Best Google Doc Alternatives with Team Collaboration

Best Google Doc Alternatives

Are you looking for the best Google Doc alternatives?. The Google Doc is a web-based document and editor. It includes Google Sheets, slides, drawings, forms, and sites. It is an online team collaboration document editor with real-time sharing options. Moreover, it is the secured document-sharing method with any device, such as desktop and mobile devices. We can build the best ideas from the team using the online document editor with sharing options.

The best Google Doc alternatives must have an online word processor for document editing with drawing tools. Moreover, project management and task tracking with team collaboration will be an added advantage. They should offer easy doc-sharing methods with any devices from anywhere in the world. The artificial intelligence integration with the editor helps to write faster with these documents. Community support makes generating documents and then presentations easier with these Google Doc alternatives.

Top 7 Google Doc Alternatives for Document Sharing

We have the seven best Google Doc alternatives for documents, presentation slides, and form creation with real-time editing options. These docs help to manage company records, presentations, and then finances. The team members can access the protected documents with permission to edit and update them. Moreover, the writing assistant helps to create documents faster with image addition and drawing tools. These tools offer an online editor for creating text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

1. Microsoft Office Online – the best Google Doc alternatives

Microsoft Office online is one of the best Google Doc alternatives for creating, sharing, and collaborating documents. This document editor is used for home, enterprise, and business applications. Moreover, it includes Word, excel, one drive, outlook, PowerPoint, projects, and Microsoft Team applications. So we can easily create, edit and share documents with team members. For organizations, we can create documents, financial spreadsheets for team collaboration, and presentations for meetings. One drive helps to manage all the organizational applications in one place.

Features of Microsoft Office Online

  • It helps take out businesses always connected with the cloud from anywhere.
  • We can track updates, tasks, and comments for any person from where we left.
  • It provides more applications in one place for business processes.
  • Mobile applications are available for Android and Apple smartphones.
  • It is the best choice for homes, organizations, and educators to create, share and collaborate docs.

2. Zoho Writer

The Zoho Writer is a suitable Google Docs alternative for creating and edit online documents with team collaboration. It uses a writing assistant to create better documents with contextual grammar, readability, and style options. We can provide feedback and track for faster document-sharing processing. Moreover, WordPress integration uses to add content for the website and blog publishing with image inclusion. Furthermore, the Zoho writer includes signature addition and CRM integration for better team management.

Features of Zoho Writer 

  • We can open and edit Microsoft word document and save it in MS word and PDF formats.
  • It helps to work offline with a writing assistant.
  • The zoho writer helps to merge documents with doc sign inclusion for reliable document sharing.
  • On-demand document generation is possible with workflow automation.
  • We can create pre-filled documents and form responses with the Zoho writer.

3. Xara

Xara is one of the best Google Docs alternatives to convert our ideas into visual results. It uses cloud resources to create better marketing materials for business content creation. We can easily collaborate with the team in the cloud. We can create a presentation, cards, product sheets, and proposals for business with Xara. In marketing, it helps to create broacher, eBooks, and booklets. Social media uses to create live webinar posts using the Xara editor.

Features of Xara

  • It has the drag and drop editing with a visual editor to create better content.
  • We can manage better teamwork with distributed collaboration.
  • Easily import and edit, PDF, PPT, Word, and SVG formats.
  • Chart and diagram visualization is available for data representation.
  • It helps to create a better color palette from photos.

4. Only Office

Only Office is a suitable replacement for Google Docs to create text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and PDFs. It has a powerful online editor with an office suite. It helps create complex documents, professional spreadsheets, and better presentations in different formats. The popular formats are supported with Only Office, including docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp, pdf, etc. We can choose multiple formatting tools and insert and edit objects.

Features of Only Office

  • It has flexible document permission for team collaboration.
  • We can track the tasks and changes with team collaboration.
  • Only the Office uses to scale the editor size to fix with any monitor size.
  • We can embed the document into a website or blog.
  • Individuals, enterprises, and developers use only Office.

5. Dropbox Paper

The Dropbox paper is one of the best Google Doc alternatives for real-time editing with teams. We can create marketing, product, HR, and sales documents with secure sharing options. It helps to create meeting notes, launch plans, and product specifications in different formats using the Dropbox paper editor. Moreover, it has task management tools for assign o lists, time, and people. So we can have better project management with Dropbox paper.

Features of Dropbox Paper

  • We can plan our marketing strategies with team collaboration.
  • Templates are available for a marketing plan with a launch and social media plan.
  • It has many templates for product teams and milestone tracking.
  • Design across different time zones with team workflow management.
  • The HR templates are available for streamlining hiring and onboarding.

6. ClickUp

With team collaboration, ClickUp is the better alternative to Google Docs for task and doc management. Team communication is possible with chat, goal setting, and more. We can collaborate better in engineering, marketing, design, and HR. The top-rated project management software helps to perform the task and its tracking. Moreover, remote work management is possible with CRM support. Furthermore, we automate the workflow for time-saving.

Features of ClickUp

  • We can easily visualize the plan to manage projects with team collaboration.
  • Track the process with the task, sprints, time tracking, and statuses.
  • It helps to develop better products faster with the ClickUp platform.
  • The automatic sales process is available by assigning leads and tracking the follow-ups.
  • Campaign management is possible with campaign plans.

7. Quip

With team collaboration, Quip is one of the best Google Doc alternatives for sales process management. We can accelerate the business with real-time salesforce data. It includes account planning, mutual close, and qualification notes. We can standardize, automate and embed real-time documents with sales force reports. Better data security is available during team collaboration and document sharing. The spreadsheets help to make data-driven decisions in the sales process.

Features of Quip

  • It is a scalable platform for enterprises with better productivity on sales force customers.
  • Data protection, privacy, and control are possible with Quip.
  • Multiple templates are available with different use cases.
  • A virtual private cloud is available for team collaboration and security.
  • Quip documents unite teamwork and communication.

Conclusion – Best Google Doc Alternatives

By wrapping up the best Google Docs alternatives, they should provide documents, slides, spreadsheets, and presentations for family, business, and education. Moreover, an online document editor can create documents with drawing and image inclusion. Team collaboration helps to edit the document by the team members with access permissions. Furthermore, we can protect the data during team collaboration at remote access.

In the end, Microsoft office online is one of the best Google Doc alternatives for creating, editing, and sharing documents with team collaborations. Moreover, it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, drive, and SharePoint applications for business processing. The family and friends’ data sharing is available with a privacy setup. So, the employees can do their best work anywhere and anytime with secured document access.

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