Growth Of Satellite Navigation System and GPS


We are living in the world of technology and in this era, we need tech devices for almost all our daily tasks. With so much advancement in Internet and Satellite services, now we don’t need to ask anyone about the directions for any place or get confused to locate a specific place. In this post I’d… [Read More]

Tips & Tools To Reduce Computer Eye Strain


In this post, I’ve discussed some tips and tools to reduce computer eye strain which could help you work more efficiently with your PC.  Do your eyes feel tired, burning or itchy after seeing your computer? Or do you have watery/dry eyes while looking at the digital screen? Are you experiencing blurred/double vision, focusing difficulty or increased… [Read More]

5 Best Ultrabooks For College Use


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How To Make Money By Teaching English Online?


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10 Worst Pieces of Social Media Advice I Came Across


People use social media to connect with their friends or clients. If you’re on social networks for personal use, you hear the general pieces of advice like “Do not spend too much of time on social media” , “Keep your personal information safe”, “Know and manage your friends” and so on. But if you’re following some… [Read More]

Grab Your Share at Stores With Student Discounts


In this post, I’ve consolidated the online stores that offer student discounts.  World becomes technologically advanced and most of the education institutions allow students to use cool tech gadgets to enhance the academic performance. Researches proved that the electronic gadgets increase the student’s interest in learning and boost their reading comprehension. Not only these, digital… [Read More]