Best Online Tools for Students

online-tools-for students

The technology plays an essential role in the life of every single man these days, including businessman, student, teacher and many others. Whether you are still in a school or a college, using the web based tools are an important consideration. A lot of students struggle to control their time in a productive manner, as… [Read More]

10 Best Skills of Unbeaten Content Marketers


Most of the bloggers/business owners show keen interest to hire the content marketing manager to handle their blogs/websites. This nudged me to write this post as it would help them to appoint the best content marketers with the qualities listed below. Let me start from the basics! What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is an art… [Read More]

The 3D Printing Revolution In Business


3D printing can be a real asset to your business. These are tools that can help your marketing and developing processes. Yes, highly customizable nature of 3D printed objects is a modernizing way for the businesses to interact with the clients.                            … [Read More]

5 Devilish Ways To Create A Unique Blog Post


Hi Everyone, This is Mi Muba on Nirmala’s blog  Did you ever hear the proverb “putting old wine in a new bottle”? It is an old saying and quite popular in every field. Mostly it is used in negative sense. If someone offers an old formula to solve a problem he is alleged of putting… [Read More]

Growth Of Satellite Navigation System and GPS


We are living in the world of technology and in this era, we need tech devices for almost all our daily tasks. With so much advancement in Internet and Satellite services, now we don’t need to ask anyone about the directions for any place or get confused to locate a specific place. In this post I’d… [Read More]

Tips & Tools To Reduce Computer Eye Strain


In this post, I’ve discussed some tips and tools to reduce computer eye strain which could help you work more efficiently with your PC.  Do your eyes feel tired, burning or itchy after seeing your computer? Or do you have watery/dry eyes while looking at the digital screen? Are you experiencing blurred/double vision, focusing difficulty or increased… [Read More]