7 Best Video Marketing Tools for Higher Conversion

Best Video Marketing Tools

Video Marketing has now become the growing strategy for eCommerce sales. This article covers the seven best video marketing tools that help to perform marketing the product using video creation. Moreover, these video marketing platforms create, host, market, and analyze the impact of the video in the marketplace. These platforms have video creation tools with editor options to place an ad in the video for promotion and marketing.

Furthermore, the video messages and meeting helps in the lead processing and funneling in the sales process. The powerful video creation with follow-up videos and interactive features helps to build a relationship with customers for making quality leads. Many marketing tools have video templates to record promotional videos with animation effects. We can monetize the video content with ads while creating videos for marketing.

Top 7 Video marketing tools for Better Conversion

The purpose of video marketing is to convert more during product promotion. Moreover, it is a simple and secure tool for digital marketing with rising video-sharing websites. Video marketing helps to engage the customer with the product we are promoting with videos. These tools help to create, host, and streamline video with a high-quality video player. Furthermore, the faster video streaming options help the tool become the best for video marketing.                                            

1. Wistia – best video marketing tools

Wistia is one of the best video marketing tools for creating and hosting videos. Moreover, we can market and analyze the impact of the videos on media-sharing websites. Wistia helps to record the video and editing options. Better video hosting uses to manage the videos better for marketing. We can also analyze the video impact through the video marketing funnel. However, it has video insights and analytics data to analyze the customer engagement on the videos. We can run A/B testing for the successful promotion of the product with different videos.

Features of Wistia Video Marketing Tool

  • We can connect Wistia with our marketing automation platform and track the performance with analytics, A/B testing, and Integrations.
  • It helps to record videos from the browsers and share them by embedding them on the websites.
  • A video trimmer uses to edit the video for promotional events.
  • The professional video player with interactivity options helps to make collaboration with customers.
  • Moreover, the learning center is available for video production, marketing, and events promotions.

2. Dacast

Dacast is the best-suited video marketing tool that helps to host, monetize and broadcast promotional videos. Moreover, it is a professional video streaming platform for marketing needs. Dacast provides secured video hosting with better streaming for promotions. We can boost the revenue by monetizing the videos with advertisements. Furthermore, We can stream live events online with stability and reliable hosting service available in Dacast. The Top tier CDN usages make maximum availability of video.

Features of Dacast 

  • We can integrate live streaming and video-on-demand videos for marketing.
  • The HTML5 video player helps to reach the audience with better steaming.
  • It is the online video marketing platform for sports, enterprise, media, and live events broadcasting.
  • Online video hosting and video CMS is available to manage the videos with high security and privacy.
  • Video analytics, monetization, and marketing tools are available for mobile platforms.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best video marketing tools for making, managing, and sharing videos. Moreover, we can stream live events with Vimeo video-sharing websites. Vimeo has tools for video marketing, employee communications, and video monetization. We can integrate Vimeo video marketing tools with marketing workflow. It helps to improve customer acquisition, audience management, and team collaboration with effective video marketing options. We can create more convertible ads for videos in minutes for promotion.

Features of Vimeo Video marketing tool

  • It helps to turn viewers into customers through video CTAs, shoppable hotspots, and overlay ads.
  • We can host virtual events for lead generation on Vimeo.
  • Live Q and A, Polls, and forms are the better interactivity options with Vimeo marketing.
  • It has video making, Video editing, hosting, and live webinar events with social sharing options.
  • We can measure the impact of the marketing campaign by tracking with analytics and then optimizing for more conversion.

4. Vidyard

Vidyard Video marketing is the best-suited video marketing platform with better-performing videos. Moreover, we can host all the videos on the marketing platform and measure the video’s impact using analytics. Vidyard helps to manage the videos such as explainers, demos, promo, and customer stories. They also have interactive playback options with high-quality video players. Furthermore, analytics helps to identify viewer data with MAP and CRM.

Features of Vidyard Video Marketing

  • It acts as a video hub to collect all marketing videos in one place.
  • To uncover qualified leads and generate pipeline workflow.
  • The content creation team helps to manage the marketing leads.
  • Online videos help to drive more traffic from social sharing sites.
  • We can understand and optimize the video performance with one central dashboard.

5. Brightcove

Brightcove is one of the suitable video marketing tools for communication. Moreover, it helps to engage the audiences with high-quality videos. We can monetize the content using this platform. The videos’ industry-leading scalability, reliability, and security are available with Brightcove. It is the best tool to engage our audiences with the workforce. We can sell more products with better video marketing platforms.

Features of Brightcove 

  • We can monetize the video content with time, money, and effort.
  • It helps to engage audiences with the streaming platform.
  • Moreover, announcements, demos, reviews, and marketing videos are created using Brightcove.
  • Large audiences use this platform to exchange high-fives.
  • It helps to stream the video content with reliability and security.

6. Vynod

Vynod is the best platform to create more engaging videos for promotional marketing. We can accelerate the business by generating more leads with video marketing. It enables e-Learning options to create engaging videos for promotions. Vynod provides more control over flexibility and reliability with exciting content. It helps video marketers to transform ideas in to dynamic content for conversion. Moreover, hundreds of ready-made templates are available for video creation. The on-board engagement gives better engagement with interactivity.

Features of Vynod

  • It has better storytelling options with animated marketing videos.
  • The animation engages the audience and conveys the message in a powerful method.
  • Video marketing provides the highest click-through rate with budget-friendly.
  • We can edit the videos quickly and independently using Vynod.
  • It helps to upgrade existing content with videos using Vynod.
  • Vynod video marketing engages audiences with a higher return on investment.

7. VideoScribe

The Videoscribe is one of the best video marketing tools with animated videos. It is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop video maker for creating animated videos for marketing. The video animation software is available with GIF templates for video creation. Moreover, we can create more engaging videos, presentations, and marketing videos using the videoscribe. The promo video templates help to boost sales in the marketing campaign. Furthermore, we can create videos for education, promotion, and engagement.

Features of Videoscribe

  • For business, we can create engaging videos with announcements.
  • Create videos for education with explainers and group assignments.
  • We can create eye-catching promo videos, email assets, and social posts.
  • The animated video makers drive the action towards the engagement.
  • Animated videos help to tell the stories for better audience response.

Conclusion – Best video Marketing tools

By wrapping up the best video marketing tools, these platforms help to provide more audience engagement by creating promotional videos. Moreover, we can host the videos with a high-quality video player and better streaming. The marketing options are available with analytics on the video during the distribution. The user engagements are identified using video analytics and CRM.

Ultimately, Wistia is one of the best video marketing tools for creating and hosting marketing videos. Moreover, we can stream live events with the marketing tool. It has video SEO, Lead generation, and marketing automation for video marketing. The research and retarget options help to follow up with the customer until the sale has been acquired. Furthermore, Wistia has Video CMS with podcast options for video marketing.

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