7 Best Movies like Vivarium for Horror Experience

Movies like Vivarium

Are you like to watch thrilling Horror movies?. Then movies like Vivarium are a suitable choice to feel the exciting experience. The Vivarium movie screenplay moves like a couple rending a house with the help of a real estate agent. After renting the home, they felt it was not satisfied with their expectation. They are ready to leave the house. When they go out every time, the identical houses in the same street have taken them into the same place again.

One day the couple receives a package with a child in it and has a message that grows the child later you become released from the home. When children grow and become adults. The couple was sick, and the men had died. The boy has a zip in the men’s body into a package and then leaves it in the hole. Later, he tells the woman I am here to pack my mother and leave the house. She died as well. In a few days, the agent died on the chair with the tag. The boy receives it and welcomes another coupe into the home.

Top 7 Movies like Vivarium for Horror Thriller

The Vivarium is a science fiction horror movie that provides a thrilling experience for the audiences. Movies like Vivarium help the audience feel like they are in the same situation described in the film. Moreover, These horror movies help Vivarium fans the best entertainment. While watching these movies, they have the same feelings they encountered during Vivarium.

1. The Open House -Best Movies like Vivarium

The Open House is one of the best movies like Vivarium to experience horror in a new house visit. In this movie, a mother and her teenage son move to a relative’s home for a vacation. The evil forces are threatening them inside the house. A suburban father has died from car hitting, leaving the mother and the boy helpless.

They planned to move relative’s house with the condition that on Sunday, they should leave after the breakfast and return home after 5 pm. Moreover, this home has a woman with whose husband has died earlier. She is stressed too. Many unexpected incidents occur at night, such as telephone rings and objects moving or disappearing in the house.

One day a repairman comes to the home to reveal hot water leakage in the house. The boy asks Chris to stay at home. In the Midnight, Chris is missing, and the boy has been hit by a car and suffered. The boy moves into the woods and hides. The unidentified man drives the car and moves towards the next open house. The exciting screenplay makes the movie most liked by the Vivarium audiences.

2. The Lodge

The lodge is a Psychological thriller film and the best alternative to the movies like Vivarium. The movie screenplay moves like six months after her mother’s death, Aidan and Mia, with her father, move to the new lodge. The lodge owner is the girlfriend of her father. They all come there for vacation. While residing in the lodge, they start feeling the strange events.

The father plans to marry his ex-girlfriend Grace Marshal. At the lodge, the children are hostile toward Grace. In the morning, Grace awakens and discovers her clothing, Psychiatric medicine, and pet dog are missing. After several days she withdrawals medication, hunger and cold then began sleepwalking.

She attempts to walk to the nearest town. In the end, Grace fires the gun and kills him, forcing the children to stay in the lodge. These horrifying events make the movie the best entertainment for the fans of Vivarium.

3. Mama

Mama is a supernatural horror movie that is likes by the audiences of Vivarium. The thrilling events in the film give similar entertainment to the viewers. The movie screenplay moves like after the death of their parents; the two children are forced to live in a new home. That home has ominous with dark in nature. Moreover, the evil forces follow them even after being rescued from the house.

In a car accident, Jeffrey losses control and causes her death. It leaves her two very young girls helpless in the forest circumstances. After five years of searching for Jeffery’s brother, the girls victoria and Lily have found nearby the forest area. They are admitted for the medical examination; the doctor says Mama, the protector, has helped them live in the isolated place.

After the attack, Lucas regains consciousness by his dead twin tells him to go to the cabin to save her daughters. Victoria grows less willing to play with Mama; however, Lily reverts her monstrous form during the rescue. This movie provides thrilling events with supernatural forces for excellent entertainment.

4. The Gift

The Gift is one of the suitable movies like Vivarium for having mysterious gifts with unexpected events. Moreover, the audiences of Vivarium also like the gift movie with some similarities. Its screenplay moves like a couple of Simon and Callem relocate from one place to a new location to take Simon’s new job. Simon’s Old schoolmate Gordo sends an unannounced gift to him.

He invites another couple into his large home, but when they arrive, he tells another couple to cancel their program. It makes Simons’s job not guaranteed. The next day Callem finds koi is dead and her dog is missing. The frustration makes her sleepless at night. Suddenly the dog has returned home. Moreover, it is the revenge takes by Gordo on his friend Simon during past encounters. It is the best replacement for vivarium fans.

5. Pulse

Pulse is an American horror movie with the same impact on audiences as Vivarium. The movie screenplay moves as Josh enters a dark university library to meet his friend Douglas. He is attacked by the humanoid spirit who sucks the life force out. Some days later, Josh’s girlfriend Matte visits his apartment and reveals that he is not well. She finds that he has committed suicide by hanging on internet cable.

Matte and her friend receive messages to help Josh. Matte and Dex find the server and upload Josh’s fix causing the system to crash and the spirit to vanish. Moments later, the system reboots, and the spirits return, leaving Dex and Matte with no option but to escape. This horror film has similar events, such as spirit attacks in Vivarium with car accidents.

6. Room

Room is the right choice to watch out the movies like Vivarium to get the same entertainment. The similar thrilling experience makes Room and Vivariam are likes by the same kind of audiences. The film describes the story of Joy and her little son has kidnapped by unknown persons. Moreover, they have been isolated in a room for many years. The movie moves like how they manage to escape from the place and live with freedom.

Jack escapes with the help of his mother, and many years later, he reunites with his family. Now he knows that Joy has gotten divorced, married a new person, and lives a peaceful life. After he understands that the kidnap has been takes by his biological father, Old Nick to torture his mother. The thriller movie made Vivarium audiences watch with some experience.

7. Dark City

Dark City is one of the best movies like Vivarium to give the audience such a thrilling experience. Moreover, the American science fiction movie provides a horror experience with a series of murders. The movie screenplay moves like John awakens from the hotel room, and he is wanted for a series of murders in the city.

To find the answer to the murders in the city, A group of strangers will be the cause of the murders. Later, He discovered that aliens were controlling the town. Mr. Hand informs that they have been searching in the wrong place, the mind, to understand humanity. He opens the door, and the city gets the sunlight for the first time.

Conclusion Best Movies like Vivarium

By wrapping up the movies like Vivarium science fiction horror movies, it provides the best thrilling experiences through unexpected events. Moreover, the spirits make the fans of the Vivarium experience similar feelings while watching movies. The horrifying nature of the films listed in this article makes audiences more excited and entertained.

In the end, The open house is one of the best movies like Vivarium for its thrilling events in the new place. Moreover, the objects in the house, their movement, and their disappearance make the movie thriller.   The car accidents and psychological effects give a horror experience to the film.

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