website has the pro version with which the students can get the customize game content, data tracking reports and video lessons.

4. Gpotato.com

Gpotato is the leading portal to play video games online and to play free MMORPG games. Here the user could play the best browser games for free and enjoy playing the variety of flash games. Eternal blade, Flyff, Rapplez are some of the online games are being played here and it is possible to reach the help desk and user manual for help.

5. Online3Dgames.net

Lots of top rated and popular 3D games has been presented here and those games are listed under 9 main categories. Several people love to play car, shooting and strategy games in 3D and hence some famous and most entertaining games were collected here. Latest games are placed in the homepage and the users can play games without any disturbance of ads. The users could have the real experience with the new online video games launched and get surprises in the upcoming days.

6. Newgrounds.com

Newgrounds is the large flash game and animated website which was started in the year 1999. This flash-based site has extensive category list of games for the performers to have an unlimited gaming involvement. Featured web games are also listed here and it has the credit “First website to offer real-time publishing for movies and games”. 

7. Miniclip.com

Miniclip is also a leading online games site where the people can play a huge variety of free online games like mobile games, puzzle games, games for girls, flash games, sports games etc. The players can compile game stats like high score, rankings and award for the great notch. Both, single player games and advanced massive player games could be played with other players from all around the web.

8. Kongregate.com

Kongregate is one of the best game portals that contain thousands of free online games. Here the users could enjoy the social features like chat rooms and forums. Competing with friends would give top scores and through that the players can earn badges to reach the next level and to earn some Serious Street Cred.

9. Armorgames.com

Armorgames has a variety of games under various categories and they strive to deliver the best gaming experiences for the people. Here free flash games are offered along with the thousands of online games in different genres. Online hidden objects games, war games, free online car games, pool games, online RPG games and much more can be played at great ease.

10. Zapak.com

Zapak is the largest digital gaming company in India which has currently 8 million registered users. It is the top casual gaming site in the world and it is the only portal that offers games across all kind of people with single & multi-player games, kids games, cricket games, girl games etc. since it is having partnership with some leading global players. It is also the biggest publisher of MMOG (massively multi-player online games) in India and it has strong technology team for porting games and apps across multiple mobile devices.

11. Mindjolt.com

Mindjolt has thousands of free online games with millions of users. It is the good place for gamers with a competitive edge and they could challenge their friends with intense two player games and compete them in time trail races. It has wide variety of games like action games, shooting gallery games, free flash games, sports games and mostly played games are listed under most popular games.

12. Funny-games.biz

If a person looks to play free funny games online, funny-games.biz is the best place to play over 5000 online games with fun. Pogo games, party games, board games, arcade games and so on could be played here with more excitement. Even some math games and puzzles, online card games, poker games, online football games etc. also exists here for clever heads.

13. BGames.com

BGames has been specifically built and adapted for gamers and it is also a  free games website. New and exciting games are freshly added here and thousands of downloadable games and MMORPG games are usually handpicked to offer enjoyment and fun for the players. User’s queries and ideas are listening well by this website through “contact us” option to improve and encourage the players.

14. Gamehouse.com

The players can find the hottest game releases, online games for both Windows and Mac and desired games to download in Gamehouse. All the game downloads are safe and free of viruses, so that the players would enrich their lives with fun gaming experiences. This website has games to download like Mortimer Beckett series, Planets vs Zombies, Sally’s spa and much more cool games for everyone in the family.  All these game can be played on any gadget and budget-friendly membership is available for game fans. 

15. Freeonlinegames.com

High quality games are collected in Freeonlinegames to play for free and to keep the players entertained for hours. Games which are mostly played and popular get listed here with original and rewarding content. Racing games, fighting games, MMO games, defense games, flying games and so on. can be played here and some prevalent games are listed under “top rated games” category.

The game lovers can also try with the popular game websites Facebook and POGO.  



Instant access to data from all over the world is the fabulous thing on internet. People could sit in their living room and chill out through online games is it’s another phenomenon. Best browser games like MMORPG are getting popular and they become the provocative entertainment medium today. Most of the online video games are rendered in three dimensions, looks better with the help of advanced graphics software and the players could get a great gaming experience with them.

Even we can compare the latest online video games with the best blockbusters of Hollywood as they have been created with advanced lightening techniques, higher polygon counts and magnificent artificial intelligence features. Moreover, the hardware continues to develop more powerful and also getting cheaper these days. So, the game makers are bringing their innovative imagination in gaming technology and hence building the advanced online video games to get a kind of realism and interaction.

The internet has very good resources to play with technologically advanced video games and I’ve listed some valuable games websites through this post. I am recommending these free gaming sites but suggest you not to get addicted with them. Whenever you feel like fed up or need to get relax from stressful activities, you can access these itemized websites to stay calm.

What is your thought about online video games? Do you used to play them at your spare time? Did I miss to include any spectacular game website? Which is your preferred website to play online games? Let me know through your comment 🙂

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  1. Hello Nirmala wow this is a great list for gamers. Though I am not a big time gamer, as you have mentioned I use this as a diversion whenever I am stressed or need some relaxation. I will surely access few of these if not everything to check the games they offer. Thanks again for this wonderful list

    1. Yeah, playing games is a good way to get divert and to get relax. I tried it many times and it worked for me. Glad with your comment and it is good that you’re gonna try with the listed games websites Jayashree 🙂

  2. Hi Nirmala
    Wow you have wonderful list of Gamers.Certainly you are making me a kid now.In free time i will definitely visit these sites.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Hi Nirmala
    As I am a blogger and thinking about blogging all the time is really good but sometime I am also bored by writing article for my blog. Your article is really help me to refresh my mind. Thanks for sharing this list of online websites for video games. Happy Blogging 😀

    1. Yes Chetan, really bloggers need some kind of relaxation to get innovative ideas for their upcoming posts. Thinking all the time about blogging will not work.

      Thanks for reading my post, keep coming 🙂

  4. HI Nirmala, Interesting finds here. In my case I prefer playing downloaded games such as Nancy Drew, Final Fantasy series through emulator 🙂

  5. Miniclip is very popular in my region. Pretty cool games there, also shockwave offer great games, I love it.

    I’ve never heard of Zapak, perhaps the reason is as you mentioned, is an Indian company. Anyway thanks for sharing, meet you next time Nirmala.

    1. I truly appreciate and happy with your regular visit Daniel 🙂

      Yes, Zapak has millions of registered users and it is one of the largest games websites in India. I used to visit there to play games when I feel bored.

  6. Nirmala Santhakumar
    very awesome post, your article is highly informative and impressive for all blogger.As I am a blogger and thinking about blogging all the time is really good but sometimes I am also bored by writing article for my blog. Your article is really help me to refresh my mind. Thanks for sharing this list of online websites for video games.

  7. There are tons of websites to play games. Filtering the spammy ones is a herculean task. So, this list will be useful to many. Now I am addicted to the 2048 number game.

    I guess now with the populairty of mobile games, such sites are losing the traffic.

  8. I have been looking forward for a change to b done for my web. Any way the gaming session is still pending to wish an article over my web..However,this article motivating me to do the same.
    thanks nirmala..

  9. Hi Nirmala,

    Skipped from blogging to entertainment. Nice list of websites. For online game, mostly i am using bgames to play. I didn’t heard about rest of the sites. Anyway thanks for sharing.

    I will try to use all these game sites. Great to know that, playing video games can help a person to boost his memory, social and cognitive skills.

    1. Not skipped and it is not related to entertainment related Nirmal 🙂

      This post comes under “technology” category and i like to play online games when i feel bored. Moreover, most of the visitors of my blog are students and hence they might like this post.

      Thanks for leaving your comment, keep visiting 🙂

  10. Hey Nirmala,

    These website are really great to play free games. I also want to add Games2win.com, its also free and most famous gaming site run by Alok Kejriwal. He is most famus indian Enterprenuer, bloggor and mentor.
    Thank you for your great info… 🙂

  11. Fabulous list of online video games, I like to play game but I have used hardly 3-4, now its time to dig on other websites 😀

    One more thing, I would like to add to your point that Music is also one of the best way to get off from stress n all. And for me music is first priority when it comes to dealing with stress.

    Thanks for sharing such a good collection of websites for free online video games.

    1. Yeah, I do agree that listening to music would help the people to feel better. But, playing video games online would let the stressful person to involve in physical activity and fun. Hence, they could get deviated from their hectic work.

      Thanks for sharing your views Shiv, stay tuned 😛

  12. wow, I have been looking forward for a change to b done for my pc. Any way the gaming session is still pending to wish an article over my web..thanks nirmala..

  13. Thanks Nirmala, This is a great post with awesome list. I barely know 2-3 out of this long list. I will surely gonna check ’em out in free time. You made my day.

  14. Thanks Nirmala Ji, For the gaming sites written on the blog. It keeps us calm and remove all the worries. I will play it in my free time.


  15. Thanks for sharing such a nice collection of sites…I used to go Miniclip online games whenever I get free at home….It offers some free and paid games….Good site for gamers….


  17. Debasis Pradhan

    I love playing games and would check this sites for online games. I tried some of them but need to check all.

    Thanks for share.

  18. Hi Mam,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article. I loves to play online games and you gave us the awsome collection of online playing sites. Some of them i already used before but you listed some new sites and i will surely check them out.
    Once again thank you mam. Keep sharing

  19. Playing games is a good way to get divert and to get relax. I tried it many times and it worked for me. Glad to read your article and it is good that you’re gonna try with the listed games websites Nirmala 🙂
    Himanshu recently posted …GATE 2015 Answer Key

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