What is blog commenting and how to perform it to get its benefits?

This post is a simple guide for the bloggers to perform blog commenting in an upright way to get its benefits.

I purposely made this post on “blog commenting” and you might think “Why?” and question me.

Most of us will have a thought in mind that there are many posts in blogosphere that explain the benefits of blog commenting and again you are copying the same topic. My answer to this is “No… Wait”.


Let me explain you guys!

Just have a look at the screenshot attached below!





Yes, I am happy to announce that my 5 month old blog has reached a count of 1000 comments today. I know that this is not a big achievement. But for me this is a matter of unbound gladness as I was unable to attain it for my Blogspot blogs. I really feel happy for it and this has boosted me to write more posts and reply back to the comments I receive.

Once I approved my 1000th comment, I was pleasantly surprise to see that the comment was posted by the blogger who was the motivational factor behind my blogging career “Atish Ranjan“. As I have mentioned in many of my earlier post, he was one of the most influential and inspirational blogger to me.

The spark in me was ignited at that moment to write a post on “blog commenting” including all these details and in a way such that my cheerfulness is expressed.

Not only over here, I have always been expressive by commenting on various blogs and have always given responsive replies to my guest post comments. I have been appreciated for this from my favorite blogger. Just check below a comment from her for my commenting job.




Now it’s time to explain the most important points on blog commenting for my readers.


What is blog commenting?

People who like to get involved with the blog post can share their views in the form of comments and this is known as blog commenting. It is one feature of the blog which is cannot be viewed in static websites. In simpler words, blog commenting is an interaction between the blog owners and the blog post readers wherein they exchange their thoughts and build a good relationship through it.


What are the benefits of Blog commenting?

Blog commenting has countless benefits. I have listed below a few which I have attained through it.

1. Simple method to promote my blog and as a result the visibility of my blog has increased.

2. Genuine method to drive minded traffic to my blog and I got new readers.

3. Informal method to build a good relationship with that blog owner and they in turn visit my blog to do the needful for me.

4. Smart method to update the blog post and helps me to get good SERP as it has SEO benefits.

5. Effective method me to get good backlinks to my blog.



Image credit : commons.wikimedia.org


How to get worthy comments for your blog?

1. Using great headlines with quality content would definitely urge the visitors to post their comments on your blog post.

2. Encouraging them at the end of the post to share their point of views or experience linked with that post would let them to leave their good comment.

3. Mentioning others/other posts would surely occupy your blog with reader’s comment.

4. Commenting on other blogs would invite the blog owner and their readers to make comment on your blog posts.

5. Listening their opinions carefully and giving good reply without fail would make the commenters feel good about you and they started coming to your blog to leave their comments.

My guest post on Blog commenting


How to make good comments on other blogs?

1. Writing comments just for backlinks and without reading the whole post is really a bad practice and thus your comment has many chances to be disapproved by the blog owner.

2. Try to leave the comments with a minimum of 100 words and the single line comments like “nice post”, “you are rocking”, “thanks for sharing”, “useful information” and so on should be avoided.

3. Leave the comments which are readable by the author of the post and the visitors of the blog. It would be good if it is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

4. Respectable comments would increase your reputation and so avoid leaving comments with harsh or insulting words.

5. Make sure that you are leaving a relevant comment for any of the blog post. If possible, try to add some valuable information to that post through your comment.


Why aren’t you getting enough comments?

1. Your blog is having low traffic, so try to increase it.

2. Your blog posts are with low quality, so try to improve it.

3. Your commenting system is complicated, so make it easy for the visitors.

4. Your inactiveness for reader’s comments, so always reply back to the comments.

5. Your blog promotion performance is deprived, try to advertise it.


Where you should not leave your comments?

1. Blogs which takes more than a month to update.

2. Blogs which are not related to your niche.

3. Blogs which are incapable of adding quality blog posts.

4. Blogs which are not interacting/encouraging your comment.

5. Blogs which are following uncommon methods to increase its visibility.


Magical tips for blog commenting

1. While replying to the comments in your blog, try to include the same keyword in a natural way that has been used in the title of the blog post. This would help your blog to perform well in search engines.

2. Don’t hesitate to approve your old blog post comments as the search engines consider the comments as content and would recrawl your blog posts.

3. Try to be the first commentator in few blogs (at least 5 blogs) to ensure that you are an active blogger.



Blog commenting is a powerful tool for the bloggers to perform off-page SEO for their blogs. Leaving quality comments in other blogs would improve the online presence of the blogger and helps us to get good PageRank for their blog. This is one of the effective link building tactic and a genuine way to promote a blog. Leaving high quality comments in good PR blogs would definitely help the blog to escape from Google Penguin Algorithm.

I would like to suggest the bloggers to leave good comments on other blogs to attain its benefits. Read the blog post entirely and then start to write your comments. If you don’t know what to write on that blog post after reading it, then simply leave the space without commenting. Do not give any irrelevant/poor blog comment as it would ruin your reputation.

I would like to conclude that you understand the power of blog commenting through my post now. Expecting your opinions/comments related to this blog commenting post :).

102 thoughts on “What is blog commenting and how to perform it to get its benefits?”

  1. Blog commenting is indeed the best way to come into eyes of many other bloggers as well as a cool idea of backlink and traffic.

    Thanks for mentioning again here in the post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Am really delighted again as I got the first comment for this blog commenting post from you Atish 🙂

      Thanks for your encouragement and I hope this would let me to perform better blogging.

      Its nice to get your point of views, keep coming here to inspire me 😛

  2. Hi Nirmala Ma’am

    Great Post.!

    Blog Commenting is the best way and Genuine way generate the Traffic for our Blog.! Thanks For Sharing and Writing

    Stay updated and Stay Rocking 😉 😛


  3. First of all congrats for completing the count of 1000 thousands comment on your blog.
    Blog commenting is a great way to make connection with other bloggers.

  4. Nice post Nirmala ma’am.
    Amazingly, 5% of my traffic were from comments! And commenting have many benefits.
    And congrats for your 1000th comment 🙂

  5. Bishnu Subedi Nishan

    Great Post,

    The main benefit of commenting is to build relationship with the blog owner !

    Congratulation you’ve got 1000 comments in a short period of time !

    Happy Commenting !

  6. Congrats Ma’am. You deserve the Appreciation. You have worked hard to get this. 🙂 Blog commenting is great way to attract attention of other bloggers. But in the conclusion you told it helps in escaping from Penguin But i’ve left many comments on many blogs which has Good reputation. But I have attacked by penguin 2 and lost every link which i’ve gained 🙁 🙁

    1. Welcome Srikanth,

      I am cheerful to get your good wishes, thanks!

      Yeah, I really worked hard to get it. I used to leave comment on various blogs and in turn I get the comment for my posts from the blog owners.

      Yes, it is the nice way to improve the online presence of the blogger. As the Google starts penalizing the blogs which are mainly depends upon the organic traffic and so, performing the blog commenting is essential.

      Sad to hear that you blog was attacked by Penguin algorithm, hope there might be some other reason for it. Try to find it out!

  7. If you can try to add value to a post through your comments you will receive many awesome comments yourself.

    These tips work well Nirmala because each moves the focus from you to helping other people.

    Add something of value to posts. Forget about trying to get something out of it.

    Give, help, and good comments WILL flow back to you and your blog.

    Thanks for sharing buddy!


  8. Thanks for telling about what is blog commenting and what is the use of it..!! Normally a lot of traffic come through the commenting, also depending on the niche of website quality content. What you have said about commenting is totally true. Again thanks for your kind writing.. 🙂

  9. Firstly I would like to congrats you Nirmala, for scoring the 1000th comment of Atish 🙂

    And then,, My view comes here.

    Blog commenting is an art . It depends on the person’s experince in blogoshphere. If the Blogger is a newbie, then its obvious from him to put one line comments.

    But those who are staying from a long time should avoid these and go with this art. that you have taught in this post 😀

    I never count my comment wordings. Instead I share my views on the post and tell the author whether I liked or not 😉
    The same topic I wrote about 7 months ago When I was a newbie.
    But that time I knew the value of commenting.
    This time you have provided the magical tips along with it. That’s the line which attracted me more on the post.
    Congrats once again

    1. Thanks for congratulating me Ravi, am really happy with the 1000th comment from Atish.

      I would like to say that he is such a genuine guy just motivating me to perform better blogging.

      Thanks for sharing your views related to blog commenting and agree with you.

      Yeah, I am feeling good with your style of commenting, its ok!

      Glad you have been attracted by my magical tips, keep reading it.

      Am always delighted with your comment, keep coming here to share your thoughts 😉

  10. Ankit Kumar Singla

    All the helpful and wonderful tips mam. As I have also shared some benefits of blog commenting, I’m happy to learn blog commenting in a perfect way. Thanks Nirmala Mam for completing your promise that you make me at morning to publish this post. I was waiting for your post by heart. Happy to read all of your points.

    1. Hi Ankit,

      Welcoming you here and thanks for commenting on my blog commenting post 🙂

      Yeah, I checked your post and commented too.

      Glad with your wishes and it is nice to hear that you had waited for my post to read 🙂

      Am feeling good that you’ve liked my points and keep reading.

      I visited your blog and it is good. Just am suggesting you to continue the good work for some more time to get the good results.

      Happy blogging 🙂

  11. Hi nirmala
    blog commenting is best way for iteration and connected with bloggers I think. Congrats for 1000 comments in a blog 🙂
    Keep sharing more valuable posts 🙂

  12. Hello Nirmala
    First of all Congrats for 1000 comments on your blog. This is big achievement I think.
    Now lets come to point , Yes I am fully Agree with Mr. Ravi Verma that Blog commenting is an art. So keep commenting on same type of niche and create natural backlinking.

  13. First of all congrats Nirmala, you’re at real success – with just 31 posts you have 1,000 comments. In a way, these stats itself shows how important it is to comment.

  14. Hi Nirmala,

    Congratulation on your first 1000 approved comments. i did not reach this milestone. I will follow your tips to increase engagement on my blog and will use my keywords in reply.

    Thanks for great tips

  15. Thanks for sharing these great suggestions which are useful for all the bloggers ..and congratulations on the 1000th post …You deserved this milestone because of the hard-work you’ve put into making this awesome blog .


  16. What else is there to be said when you have simply said all there is in the article, you really took your time to research and compose the article, the benefits of blog commenting is enormous and any blogger who knows this secret will exploit it to the fullest and make the best out of it.
    Glad you now have over a thousand comments on your blog, this will serve as a motivation to you and also as an indication that you are really doing well.

    1. Thanks for leaving the comment with gratitude Nwosu Desmond 🙂

      I gained profits with blog commenting and suggesting all the bloggers to catch its benefits.

      Yeah, am hardworking to improve my blog and hope I’ll achieve my goal soon 🙂

      Feeling good with your great reply, requesting you to do it forever!

  17. Wonderful achievement. It is definitely to be proud of. I must thank you for giving the comment luv. Like other blog commentators, I too am making use of the comment luv on your blog.

    1. Am so much charmed with your appreciation comment Malathy 🙂

      Yeah, am proud of my work. This is due to the great motivation from you all!!!

      Glad that you’re making use of my commentluv plugin.

      Thanks for the visit, keep coming here 🙂

  18. hi there nirmala. i am only commenting blogs who does not update if they are in the first page of google. for instance, http://www.carlocab.com gained the first page rank in Google for the most competitive keywords “make money online”

    i made a few comments in it but afterwards i discontinued since they no longer post any new articles. They do not even accept guest post.

    and about the Magical tips for blog commenting, i am doing the number three step 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your blog commenting experience with me Marilyn 🙂

      It is good that you’re commenting first on few blogs.

      Keep doing the good work and hope soon you’ll achieve your goal!

  19. First of all Congratulations and best wishes for you on getting 1000 comments.
    It is quite useful for students like me who is want to start blogging. It is providing me a clear path what to do before starting my on blog.Giving and taking is a good method of building a good relationship. It will be very helpful if you give some to me what i need to for becoming a good blogger as i am a fresher in blog sphere.
    Wonderful work keep doing. All the best. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your wishes and glad your found my blog posts an useful one.

      Nice to hear that you’re a newbie blogger and my wishes for you to thrive in blogging.

      Keep coming here to see the magical posts 🙂

  20. Wow, Nirmala. i really love your new blog theme. its cool.
    Yeah, commenting on blogs has alot of benefit if one knows how to do it and reap the most benefits out of it.

    I really like a point you made concerning trying to include the same keyword in a natural way that has been used in the title of the blog post to influence search engine optimization.

    I will definately try it out on my blogs and see how it works.

    Thanks for the tips Nirmala.

    Have a nice day ahead of you.

    1. Am pleased with your comment oloyede jamiu!

      Happy to hear that your are already familiar with the benefits of blog commenting.

      Yes, if the main keyword is naturally included in the comment section, it is a good SEO and it aids to get high SERP.

      Glad you’re gonna try it and let me know the result 🙂

  21. I always have concentrated on good content but always got disappointed in getting a good amount of traffic. Your blog is really helping. good work ma’am!

  22. Hi Nirmala, first I would like to congratulate you for reaching 1000 comments. Yes it may not be a great thing for other but I can know your feelings. Great Keep going!

  23. I was surprised to see your stats
    31 posts and 1000 comments

    Commenting on blogs is good way of gaining an image in blogosphere.
    Also, it gives you commentators and traffic too

    1. Yeah, am having good relationship with many bloggers.

      I got help from many bloggers and would like to help newbie bloggers.

      Good relationship with other bloggers is one of the secret of blogging success.

      Keep visiting here 🙂

  24. Hey Nirmala,
    Pros and cons about blog commenting really worth one for all the bloggers who can improve the stuff with your points.If they still not succeed then need some consulting between nice post

  25. I really feel great when I am the first commenter of any post. Good thing, today I could comment first in Ileane’s BasicBlogTips. But it is often hard to be the first in busy and active blogs.

    Thanks for the post about very common topic but you have managed to maintain the value and you really made it useful. Good work.

    1. Thanks for sharing your blog commenting experience with us Suresh 😉

      Yes, being the first commenter would improve your traffic a bit as your comment have more visibility to the visitors.

      Am feeling good with your encouraging comment, keep doing it 🙂

  26. Hello Nirmala! First of all, i congratulate you for maintaining such a nice blog. This is really informative post. I have seen that you not only give tips but follow them as well. No doubt, blog commenting is a best idea to drive traffic. We also get an opportunity to meet new bloggers.

    Thanks and Regards.

    1. Welcome to my blog Madan

      Thanks for visiting here and encouraging me 🙂

      Yeah, blog commenting had countless benefits and you specified the important points related to it.

      Keep coming here 🙂

  27. I basically hate it when I find one liner comments in my Blog. Also there were spammy comment too so I have kept a filter which gets filtered. Apart from this I would say its always advisable to comment or say things which can be handy for other Blog along with its reader.

    Even I was not aware that Google do consider keywords in comment section.

    I will try to work on this.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for commenting on the blog commenting post 🙂

      Yeah, blog comments have the power to keep the blog post updated and using the keywords in the comment would help you to get good SERP.

      Keep coming here 🙂

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply; it does help my blog in many ways. I even decided to write an article about the same on my Blog. By following the technique of adding keyword on comments did help me rank a bit higher in google.

        Thank you.

  28. Thanks for providing information about increasing backlinks to sites.Really commenting is the magic tricks to increase blog ranking for any blogger.Hope you will post similar kind of article more soon

  29. I totally agree with your point. The main problem I face with comments these days are people doing it just for the sake of backlink. Backlink is must but for that we need to post something which is informative for the other blog readers.
    Thanks for sharing this Nirmala.

  30. Hello Nirmala,

    First of all, I congratulate you to completing 1000 approved comments in a very short period of your blog. It is the result of your all hard work, you have done really well here on My Magic Fundas.

    Blog commenting is my favorite off-page SEO method. You have written very cool methods regarding blog commenting, either it is about your own blog or commenting on some one else’ blog. Blog commenting is a good source for making good relations in the blog-o-sphere. This is the most effective reason, which makes me commenting on others’ blogs. Obviously, it is carrying out other benefits also with it, like backlinks and traffic.

    Thanks for sharing such cool article. Keep posting and stay ahead 😀

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  31. Hello Nirmala Ma’am,

    Awesome post…. Well after reviewing your post well all of us get some inspiration tht how can comment raise popularity of the blog too.Have a good day.


  32. Blog commenting is one sure way of getting your blog to become very popular, it may not make you money though but it is a very great tool in making you feel fulfilled in blogging.

    I did a post on this subject and it has attracted the highest number of comments in the whole of my blog.

  33. Hi,
    nice article I am always low on users reply/comments on techworm. That could be because its based on niche related to news. Was looking for few ideas to attract visitors to drop reply for my new blog. Thanks to you I think now I can get few to comment 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting here Abhishek 🙂

      You should reply to every comment on time, this is the trick of turning the visitors into permanent readers. This tactic helps me to get regular readers for my blog post and their worthy comments 🙂

      Wishing you to get more comments for your blog 🙂

  34. Blog Commenting is one of the best way to engage with bloggers and build good relationship with them, Added ot it, we can gain some good traffic and baklinks from it.

    As you said, commenting first on the articles will bring us into attention to them and their readers will would help us to get some comments on our blog also.

    Thanks fr sharing more information on Blog Commenting.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your blog commenting opinion Shathya 🙂

      Yeah, being a first commenter on some blogs helps me to drive little traffic.

      Show your regular presence here to support me Shathya 🙂

  35. Hi Nirmala Mam,

    Thanks for writing a detailed post on blog commenting…..Many people need to go through it properly…sometimes I really feel sad whenever I receive comments like ‘Nice Post’, Thanks for writing about it’, ‘You are the best’ etc etc…..I don’t even think once before hitting the delete button for those kinda posts….I think one should first read the post properly to know what exactly the author is trying to convey and only then put their own thoughts about that particular topic only……What do u say mam???

    1. Yeah, am telling the same. The readers of the blog post should go through the entire post before commenting on it. If they don’t know what to write, it would be better to leave that place without saying “Nice post”, “thanks for sharing”, ‘Keep writing” etc.

      Thanks for reading my commenting post, I appreciate it 🙂

  36. Hi Nirmala ma’am,

    I agree on the part that we should add value to a blog post by actually interacting with other people, however i have a problem here.

    My blog has a niche that is not covered by any one else, this basically means that i cannot comment anywhere?

    Do you have any better suggestions for me?


  37. Finally your blog post made my day. I really like your post. Actually I was also written a post on blog commenting benefits and later I think that why not to read what other bloggers thinks about the commenting benefits and after reading your post, I learned some extra benefits of commenting.
    I also would like to share that we can also get a great commenting benefit. i.e we can make our online identity, A great blog commenter can make his or her online identity through his or her quality of commenting on other blogs. Harleena singh and Adrienne smith is my favorite blog commenters and I never read any useless comment by these two bloggers. They always leave a great and high quality comments. So this is the benefit which I like most though commenting on other blogs. 😉
    Happy Blogging
    Chetan Gupta 😉

  38. Hi Nirmala,

    I’m so enjoying your blog and most importantly your posts! They are so making my day trust ma.

    Blog Commenting is a very strong tool to build back-links and quality traffics to ones blog.

    I so much enjoyed this post because it’s just so different from every other blogs that I’ve read on blog commenting. Kudos ma’am!

    Here’s my take though: comment from the heart and just like you’re talking to a friend. Be sincere and very honest. Read the post before commenting and follow the rules of such blogs.

    Siraj Wahid, recently did a fantastic post on this same topic but in a rather insightful way. It was cool. You can find it at “revealingthestuffs.com” and Harleena also did one at Adrienne’s blog. They are so cool, you can also check’em out in case you didn’t see them.

    After all said and done, Nirmala trust me I’m a product of blog commenting, it has really helped me a great deal.

    I’d just stop here before I get glueed with my keyboard.

    Thanks for this great share ma’am! 🙂


  39. I have been leaving more blog comments (on blogs in my niche market), and have seen good results (both in terms of traffic and of personal interaction with visitors). Blog commenting is something that is often overlooked but it’s a very useful marketing strategy, and a good way to be noticed.

    As I help freelance bloggers to get started with their online businesses, I also recommend blog commenting as a way to be found by potential blogging clients.

    Thanks for sharing your tips, Nirmala.

  40. i am also get traffic from blog commenting. it really works and it also increase backlink and domain authority.

  41. Very good knowledge about blogs commenting.I recently started my website & struggling to get backlinks.your article help a lot.I will use this knowledge for getting backlinks.thanks.

  42. Hi Nirmala,
    Nice written post
    Blog commenting effective way to improve your site ranking is through off-page SEO method. you have got written terribly cool strategies relating to blog commenting, either it’s concerning your own blog or commenting on some one else’ blog. blog commenting may be a sensible supply for creating smart relations within the blog-o-sphere. this is often the foremost effective reason, that makes me commenting on others’ blogs very helpful to and also all new visitor of this website. Obviously, it’s closing alternative benefits conjointly with it, like backlinks and traffic.
    Thanks for sharing! Keep posting and keep ahead…

  43. It would be helpful for me to increase my knowledge and increase website ranking.I got good points from this blog to develop my skills.This is helpful information for me, really good to encourage online promotions.Thank you
    for sharing.

  44. Ticklast-Emediong

    Although I don’t really know how to do blog commenting perfectly. The little I have being doing has proof so productive to me. Even as it has help me ups my pageview each day.

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