7 Useful Gadgets for Science Students


I’ve listed some cool science gadgets for students that can make the most of their schooling/collegiate experience. Technology has improved a lot since we were kids. We can see that it has made some big jumps in the last 50 years. The introduction of integrated circuits has made it easy for engineers to design the electronic… [Read More]

How Does SEO & Social Media Correlate?


What is the relation between SEO & Social media marketing?  Let’s discuss through this blog post! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art and science of increasing the search engine rankings that involve the assessment of all of the off-page and on-page elements that are considered valuable. Likewise, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process… [Read More]

Work As A Home Agent With Leapforce


Many of us are looking for the work from home options as the internet has opened the doors to make money online. Specifically, the homemakers of the developing countries look for the stay at home jobs for moms to earn steady income online as they need to manage their family. Recently, I’ve discussed the “Online… [Read More]

Exciting New Facebook Features That I Really Like


Giant Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have always been busy releasing new features and upgrading their existing applications. Especially, the Facebook rolls out some new features in a consistent manner as it plays a vital role in the online marketing plan for businesses and organizations. Yes, not only to connect with friends & family,… [Read More]