7 Best Stunt Drones to Buy for Kids Entertainment

Best Stunt Drones

The best stunt drones are relatively faster than other commercial drones. Moreover, it has multiple movements in the air in all directions. The movements are forward, backward, flipping, and 360-degree looping during the stunt and then Racing. Remotely controlled or hand-controlled drones are the best choice for stunting. Most drones are cheap, and kids use them for stunting entertainment. The most expensive drones are available for surveillance and lifting.

LED the kids most attract glow stunt drones. It can glow day and night with the stunning light show even at the high fly. The stunt drones use auto orientation and then flight control. The drone controller helps sharper image glow stunt drone highly effective even at maximum height. Some drones can automatically perform stunts with a button press. Moreover, they can fly forward, backward, and sideways in four directions. 

7 Best Stunt Drones to perform high fly fights and Racing

Here, we have the seven drones flying high and then performing stunts with directional movements. The camera sensor is available in the Drone used to analyze the surface patterns. Moreover, the hand-free position hold is available to stay in the air. One touch auto stunt has been performed using single button clicks. Most of the drones support flight software for drone control during the stunts. Apart from that, these drones help to see places from the sky.

1. Tello is one of the best Stunt Drones

The Tello drone is an impressive little drone for kids and then adults. We can fly the Tello drone with the phone controller anywhere and anytime. Moreover, this Drone has VR headset compatibility. The Tello has two antennas with video transmission for better stability. It has thirteen minutes flight time with a hundred-meter flight distance. We can perform aerial stunts with slides on a screen. It uses an Intel 14-core processor with propeller protection. 

Features of Tello Stunt drone

  • The Drone has auto takeoff and landing. Moreover, it can land safely during fail-safe protection. 
  • Mobile based programming app is available from scratch.
  • It uses block-based visual programming.
  • We can buy a tello stunt drone in the Dji store for $99. 
  • Maximum flight time of 13 minutes and then flying height of 30 meters. 

2. Sky Viper Fury

The Sky viper fury stunt drone has autopilot stage 1 that automatically performs stunt maneuvers with a single click. Fly barrel moves in all four directions forward, backward, and sideways. Moreover, we can do flips with stationary hover. It uses a tiny camera sensor for a surface scan with optical ground sensors. The hands-free position hold is available to locate the Drone in the air during the stunt. Furthermore, We can purchase the one-touch stunt drone in Walmart, Target, and the amazon marketplace.

Features of Sky viper fury

  • Three hundred sixty-degree flips and barrel rolls are available in all directions.
  • It has Optical sensors with surface tracking 200 times per second. 
  • The GPS and autopilot continuously monitor the Drone’s position and make self-correction.
  • The Drone compensates the external factors like the wind during the high fly.
  • Ardu pilot flight software support helps auto-launch, land, and hover the Drone.

3. Glow Stunt Drone 

The sharper image glow stunt drone is the best-suited Drone for kid’s entertainment. It is an LED stunt drone with advanced autopilot. The sharper image makes flying easy and shows bright light during the days and nights. The glow drone can fly high with LED lights to catch up during the stunts. The advanced autopilot has auto orientation for easy navigation with safe lading pegs. It has a long-range control with 164 feet with Gyro stabilization for flying control.

Features of Glow stunt drone

  • The drone package includes four drone propellers with a drone controller.
  • We can escape the road for airborne tricks with first-time flyers and even professionals. 
  • It helps to pull off high-flying stunts.
  • We can buy the sharper image stunt drone from the target.
  • It is a mini stunt drone with auto orientation. 


DJI FPV is one of the best drones to fly at high speed, power, and complete control. It has a remote controller with an impressive flying experience. We can achieve low battery transmission in the Dji FPV drones. The emergency breaks and hover are available with better propulsion, battery life, and even wind resistance. The customizable sporting front LEDs and arm lights are included in the Drone. N mode is used for obstacle sensing during high fly situations.

Features of DJI FPV drone

  • M mode is available for complete and limitless control for a better flying experience. 
  • The motion controller helps to go with hand free with the compact device.
  • Axillary bottom light, retune to home switch, and low battery RTH with obstructer sensing are the security features available with DJI FPV.
  • It has four-x slow motion imaging with rock steady stabilization even at the high fly.
  • The rock-steady EIS technology helps to make ultra-smooth footage.

5. Holy Stone HS 720 Drone

The holystone HS720 Drone is one of the best stunt drones with a 4K ultra HD camera for image stabilization. The optimized full HD camera helps in shooting high-resolution images and videos without any shake. GPS assistance helps to take photographs at the exact locations. Moreover, multi-sensor and hovering help to take pictures in different environments using the HS 720 drones. The control range for the transmitter is about 3000 feet high.

Features of HolyStone HS 720 Drone

  • It has a 26minutes flight time with the return to home buttons.
  • The $K camera is available with shock absorption using 5G Wi-Fi technology.
  • The drone app helps to control the Drone and then capture the landscape from everywhere.
  • The brushless motors and aviation propellers are available for high aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Optical flow positioning is available with this Drone.

6. Snaptain SP 510

The Snaptain SP 510 Drone is one of the best stunt drones to buy with 2.7 K foldable GPS control. The HD Camera is available with 5G Wi-Fi transmission of HD images and videos from 1000 feet away. It has smart GPS positioning with an auto return to home switch available to operate with a single click. Easy to customize the takeoff, land, and return operation with Snaptain SP 510 drone. Moreover, this Drone has a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery and up to 16 minutes of flight time.

Features of Snaptain SP 510 drone

  • It has 5G FPV streaming for transmission.
  • The Drone uses GPS auto return home with a 2.7 K camera.
  • Crystal clear photos and videos help in shooting video creation.
  • One-focus with the all-around display.
  • Geofence ensures the safest fly even for the newbie fly.

7. JJRC H68 Drone

The JJRC H68 drone is the best replacement for the sharper image thunderbolt stunt drone. It is one of the best stunt drones to buy for its remote-controlled drone access. It is the best Drone for headless quadcopter aerial photography with a 6 K camera. The Drone has 2o minutes of flying time under optical conditions. It is available in stunning black and white colors. The Drone has an 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery with 160 minutes of charging time. Wi-Fi app control is available for transmitting images and videos, even via smartphones.

Features of JJRC H68 Drone

  • It has anti-vibration control with altitude hold mode for sharp images and footage.
  • 6K HD camera is available with true color and then Wi-Fi transmission.
  • 45-degree adjustable camera to view sharper images.
  • The 3D flips and Rolls help to capture impressive stunt sequences.
  • Six-axis gyro remote control is available that allows controlling the Drone during stunts. 

Conclusion – Best Stunt Drones to Buy

We have many stunt drones with lower prices and high flight times by wrapping up the best stunt drones to buy for better kid’s entertainment. The sharper image stunt drone is one of the best-suited drones for stunts. Moreover, The LED lights help to have a better glow even in high flying conditions. We can buy these stunt drones in Walmart, amazon, target, and then other stores.

Ultimately, Tello is one of the best stunt drones to buy at a cheaper price in the marketplace. Moreover, it has 13 minutes of flight time with visual programming. We can take off, land, and hover the Drone with failsafe landing protection. Furthermore, it is a suitable Drone for performing aerial stunts on a sliding screen. 

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