How To Market Your Blog Or Website In 2014?

Being top commenter on Bloggerspassion last month, I’ve been rewarded with this excellent post by Anil Agarwal. Here come his helpful post to market your blog/website effectively. 

Hi everyone, this is Anil Agarwal on MMF again!

We all know the importance of promotion. If you don’t promote the right way, no matter how great your content is, it won’t go viral.

Then how to market your blog or websites? There’s a simple rule: always start by helping others.

You can’t do it alone if you want to reach a massive audience. You need to leverage other’s audience to generate more leads and sales.

6 Effective marketing tips to your blog/website

In this post, I’m going to share you few proven ways to market your blog/website in 2014.


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Learn SEO

The biggest marketing strategy for any online business is search engines. Without the help of search engines, you can’t make any online business profitable. So learn to optimize your blog posts and web pages without hurting your readership.

Without optimizing your posts, even if you write daily you won’t see much organic traffic. If you are doing SEO right, you can bring a massive amount of traffic even if you post less on your blogs. Start focusing to optimize your blog posts and your web pages, make sure to include your main keywords in the title, sub heads, and links.

Here I’ll discuss the key factors of SEO to make your blog a success.

On page SEO:

On page SEO means the optimization that you do on your blog posts or pages. It’s really important to focus on your primary keywords when doing on page SEO.

Before diving into the details, I would suggest you select 3 to 5 major keywords related to your websites. These are the common keywords you are going to use on all of your future blog posts or pages. This way you will be able to generate massive traffic from Google for the specific blog posts.

For example, if you have a bike blog, instead of writing every topic under the sun, choose specific keywords like “bike riding tips” “bike maintenance tips for beginners” “Chicago bike drivers” etc.

Off page SEO:

The optimization that you do outside of your website is often called Off page SEO.

This includes:

* Link building
* Guest blogging
* Video Marketing
* Podcasting, etc.

The more visibility and links you have outside of your site, the better you’ll be improving your online income. If there’s ONLY one way to boost your SEO of your sites, it is getting links from the top blogs.

You can use guest posting strategy to get it done. Read top blogs in your niche and find out what their readers are craving for, then write guest posts according to their needs. You will see a dramatic change in your SERP rankings once the top blogs link to your sites.

Boost your Twitter followers

Twitter is not only widely used as a marketing network, but it also helps you get targeted customers to grow your business income and sales online. Build a strong presence on Twitter, connect with other bloggers in your network and spend time in promoting their stuff.

Generally, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are huge traffic drivers. If you are not using social media sites, you are losing a lot of traffic. Connect with the influencers, share their best stuff and get in touch with other bloggers in your niche to get more out of social media especially from Twitter.

Here are few surefire ways to market your blog on Twitter.

1. Follow all the top bloggers on Twitter
2. Also, start following their fans (as a rule of thumb, at least 30 out of 100 people will follow you back)
3. Only tweet the best stuff that you come across
4. Don’t be self-promotional
5. Engage with your fans and followers (ask questions, tweet their posts, retweet, etc.)

Create comprehensive blog posts

Detailed blog posts rank well and given high priority by Google. Surely it doesn’t mean to write fluff in your posts just to make it lengthy. You need to focus on quality as well; you don’t have to write 2,000+ words always, though.

But focus on creating detailed posts if you want to rank for highly popular keywords in your niche. You can not only use LSI keywords, but you can better optimize your posts without actually keyword stuffing.

Start creating Infographics

The blogging world is getting creative. Infographics are playing a vital role in building traffic and backlinks. If you create an impressive infographic relating to your niche and promote it like hell, you will reap the best rewards in no time.

Here’s a great post on using different tools to create infographics for your blogs and websites.

Build connections with influencers

Connections are everything in marketing your blog in 2014. Without the help of others, you really can’t succeed to make money online.

People don’t buy from you if they don’t know you. Trust and social proof is the key to making more sales and increase your online revenue. If someone’s referring you, then you will automatically get instant confidence that leads to more subscribers and sales.

This is why start connecting with your peers and influencers in your niche. Whenever you read a post, try to connect with other bloggers friendly by sending personalized messages or emails. Sooner or later they will start noticing you, also attend their webinars and seminars if they are conducting around your place.

Make use of videos and pod-casting

I can’t emphasize more on creating videos and podcasts to market your blog. There are thousands of bloggers who used this strategy to get more online reach.


Video marketing is getting bigger day by day. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you regularly create videos and rank well in search engines for your focused keywords, you will see a ton of traffic flowing through your blogs from search engines.


Podcasting is the best marketing tool to reach more audience. Podcasting is nothing but creating audio/mp3 files and posting them onto iTunes. Most people don’t go where their audiences are; you have to go where they are to maximize your online reach. Podcasting is one such way, and there are many free tools out there where you can turn your blog posts into audios.

So what are your favorite ways to market your blog or website apart from the above methods? You may share your thoughts in the comments.

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33 thoughts on “How To Market Your Blog Or Website In 2014?”

  1. Hi Anil,

    Thanks for this wonderful and awesome post. Loved it to the fullest. Marketing is an essential and important part of blogging, without it one can’t sustain his blog.

    Thanks for the valuable tips, learned a lot.

  2. Really Informative Post,
    I have learned and used all the above methods of optimization, just info graphics i have not used..
    Now i need to use also them to market my blog,
    by the way thanks for sharing Anil.. 🙂

  3. Hello Anil,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    It’s very important to market yourself first. Only then your blog will get noticed. Connecting with influential bloggers help to get success. It’s very important to promote others getting traffic, you’ll get the traffic for sure. It’s like Give to Get.

    I love to optimize my blog posts by ON page SEO, I need to focus more on OFF page SEO as per your suggestions.

    What I noticed is if you write really great content with full of information, then you automatically get links from other bloggers. This is why we should write linkable contents on our blog.

    Thanks for your tips bro and thanks Nirmala mam for posting this post on MMF 🙂

  4. hi Anil

    You have mentioned many good to follow practices for SEO. I want to add one – key word research. I am into this profession since 3 months only and i pick up topics which have low search volume and low competition.

    If i choose topics on which there is already great content by biggies like SEW, or huffington post or any high ranking domains, then i don’t stand chance. Normally they ignore writing on such topics for obvious reasons. There is a very interesting video on this subject by market samurai. BTW Good post.

  5. Hi Anil,
    It Is the Great Marketing Strategies which you have mention Well Pod-casting Seems Something that i have’t used yet

  6. Hi Anil and Nirmala
    It is very correct that howsoever high quality blog and its each post you create but you can’t make it without properly marketing it.
    That is why it is advised to put 20 per cent resources to create a post and 80 per cent to promote it.
    All the points you mentioned here are really cool but I liked the advice of boosting Twitter follower.
    It is good idea to not only Follow top bloggers but also their followers because most of them may be just searching the same products which you offer at your blog.
    It is good to see how gradually but effectively Nirmala is lifting her blog by publishing her own hard-labored wonderful posts and equally including guest posts by some awesome bloggers of the industry.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative and helpful post.

  7. Hi Anil,
    Wonderful post you have posted here!!! 🙂
    Great marketing tips that you have mentioned here and it sound like very helpful and useful for us. We all need to execute all these strategies for our website as well as blog.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep posting.

  8. Thanks Nirmala Santhakumar for introducing this genius IM guru .

    Anil Agarwal , Really I learned many new things in your great article .

  9. Nikhil Waghdhare

    Hi Anil,

    Great tips. These tips are useful. You can also use content marketing and slide share marketing to increase your reach…. 😉
    These strategies work great for me.

  10. DOK Simon [Blogging Engage]

    hello Anil !

    Nice marketing and outstanding tutorial, they are really awesome. These points are proven and sure tips that could help market our blog… Thanks for the share !!

    DOK Simon

  11. This is good post and needy also for our type of small bloggers. Thank You didi u r helping us with useful knowlegde.

  12. Hi Anil, great selection of tips here. I couldn’t agree more with you about infographics. I am finding that they are becoming an increasingly important part of my marketing and content strategies.

  13. Hi,

    High quality is always the first option before marketing the blog.
    And once the content is created, the blog marketing become the most important task to achieve the required goal for the blog.

    Making use of video and pod-casting is being proved to be the most effective for promotion as always said, “picture speaks a thousand words”. Effective use of the above tricks can convert the blogging business at unexpected level.

    Thanks for sharing this tips.

    >SK Lohar

  14. Hi Anil Agarwal,
    This is my second visit on your site and i am so glad to read this needful post.
    Once again you shared very informative and useful article.Really its so helpful to all the optimizer.
    Thanks for sharing…..kep it up….i am waiting your another one post.
    virtual assistants services

  15. Hi Anil,
    Promoting blog is the very hard thing for today’s blogger. They don’t know how to market their blog and products. By reading this post, i got some informative tips to reach my product to the readers. Anyway thanks for sharing this.

  16. Thanks a lot for this post, Nirmala. Apart from quality and unique content, SEO is a must know thing for every blogger and website owner. You need to follow the right link building strategies to make it rank higher on the SERPs and get more traffic to your website 🙂

  17. Hi Anil,

    I like all the strategies you mentioned here. Marketing is the best tool to deliver our products. There are lot of ways available to promote our blog like, SEO, SMO, SEM, Social Networks etc… list goes on. The matter of fact is, how you choose and implement the strategy in proper manner.

    Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion are best sites to market our blog by creating catchy videos, i hear about this and it is the most often using strategy by every bloggers. But, podcast is different for me. Surely i ll make use of it soon.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  18. Thanks Anil for helping me.
    Guidance is always necessary for newbie bloggers to promote their blog. Here you have pointed out all the strategies so nicely that I will surely apply to my own blog to get the benefits.

  19. Wow nice to see new author in MMF! Anil, this post is awesome. I think the SEO part is very important still… Nirmala Ma’am, the new design looking great! Simple and fast! All the best!

  20. hey Anil,
    I’m a new reader and happy to have found you.
    These are great tips – thank you. I’m impressed by your blogging
    Thanks for the tips and I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

    Excellent blog, Thanks so much for sharing

  21. Hey Anil

    Valuable post which we need to follow this steps regularly and recently infographics become more viral.But we need to give an valuable data on infographics so that we can reach the audience.Onpage which been default methods but people are not doing them properly if its done correctly we can find some good results.we can proceed for off page (now its been changed a lot) deep contents plays a lot between enjoyed reading your post

  22. Hi Anil,
    Thanks for sharing this informative tips. Previously i have utilized all the above strategies for improvement. This article will be helpful for me to promote my new blog.

    Hi Nirmala Thanks again for shared this information.

  23. Hi Anil,
    My blog isn’t that visible on the search engine but i get quit a handy traffic, surely i need to work on my SEO, thanks for your post that serverd as a reminder to me.. Going to read more SEO articles right away.

    Happy Blogging!

  24. Marketing a blog post is very necessary .. I believe great content combined with good SEO practices and marketing can make the blog boost up like anything.

    Thanks for the post Anil and Nirmala

  25. Nice article all the points which you mention in your article about the marketing of your blog or website are great. Every blogger must follow these tips for the betterment of their blogs. All the tips are very helpful for the visibility of blogs in SERPs.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

  26. Hey Anil bro…

    I started a jobs news (JobCrunchin) blog few days ago, i did mistakes as u said in this article. I got many things for my blog what should i do and not do. realy this article very useful for me. thank you so much for this informative post.

  27. Hey Nirmala mam and Anil Agarwal,

    That’s really a great Post indeed, I definitely agree with all the points of this post.

    Without Learning SEO, you can’t aim high organic traffic, that’s right. To make a completely SEO Optimized blog, you should do perfect On page and off page optimization. Though, Google is considering major Off page SEO tricks as spam so we should open our eye and think on which link can destroy our backlink profile and we should disavow them? What you think? Am I right?

    Is there any site, where can i submit Podcast ? If yes, please mention. I am going to start Podcast series for genuine interest of my readers on my blog 😉

    In boosting twitter followers subhead, i’d like to add one more point. Start re-tweeting other bloggers tweets. Maybe they will follow you or they will mention you in a post regarding, Thanks for the tweet @nitinlorrence. This is a great way to increase followers on twitter. Ain’t it?

    I can’t say about Info-graphic anything as i haven’t tried it yet but building relationship really works for me. Those fellow bloggers read my blog post and sometime they share it too.

    Thanks for writing a great post!
    ~Nitin Singh

  28. Great tips Shared!
    On-page and Off-page SEO both are crucial to increase the blog traffic. Content of blog itself also important, always try to provide fresh content to the reader to make your blog famous among the targeted audiences.

  29. Hi,
    Great stuff buddy.
    Great post, I have read this post here I got very useful information. This is a very useful article for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this. I started a Blog and Hopefully, it will be successful like you.
    Thanks for the share.

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