6 Interesting Social Media Trends For 2015


I landed on Nirmala’s blog to discuss some interesting social media trends for 2015 which would help you to run the successful marketing campaigns over there.    Make no mistake; 2015 is approaching – and it’s approaching fast. Another year is coming to an end but for social media, it is just another year. For those… [Read More]

Experts Tips – Meet Devesh Sharma From WPKube


Hi loyal readers, It’s really exciting to meet you all with an expert’s tips category post. This time I’ve acquired some valuable tips from a WordPress expert, Devesh Sharma from WPKube which is an excellent source for the WordPress blogging community. I’ve contacted him through Facebook and requested to provide some helpful replies to boost your… [Read More]

How And Where to Get Social Media Jobs Online?


As I have been in the internet marketing field for long time, I’ve found that the companies offer jobs in social media space to the well established bloggers and people who thrive in their online business. Today, I came here to discuss on the topic on “How and where to get social media jobs online?”…. [Read More]

Amazon Kindle Voyage, Thinnest E-reader Arrives


Schools and colleges have started to experiment the education process with digital environment. Various electronic gadgets are being introduced in the academic field and one such tech product is e-reader. Last week, Amazon debuted a new e-reader called Kindle Voyage with the price tag of $199. Let’s discuss in detail about the specifications and features… [Read More]

How To Create PDF Online For Free?


This post explains the advantages of using PDFs and educates you to create PDF online for free with Soda PDF online services. Since we are in the digital age, everyone prefers to use the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This format was developed by Adobe which is a cross-platform standard. If you argue with me… [Read More]