Writing tips for the bloggers to create the blog posts

Are you a newbie blogger and searching on “how to create the blog posts?”, then you may learn the writing tips to create fresh content for your blog.

You may ask this question “Why every blogger wants to present a perfect blog post?” and my answer is “Writing an exceptional content which is needful for the readers and adorable by the search engines are the key ways to thrive in blogging”.

So it is essential that the care should be taken by the bloggers while writing the blog posts.

How do you write the blog posts?

Here are some beneficial writing tips for bloggers

General writing tips:

1. Choosing an appropriate heading for the blog post is the starting of the seduction. The heading should be relevant, attractive, controversial and simple with trendy words to appear well on search results.

2. Introduction of the post should be written after the heading. Just include a simple paragraph on what the blog post is about. The first line of the paragraph should cause the visitors to read the second line and this attraction should be continued till the end. Using Q&A types of writing and the words within quotes would make the reader to stay with the post.

3. Now start including the subheadings in the post. It could be written by organizing the post as a list with numbered or bullet points. This would make the post clear and precise than writing in continuous paragraphs.

Writing tips

4. Adding images, info graphs, screenshots and videos would make the learning clear and easy to track through the post by the readers.

5. Staying on topic is more important as the blog readers have a small attention period. If the post missed its permanency, then it would be a tough job to make the readers stay till the end.

6. Including the conclusion is the last stage of writing the blog post. It is the right place to share the final thoughts and request the readers to share their opinions or leave a related question for them to answer to keep the blog updated.

7. Reading the written post after taking a break in a new environment would help to locate the grammatical, spelling and organizing mistakes.

SEO writing tips

Search engines like fresh and unique content to improve the user experience and to enhance Ad targeting.

1. Find the best search term which is relevant to the post and include it in the title.

2. Make a keyword research, find high searches keywords with low or medium competition related to the article and compose these in the blog post. Do not use too many keywords.

3. Refer several websites to write the posts, but its content must not be copied.

4. Try to include the link bait words like “Top, how to, best and free” in the posts naturally.

5. Follow the heading structure with one main heading (H1), subheadings (H2s) and sub-subheading (H3s) with valuable keywords.

6. Create few links to the previous articles from the current post. Adding social share buttons and outbound links to authority websites to the post would be good.

7. Add Meta tags to the blog post. If images are used in the post, then fill its ALT text with related words for better crawling.
These tips would help to get high search engine rankings for a blog.


A blog post with an honest voice in a distinctive style would loud more among the readers. The serious part to the success of the blog is the community that grows around it. So it is essential to represent the blog posts reliably to make the loyalty of the readers to grow undoubtedly.

Is any essential tip missed here to write a blog post? Please share it! Also thanks in advance for sharing your valuable opinions here.

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