7 Best Mega Menu Plugins for WordPress

Mega Menu Plugins

Are you looking for stunning navigation for your WordPress websites? WordPress’s best mega menu plugins help find information from content-rich websites. It is one of the better sitemaps for the website, with the unique content highlighted using tabs. The mega menu is the best-suited option for eCommerce websites. It helps to highlight product categories in the navigation menu of the online storefront pages.

Moreover, we can add a mega menu to WordPress using the simple plugin with styling options. It includes menu themes, styling options, and the editor’s customization to match the website’s look and feel. The drag-and-drop options are available to build mega menu items with colors, fonts, and other attributes beyond our imagination. Furthermore, the placement of headers and sidebars provides horizontal and vertical menus with multiple columns.

Top 7 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for Content Navigation

Here, we have the seven best Mega menu plugins for content-rich WordPress websites. They provide responsive menu design to adapt to different gadgets and mobile devices. The WooCommerce compatible plugin has a submenu to display other category products on the store home page. It has Ajax scripts for faster user response with the submenu Items. The drag and drop editing with the menu builder helps to customize the navigation for eCommerce websites.

1. Uber Menu – Best Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

Uber menu is one of WordPress’s best Meg menu plugins to create a mobile-rich navigation menu. It helps to create responsive navigation for WordPress websites. We can create an exquisite menu with layouts. Moreover, it helps to customize columns, rows, tabs, images, and Icons to match the existing website design. Uber menu is mobile responsive with easy image addition options for navigational tabs. Furthermore, we can add shortcodes, maps, and contact forms using widgets and custom designs.

Features of Uber Menu

  • It is the Woocommerce-compatible mega menu plugin to add products in different categories with images.
  • We can create custom skins for the mega menu with the customizer option.
  • Automatic menu item generation uses to navigate dynamic contents like category posts.
  • We can create a tabbed submenu with icon images and awesome fonts.
  • Create an unlimited mega menu and flyout for WordPress.

2. Hero Menu

Hero Menu is one of WordPress’s best Mega menu plugins for creating a custom menu in simple steps. We can create complex menu types easily with the Hero menu with a style editor. Moreover, it has simple dropdown options for sub-menu items. It has a fully responsive, easy-to-use builder with 270plus icons to create a mega menu. This builder helps to create different menu structures with drag-and-drop sub-menu items. We can customize it as per the requirement of the website.

Features of Hero Menu

  • The customizable sticky menu is available for the website to display until the end of the screen scrawl.
  • Multiple style options with transparency, border, and corner radius with the background image.
  • Fully responsive eyebrow menu with mobile touch options.
  • Drag and drop mega menu builder is available.
  • 50plus pre-color sets are available to customize with website design.

3. WP mega menu pro

The WP Mega menu is a suitable WordPress builder plugin for creating awesome menus. It is the best choice for eCommerce websites and content-rich websites. This plugin has mega menu themes and customizable style options with drag and drop tools to create navigation. So, we can style the menu items with colors, fonts, and attributes. We can add widgets in the tab items to display website information with shortcodes.

Features of WP Mega menu

  • It has the drag-and-drop builder panel to create horizontal and vertical menus.
  • We can create a mega-responsive menu with background images.
  • Menu labeling is possible with image icons and colors.
  • Customize the menu and sub-menu items with fonts and colors.
  • It has a Pro version from Themeum with advanced styling and placement options for the mega menu.

4. Max mega menu

The Max Mega menu is the better option to create the best mega menu for WordPress with submenu items. It provides complete control over the site navigation to customize the menu for existing designs. We can add interactive elements in the menu tabs using widgets and shortcodes. So, it uses to add maps, images, icons, and forms in the navigation. This plugin helps to replace the existing menu themes with shortcodes. Moreover, the drag and drop editor allows for the creation of excellent navigation.

Features of Max Mega Menu

  • We can create a vertical and sticky menu using this plugin.
  • It is the right choice for eCommerce websites with ajax scripts.
  • Custom styling options are available for tabs and items.
  • A better user interface helps to build the best navigation for the website.
  • Add WordPress widgets with woo commerce integration.

5. Groovy Mega Menu

The groovy Mega menu plugin helps to create a custom mega menu for websites. We can create a responsive dropdown menu for WordPress websites using the groovy plugin. Moreover, it has an online pre-set library to create elegant styles for navigation items and tabs. The page builder support helps to create better navigation for eCommerce websites and online stores. Different placement is available for navigation in the top sidebar and other places using shortcodes.

Features of Groovy mega menu plugin

  • It uses horizontal navigation layouts for WordPress websites.
  • We can create transparent tabs with background images for menu items.
  • Vertical layouts are available with sidebar icons for vertical navigation.
  • The slide option with off-canvas filtering uses to display more web content on the homepage.
  • Multiple page builder integration uses to create better navigation.

6. Quad Menu

Quad menu is one of WordPress’s best mega menu plugins with a drag and drop admin panel. This plugin provides tabbed and slider options for the menu and sub-menu items display. Moreover, the popular layout displays help to create excellent navigation for WordPress websites. We can easily integrate multiple themes and page builders to customize its tabs. Furthermore, it uses responsive templates with a touch interface for a better user experience.

Features of Quad Menu

  • Drag and drop menu builder is available.
  • It helps to create horizontal and vertical navigation for WordPress websites.
  • The touch interface is available with responsive layout options.
  • We can customize the item with colors and font with icons.
  • It helps to create dropdown navigation for the submenu as well.

7. AP Mega menu

The AP mega menu is one of the best WordPress mega menu plugins to create navigation for content-rich websites. It is a free WordPress plugin to create horizontal and vertical navigation. Moreover, we have to drop and drop widgetized editor for menu creations. It has eight pre-built skins to create navigation with multiple templates. Three hundred plus fonts and icons are available to style the navigation. Furthermore, it is a fully responsive plugin with touch comfort.

Features of AP Mega Menu

  • We can create a horizontal and vertical mega menu with widget options.
  • It has column shift options with a menu builder.
  • One hundred-plus customization options are available to restyle the navigation.
  • We can add slider and animation effects to the tab items.
  • It has SEO optimized menu format with translation ready.

Conclusion – Best Mega Menu Plugins for WordPress

By wrapping up the best Mega menu plugins for WordPress websites, It must have a horizontal and vertical placement with sticky options to display while rolling. Moreover, We can add the slider and tabbed menu styles to create a mega menu. The responsive menu builder layouts can be customized using the drag and drop options. Furthermore, we can customize the menu and sub-menu items with color, image, fonts, and attributes.

Ultimately, The Uber menu is one of WordPress’s best Mega menu plugins for creating custom navigation. It helps content-rich and eCommerce websites display more items on the home page. Moreover, we can add widgets, forms, maps, and images to the menu using shortcodes. Fully responsive, mobile-friendly layouts help to create a better mega menu with touch support.

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