Lokus Review – Is This The Best News App Of 2019?


Decades ago, reading news was horrendous and daunting of a task.

Back when I was a kid, I remember the days sitting before the TV box and watch my favorite cartoon on TV. My Grandad used to walk up and pluck the remote from my manikin hands and tune into the news.

Somehow the information about politics, sports, and current events around the world seemed to be far more critical. Probably more than anything else in this world!

But this is the exact effect news has on millions across the world. You will come across restaurants, hotels, Buildings, offices always tuned to the news channel.

However, I fell prey to reading news once, and then I cultivated the habit of reading the newspaper. For about an hour, we would exchange sections of the paper and read endlessly.

It is hard to tell when things changed and turned the newspaper into a portable app on our phones as of today.

Fast forward to 2019, and I am now resorted to staying updated with news directly available on my phone.

I then came across Lokus, a Chhattisgarh news app that does match up the news reading experience to that of a newspaper. The app is enjoyable and straightforward, retaining the essence of a newspaper.

Currently, the app broadcasts stories in Hindi and English for readers based-out of Chhattisgarh.

So without further ado, here is a list of pros and cons of the Lokus Chhattisgarh news application.

To have a go at this, click here to download for Chhattisgarh news app for iOS and here for Android’s Chhattisgarh news app.

Pros Of Lokus App

News alerts can be viewed as a notification from time to time on your phone. The font and the layout of the news feed are remarkable.

In addition to this, you can share news on other platforms too. Also, these are the social apps that are mostly used by the majority of people residing in India.

If you are looking for an app compatible across all network with a compatible size, then Lokus is the best option for news originating from Chhattisgarh.

With a compact size of 9 MB and low internet consumption, it is one of the best apps to have arrived on the Play Store.

You don’t have to sign up to use the app as it is not mandatory. Download, choose your language, and start scrolling through the news.


One defining feature of this compact app is the night mode. The night mode lets you read the news in the dim light that prevents the eyes from straining. I did not find this feature in other competitor apps on the store.

If all these features are compared with top competing apps in India, one can easily say that there are a lot more features and optimization features that need to be added.

If Lokus has to compete with top news apps like Times Of India and NDTV, surely it needs to bring in more out-of-the-box features.

Lokus Cons

What made me unhappy was the variety of features this app could have added to make it better. It could have made Sign Up a formal procedure before someone starts using the app.

I understand that this is a good marketing strategy that will attract more users.

Lokus needs to catch up with its counterparts by adding more languages. It should gradually expand to share news from across all cities in India and the world subsequently. It should introduce Live TV to broadcast news as it happens.

One feature that readers would love to have is the offline feature. This is something Lokus can work on. Also, customizing notifications based on people’s interest is another way to improve the app.

For reading the news, Lokus uses a scrolling feature to view news and information. Since swiping is the new trend, it could enable the element where the user can swipe between news’.

Wrapping Up 

When I was in Chatishgarg for my business marketing, I have used this best news app. Even though it has some downsides that I have mentioned in the article, it is worth installing on your smartphone.

Finally, Lokus being the first venture app by Function networks, it does a reasonably good job by collating news for avid readers on the go!

What do you think about this Lokus app review, share your views in the comment section!

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