How To Change The Photo To Sketch?

We all are passionate about posting our pictures on various social media profiles; it’ll be exciting. We post different styles of pictures every time. This will add a pretty great aesthetic sense to your profile and attract the people who are viewing it. Interesting right?

Well, there’s one new style you should try posting its the sketch of your portraits, that will look simply awesome! Well, here in this article, I’m going to explain how to change photos to sketch.

I have mentioned websites, apps, and extensions in this article, with which you can easily change the photo to sketch. These methods here are based on my experiences to generate sketches of the photos in the popular formats.

I’m sure that it will add the wow factor to your fans. Let us now check out what are they!

Best Apps & Sites To Convert Photo Into Line Drawing

How can I change a photo into a sketch? It is a million-dollar question! The following are the best resources to convert photo to pencil sketch easily! 


1. Change Your Photo To Sketch Online – With Website

If you are so lazy enough to install an app or software on your device, this website will come handy! You don’t need to make space to install anything and change your photo to sketch using your browser from mobile or pc. All you need to do is to upload your image to this website and get that same image as a sketch. also provides you a variety of sketching options that includes color pencil drawing, warm water coloring, Trois Couleurs drawing, sanguine drawing, vintage charcoal sketch, graphite pencil sketch, pastel drawing, pen sketch and color pencil sketch other than the usual sketching.

To convert photo into a sketch is that you have to upload the photo you want to see as sketch art. Then the website will process it automatically using its algorithm engine and generates a sketch of the same picture that you have uploaded! It is that simple.

Visit Fun effects

2. The Easy Photo To Sketch App – Prisma Photo Editor

If you are searching for a photo to sketch app for your smartphone, then Prisma is the best photo editing app!

Prisma is a very popular and effective application that is used by a million users all over the world. It enables users to turn photos into the art of various styles boasting a very cool and user-friendly application interface. The Prisma app has over 250 styles and launches new art styles every day, which can make your Instagram look fresh.

It even supports enhancement tuning for the photo that you have created with their art to look flawless and beautiful. You can use Prisma on both Apple and Android platforms. It also includes in-app purchases for more filters and options.

Prisma is backed by a huge community and gets frequent updates and fixes. It’s really easy to create photo to any art within seconds; you can make use of the app entirely if you are a social media junkie. It also works perfectly well with both videos and photos.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

3. The Best Photo To Sketch Software – XnSketch

XnSketch is the best photo to sketch software that is available specifically for converting photos to sketch art. It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms with the dedicated feature to create sketches of photos.

The software allows you to create 18 different varieties of sketch effects like black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, colored sketch, and more.

You can create the photo to sketch outlines within a click, and the same goes for every other sketch effect. It also gives the user the usual options of photo editing that are the saturation, brightness, contrast, edge strength, and opacity adjustment for the perfect detailing of your picture.

It is a very simple software that enables us to create sketches and cartoons of digital photos and share directly to your social media profiles.  You can export or save image file formats such as JPEG and PNG without any watermarks or in-app purchases. This software is available to download for free from their official website.

Install XnSketch

4. Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action 

If you are looking for an excellent app that converts your photo into a realistic pencil sketch, then Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action from the graphicriver is an ideal choice to go. It works well with portraits and all other images. Here, you can save your work without any trouble. 

This photo to sketch app works well on PC and Mac devices. You will get well-organized with sketches with several layers and options to tweak the final result. If you struggle to use this application, then you may make use of their detailed video tutorial to get the job done. 

To get better results, they are suggesting you use the photo with 72dpi or higher and fix the brush opacity to 100%. Till now, this photo to line drawing app has been installed by more than seven thousand users which is a great stat that shows its reliability and usefulness. 

Download Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action

Wrapping Up

These are the various apps, software, and online services that are available to change photos to sketch with no much effort. It will help you to post stunning and cool sketch-like pictures to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and others.

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    Your post has really been on my mind. I love the photos sketched a lot. But I didn’t know how to turn a photo into a sketch. After reading your post I was able to change my photo through your instruction. Many thanks for giving such a nice post.

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