6 Movies like 365 Days Gives More Excitement with Thriller

Movies like 365 Days

Are you looking to watch action-thriller movies?. Then the movies like 365 days are the right choice to experience crime thrillers. These kinds of films provide a better way to chase a person’s desire, especially when he is a community leader. The 365 days movie tells the story of a mafia family gang leader and drug dealers. Most importantly, this movie covers how a person accomplishes personal desires even if he is in such a thrilling situation.

In the 365 days movie, a man kidnaps a lovely girl for 365 days. During those days, she falls in love with the man. Now how does he handles his personal life with mafia dealer’s attacks? This movie provides a lot of excitement and a thrilling experience while chasing the loved one.

We can do the protection against the enemy attack for the girl. It has been handled by a man in a different situation, making the movie loved by anyone. Moreover, The 365 days of love, action, and thriller experience for a mafia leader with an ordinary girl. Here we have the list of the six best movies like 365 days.

TOP 6 Movies like 365 days for detectives to reveal the truth

The top movies like 365 days give leaders experience during the chase of personal desires. Their enemies in business deals always cover them. Moreover, enemies and supporters are constantly tracking the leader with his activities. When anything goes wrong, the supporters and enemies try to kill even the leaders. However, the leader’s personal life is constantly monitored with thrilling experiences. 

1. Addicted – one of the best movies like 365 days

Addicted is an American thriller drama based on a novel of the same name. It is similar to movies like 365 days. This movie screenplay moves around the character Zoe Reynard and her personal life. A psychiatrist diagnoses her addiction as a regular habit that hurts her family life. Zoe has led a peaceful life with her husband and two children. Moreover, she owns an artistic development company that signs and develops artists.

During the company meeting with clients at the apartment, she encounters her addiction behavior. After such repeated encounters, she plans to marry a person to live a peaceful life. Meanwhile, her old habits threaten her current life, so she arranged to diagnosis session with a psychiatrist. Finally, the doctor found the root cause of her addiction to a particular habit.

Moreover, the doctor provides guidelines to come out of the habit. It states that Zoe needs to spend more time on family than business dealings. So she can come out of an addicted practice into a peaceful life. This movie provides a thriller experience with a self-realizing diagnosis by the psychiatrist.

2. The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs is an American thriller drama about spying on the neighbors in the living places. The movie screenplay moves like a young couple, Pippa and Thomas, are rending a new apartment. Soon they realize an open window to spy on the neighbor across the street. It is a photographer’s house. Pippa is continuously spying on the neighbor’s activity. But Thomas refuses such activities of Pippa.

One day Pippa founds that one of the partners in the neighbor’s house has dead in the bathroom. Then Pippa meets the photographer in a pub. Later, she invited them to his apartment to take photographs and binds a relationship with him. Thomas has found that on the next day, he has died in a drunken liquor state.

Finally, The photographer invites Pippa for an exhibition that describes who is the owner of the Pippa rented apartment. Moreover, the exhibition is about spying on the neighbors with his wife in an actual state. In the end, Pippa realizes it was her fault to spy, resulting in the loss of his husband and her peaceful life. So she decides to leave the apartment.

3. Unfaithful

Unfaithful is the best movie like 365 days, a thriller drama. The unfaithful movie has many similarities with 365 days. The screenplay moves like a couple living in a peaceful place with their child, eight years old. Previously Edward and Connie were loved and married. Now she finds a man called Paul in the mall with a scrapped leg. Paul is the person who treats her scraped leg upstairs.

After many encounters with their meeting, they are in a relationship. Suddenly Edwards comes to know about his wife’s activities. Now he tries to save her wife from Paul’s relationship. So first, spying his wife and conforms the connection to Paul. Later, he kills Paul and hides his body in an unknown place. The city police have found Paul’s body. 

Moreover, They investigate the murder. Both Edward and Connie come to know about the death and investigation. Both of them argue and finally decide to leave the city. In the end, Connie realizes Edwards loves her and cries. The movie helps us discover that an unfaithful relationship is always a danger that will be overcome by love. 

4. Exposed

Exposed is one of the best movies like 365 days, that needs to be erased from our minds to live a peaceful life. It is a detective investigation and a young girl’s involvement in the murder. It reflects her entire life. The movie’s screenplay moves like a police detective has investigated her partner’s murder. And founds that there is a young girl involved in the case.

Later, The murdered policeman is a corrupted person. The detective tries to protect their department and help with a pension for their family o tries to hide the incident with another story. From the young girl Isabel and her friend Elisaelisa’s point of view, Elisa’s father hurts her in their world. So she recollects the old memories of Isabel’s father and suddenly realizes their image in the photograph. He also remembers being trap by a person on the subway. Later she chased him and was killed by the guard at her feet. This movie has many similarities with 365 days movie.     

5. The Perfect Guy

The perfect guy is one of the best movies like 365 days with crime investigation by detectives. It is a romantic thriller film about the successful lobbyist Leah Vaughn. Leah has recently beaks up with her boyfriend, Dave, for refusing to start the family. A few months later, she found an IT employee Carter and fell in love with him.

Moreover, he tries to convince his family and supports her too. During the drip to their parent’s convenience to marriage arrangement, she found to break up with Carter. She tries to leave him because of his crude encounter with the narrator. The carter has made many phone calls to reach Leah. Later years, she meets Dave and expresses her interest in him.

However, Carter is spying the Leah and her house. One day there was a crucial meeting between Carter and Dave. In the fight, Dave is injured, killing him by pushing him from upstairs. Later, Leah and Hansen involve in dave’s murder. Finally, the detective found that carter’s original name is Robert Adams. Who is the victim, and changed his identity for the serial harassment. So these days need to be forgettable.

6. The invisible guest

The invisible guest is a mystery thriller movie like 365 days for doing a business. It is a Spanish thriller movie directed by Oriol Paulo. The businessman Adrian is out for bail after being arrested for murdering his lover Laura. He meets up attorney general at his apartment. Adrian tells Virginia about how he ended up having an affair with Laura.

Later in years, he blackmailed them into coming to a rural hotel with one lakh euros. At the hotel, Adrian was knocked as unconscious. When he wakes up, Laura has in a ruined state. It is a perfect crime thriller movies like 365 days. After the detective investigation, the excellent man Virginia enters Adrian’s Apartment.

Conclusion – Interesting movies like 365 days

Wrapping up the movies like 365 days is the perfect action thriller for the people. It deals with the personal life encounters for a certain period for business people and leaders. Moreover, these days provide the best experience for the rest of my life. These incidents need to be forgotten to live a peaceful life.

In the end, Addicted is one of the best movies like 365 days, with many similarities. Moreover, It provides a guideline about how to come out from repetitive habits which hurts our everyday life. Personal relationships are always dangerous and should be treated with love and care. These movies provide better investigative detection methods for spying to reveal the truth.

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