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Today humanity is thriving in the digital era. This can be attributed to the advancement of science and technology and the globalization of technology, making it available, accessible, and affordable.

So, the internet offers wide scope for making money. One of those means is through websites and blogs. These allow one to communicate with internet users all over the world and even conduct business.

But like all forms of business, even blogs and websites require marketing. Branding, marketing, and product designing all rely on graphic designing.

Don’t want to shell huge money for graphic designing?? Looking for something excellent in performance and within the budget? Checkout Penji. It is a one-stop destination for all your unlimited graphic design needs.

It works like a charm to achieve all your marketing goals on time. It offers an unlimited number of prints, the creation of digital ads, UX/UI design, and a lot more for just a low monthly rate. You don’t need to hire anyone new for the contract, and the best part is cancellation is possible anytime.

How Penji Works?

Penji offers tailor-made creative services for clients, from graphic designing to branding to digital marketing. Hence among the netizens, Penji is very well known. It is all about speed, quality, and user-friendliness.

It offers its services at an economical monthly rate and avoids scaring customers with complicated contracts; hence customers can cancel anytime they feel unsatisfied with the services. Penji does its work with great finesse yet simplicity. Here are the steps involved in how Penji works

Step 1: Creating A Design Project

Now, you may imagine it is not easy to convey your design specifics to the graphic designer. Hence, many are wrong in thinking that you can get the work done only when you are there to supervise. With Penji, you need not worry about such things.

The first step at Penji involves filling up a simple form about your expectations and requirements. You can add attachments that you require in the graphic design project and choose what type of file you want.

If you don’t know what you need, then Penji offers a look at its amazing demos that you can base your graphic design on. In a matter of 24 to 48 hours, you can expect to see your first draft. What’s more? Penji doesn’t restrict you to one project at a time.

Step 2: Project Assignment To Experts

Here at Penji, the customer is always right and deserves the best! Likewise, it only recruits the best designers in the field, those who are knowledgeable, creative, skilled, and experienced. Once your design details have been filled into the form, Penji assigns a professional graphic designer to it.

The best thing is that you can communicate on the platform with the graphic designer assigned to your project. Hence it is easy for you to supervise without having to be there in person.

Step 3: Review, Draft & Feedback

You can expect your first draft in 24 to 48 hours. But maybe you are not satisfied with it and wish to revise? Go ahead. Penji doesn’t mind and has no restrictions for revisions. So, you can keep asking for revisions until you are satisfied. Each revision arrives within 24 hours.

What’s more? You can manually mark the aspects of your design that you wish to change, and the graphic designer will work out the changes. If you feel that you wish to change your assigned graphic designer, don’t worry, as Penji will swap your designer with a new one.

Step 4: Instant downloads

Once you are satisfied with your design, you can easily download it on your own, and you don’t need to wait for someone to email it to you. What’s more? You can always access the final design in the dashboard.

Top Features of Penji

  • Access to an unlimited number of alluring graphic designs.
  • It can be used to create customized illustrations and infographics.
  • Hassle-free drag and drop feature with audio recording.
  • No hidden charges and fixed monthly charges.
  • Offers an unlimited number of revisions without any contracts.
  • Lesser turnaround time of just 24 to 48 hours.
  • Quick onboarding process with the platform and email notification.
  • User-friendly designing and access to the brand library.
  • 9Money back-granted and responsive customer care team.
  • Quick point and click system.

Benefits of Penji

1. Unlimited graphic designs

The benefit of Penji is that it allows its users to submit as many graphic designs as they like. Hence, Penji graphic designers will be able to send you images, videos, and thumbnails whenever you need them. This makes it very useful for businesses like blogs, content marketing, and graphic design websites.

2. Expert team

Penji is the best alternative to hiring a freelance or full-time graphic designer. Why? Firstly, you would need to search for one and secondly because it would be more expensive. Penji assigns the creme de la creme only. In other words, Penji hires only the best and most experienced graphic designers.

3. Economical cost

It offers graphic designing services at a very economical rate. Compared to other such online service providers, its subscription cost is comparatively lower while at the same time offering premium quality services.

4. Top-quality

As previously mentioned, Penji only hires the best graphic designers who can provide the best-in-class service quality. It has worked on huge corporations that include Penn, Lyft, and Reebok (among various other top brands).

5. All-in-one service provider

Unlike other graphic designing service providers, Penji is your one-stop destination for everything from graphic designing to digital marketing to branding. Hence, you do not need to approach separate service providers for each purpose. It helps make the whole process hassle-free.

6. User-friendly design platform

It offers its users a friendly design platform to view and edit revisions, communicate with the graphic designer, download and view their projects.

7. Amazing customer support

Penji offers its users amazing customer support. Clients can contact customer support service for queries and complaints. The customer support service offers dedicated support that ensures a smooth and pleasant experience for the clients.

8. Flexibility

Penji is very flexible. If the client is not comfortable or satisfied with their assigned graphic designer, they can request Penji for replacement, and they will swap with another graphic designing expert. Hence creating a truly client-centric experience.

9. Fast turn around

Users can get drafts and revisions from assigned Penji graphic designers within 24 hours. Hence, they do not have to wait long to view revisions or changes.

10. Invite team

Penji allows its clients to invite their team to communicate with the assigned graphic designer. But the number of members that can be invited depends upon their subscription.

11. 100 percent ownership of files

It guarantees 100 percent ownership of project files to its users. What’s more? They can choose to view and download it whenever they want from the Penji dashboard. Clients retain 100 percent ownership of all the project source files.

12. Unlimited revisions

Penji does not put restrictions on the number of revisions that can be made. In fact, it allows clients to ask for as many revisions as they want until they are delighted, a privilege which you don’t see other such service providers allowing its clients to enjoy.

How Penji Differentiates Itself From Its Competitors?

Penji is different from other graphic designing service providers. Why? For starters, Penji is client-centric and values its clients. Clients can work at their convenience, and it assigns their own personal graphic designer who is at their disposal.

Secondly, Penji does not compromise quality. It employs only the top 2 percent, i.e., the best graphic designers in the world. Penji allows its clients to communicate directly with the client. So, the person who is designing your project is reputable, skilled, and experienced.

Next, Penji has a very user-friendly dashboard and a simple process to get your designs done. But the best thing about Penji is that it is a one-stop destination for everything from graphic designing to digital marketing to branding.

Hence you do not need to rely upon various individual service providers for each function; Penji does it all, especially at a very economical rate. So, you can say goodbye to overpriced graphic designing, branding, and digital marketing service providers. It is the future of online graphic designing.

Penji Pricing Plans

The entire pricing of this graphic design service is divided into 3 plans so that it fits each project and budget requirement. Have a look at Penji Pricing Plans

Pro Plan

This plan works well for graphic design and is available for just $399 each month. Under the pro plan, you can create and design unlimited projects and access unlimited brands. Pro plan works well for 1 designer and 2 users.

Team Plan

The team plan is an ideal pick for graphic designing, illustration, and UX/UI. The entire plan is available for $499 each month, including everything in pro, website, and application design. You can use customer illustrations, infographics, and a team plan; 5 users can work on Penji.


The agency plan works well for the team plan with double output. The price starts from $899 each month, and you can avail of 2 designers and accommodate 10 users. With an agency plan, you are eligible to receive prioritized support.

Wrapping Up

Penji is a brilliantly designed platform and a must for bloggers, illustrators, brands, and businesses that regularly rely on graphically content for their projects.

The team offers the finest and best designers in the industry. The biggest benefits include the flexible business model, zero contracts, unlimited access to designs, revisions, all this without any hidden charges.

With Penji, graphic designing can be done at a super affordable price. Just give it a try!

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