What is blog commenting and how to perform it to get its benefits?

This post is a simple guide for the bloggers to perform blog commenting in an upright way to get its benefits.

I purposely made this post on “blog commenting” and you might think “Why?” and question me.

Most of us will have a thought in mind that there are many posts in blogosphere that explain the benefits of blog commenting and again you are copying the same topic. My answer to this is “No… Wait”.


Let me explain you guys!

Just have a look at the screenshot attached below!





Yes, I am happy to announce that my 5 month old blog has reached a count of 1000 comments today. I know that this is not a big achievement. But for me this is a matter of unbound gladness as I was unable to attain it for my Blogspot blogs. I really feel happy for it and this has boosted me to write more posts and reply back to the comments I receive.

Once I approved my 1000th comment, I was pleasantly surprise to see that the comment was posted by the blogger who was the motivational factor behind my blogging career “Atish Ranjan“. As I have mentioned in many of my earlier post, he was one of the most influential and inspirational blogger to me.

The spark in me was ignited at that moment to write a post on “blog commenting” including all these details and in a way such that my cheerfulness is expressed.

Not only over here, I have always been expressive by commenting on various blogs and have always given responsive replies to my guest post comments. I have been appreciated for this from my favorite blogger. Just check below a comment from her for my commenting job.




Now it’s time to explain the most important points on blog commenting for my readers.


What is blog commenting?

People who like to get involved with the blog post can share their views in the form of comments and this is known as blog commenting. It is one feature of the blog which is cannot be viewed in static websites. In simpler words, blog commenting is an interaction between the blog owners and the blog post readers wherein they exchange their thoughts and build a good relationship through it.


What are the benefits of Blog commenting?

Blog commenting has countless benefits. I have listed below a few which I have attained through it.

1. Simple method to promote my blog and as a result the visibility of my blog has increased.

2. Genuine method to drive minded traffic to my blog and I got new readers.

3. Informal method to build a good relationship with that blog owner and they in turn visit my blog to do the needful for me.

4. Smart method to update the blog post and helps me to get good SERP as it has SEO benefits.

5. Effective method me to get good backlinks to my blog.



Image credit : commons.wikimedia.org


How to get worthy comments for your blog?

1. Using great headlines with quality content would definitely urge the visitors to post their comments on your blog post.

2. Encouraging them at the end of the post to share their point of views or experience linked with that post would let them to leave their good comment.

3. Mentioning others/other posts would surely occupy your blog with reader’s comment.

4. Commenting on other blogs would invite the blog owner and their readers to make comment on your blog posts.

5. Listening their opinions carefully and giving good reply without fail would make the commenters feel good about you and they started coming to your blog to leave their comments.

My guest post on Blog commenting


How to make good comments on other blogs?

1. Writing comments just for backlinks and without reading the whole post is really a bad practice and thus your comment has many chances to be disapproved by the blog owner.

2. Try to leave the comments with a minimum of 100 words and the single line comments like “nice post”, “you are rocking”, “thanks for sharing”, “useful information” and so on should be avoided.

3. Leave the comments which are readable by the author of the post and the visitors of the blog. It would be good if it is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

4. Respectable comments would increase your reputation and so avoid leaving comments with harsh or insulting words.

5. Make sure that you are leaving a relevant comment for any of the blog post. If possible, try to add some valuable information to that post through your comment.


Why aren’t you getting enough comments?

1. Your blog is having low traffic, so try to increase it.

2. Your blog posts are with low quality, so try to improve it.

3. Your commenting system is complicated, so make it easy for the visitors.

4. Your inactiveness for reader’s comments, so always reply back to the comments.

5. Your blog promotion performance is deprived, try to advertise it.


Where you should not leave your comments?

1. Blogs which takes more than a month to update.

2. Blogs which are not related to your niche.

3. Blogs which are incapable of adding quality blog posts.

4. Blogs which are not interacting/encouraging your comment.

5. Blogs which are following uncommon methods to increase its visibility.


Magical tips for blog commenting

1. While replying to the comments in your blog, try to include the same keyword in a natural way that has been used in the title of the blog post. This would help your blog to perform well in search engines.

2. Don’t hesitate to approve your old blog post comments as the search engines consider the comments as content and would recrawl your blog posts.

3. Try to be the first commentator in few blogs (at least 5 blogs) to ensure that you are an active blogger.



Blog commenting is a powerful tool for the bloggers to perform off-page SEO for their blogs. Leaving quality comments in other blogs would improve the online presence of the blogger and helps us to get good PageRank for their blog. This is one of the effective link building tactic and a genuine way to promote a blog. Leaving high quality comments in good PR blogs would definitely help the blog to escape from Google Penguin Algorithm.

I would like to suggest the bloggers to leave good comments on other blogs to attain its benefits. Read the blog post entirely and then start to write your comments. If you don’t know what to write on that blog post after reading it, then simply leave the space without commenting. Do not give any irrelevant/poor blog comment as it would ruin your reputation.

I would like to conclude that you understand the power of blog commenting through my post now. Expecting your opinions/comments related to this blog commenting post :).

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