The 3D Printing Revolution In Business

3D printing can be a real asset to your business. These are tools that can help your marketing and developing processes. Yes, highly customizable nature of 3D printed objects is a modernizing way for the businesses to interact with the clients.

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Generally, we make things in a subtractive way. We used to take a big block of something and reduce it further to get new things. But 3D printing works in a different way, it’s like additive. But don’t shake your head NO not just yet; this is a process that may look very complex, but at its core, it’s really very simple and useful to use.

What Is 3D Printing?

Basically, 3D printing is a process where you take a diagram of an object and then push it to a robot device that actually makes the object in layers. In simple words, it builds the object by adding successive layers. Thermoplastics, alloys, paper photopolymer are some of the materials which can be used in 3D printing.

How 3D printing works?

After laying out an idea with CAD or animation software, it is possible to get the virtual blueprint of the required object. Then the cross-sections will be made to guide the printer to build layers. Once completed design is sent to the printer, the specific material should be chosen to spray/squeeze onto a platform. With the help of bioplastic filament, the material gets heated up and deposited on the build plate through a hole. The same process will be repeated to construct the top layers to produce the finished product.

How can 3D Printing help a business?

Actually, there are more than a few ways a 3D printer can help a business of any size.
For instance, if you manufacture products, a 3D printer can offer a wonderful way of making dummy prototypes. This allows you to fabricate a small batch of items without having to do a full production run. The end result is a design that looks like the finished product you want.

Does This Really Work When Prototyping?

You might be surprised to learn that 3D printing prototyping has been used to create guns, artificial limbs and even automotive parts (Ford’s new Hybrid transmission).

Turning an idea into a real product is a process that used to take months, if not years, and now with tools like the 3D printer it can be done in a matter of weeks.

For Marketing

Besides helping you create items or prototypes, 3D printing can also help market your business. “What’s that?” you wonder. Sure 3D marketing processes can also help push your marketing efforts over that hump and make you stand out from the crowd.

Actually, 3D for marketing isn’t anything new. We see 3D images, logos and more online and packaging marketers have cornered the market for a number of years, but there hasn’t ever really been an affordable way of using 3D technology until the 3D printer came along.

Think of it like this. Could you use an unlimited supply of low-cost promotional items? Could these help market your business more effectively? Coffee mugs, stress balls, combs, coolie cups, pens and other promotional items are great, but sometimes it can be hard to come by these items, especially when you need to order large quantities. 3D printing allows you to print short runs of promotional items, even create niche promotional items for an event, organization or audience.

Special Packaging

O.K. so you don’t need special promotional items and you don’t design your own products, so what would you need 3D printing solutions for? Well, obviously your business sells something, and in the case of a product, you’ll need to package it in something. That’s where 3D printing can help. It can help you craft highly targeted niche packaging options for short run projects. This can appeal to a specific type of customer, resulting in added sales.

Customize Anything

In the current consumer world, it’s customization that the buyer wants. Consumers want to know that their items are unique, distinct and personal. By using a 3D printer you can create these items. You can create the finalized item or the basic prototype.


3D printing also works well in reproducing items. For instance, Scott Summit has found a market for making 3D printed acoustic guitars. But not only can he make a 3D replica of a musical instrument, he can also make replicas of the favored guitars of favorite musicians or idols.

Customized Tools

Wish you had a special accessory, tool or implement? You can make it yourself through 3D printing methods. For instance, you can create a hand-made camera lens using a 3D print design and an acrylic lens. 3D printing allows you to adapt, create and make small parts that offer more functionality to existing tools or devices.


The keepsake industry is huge. People buy, frame and make mementos and memory keepsakes from just about any item and 3D design and production can add a new dimension to this business. Turn a child’s drawing into a sculpture. Add a three-dimensional piece to a story your child has written. Create a 3D replica of a favored toy or item. This can be a wonderful added service or product.

Final Words

3D printing projects are only restricted by your mind’s own creativity. There are thousands of things you can do to expand your current business using this process. You can add special accents to the new 3D wearable tech art; use the pieces as a reminder of your products; create new marketable products and much more. The capability of 3D printing is truly astounding and it makes the creation of any product a reality in a fraction of the time it normally takes. 

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  3. The revolution has only just starting too. I see everyone from Doctors to Electricians utilising 3D capabilities to get the perfect solution to a problem. The future looks bright that’s for sure!

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