Top 10 Best Handwriting Fonts To Make Your Site Stunning

Handwriting fonts are the backbone of your website; they instantly elevate the page content, graphics, banners, and social media posts.

The best part about handwriting fonts is, they can be applied to any website design to enhance the final look. The beautiful handwriting fonts give off a natural and appealing vibe, always the best choice as compared to the traditional plain font.

The web is filled with fantastic handwriting fonts, I have filtered the best available handwriting fonts which can be used for web designing and to give a personal touch to your plain texts.

Excellent Fonts To Get Pretty Handwriting Style

Following are some best handwriting fonts which can instantly transform your regular text into elegant and unique.


1. Melany Lane

If you are searching for a pretty handwriting font which can be used for an invite or a formal greeting, Melany Lane works best. It is highly used for various feminine projects and writeups. This handwriting font is elegant and gives a personal touch to the final rite up.

Melany Lane also gives you access to seamless patterns to enhance the overall look. Melany Lane contains both regular as well as the bold version with 118 eclectic ornaments and 14 eye catchy background patterns.

Once you download this handwriting font, you can get access to more than 1300 glyphs and 364 ligatures. Melany Lane is avail in more than five font formats. The price of Melany Lane is just $49.

Download Melany Lane

2. Au Revoir

This perfect font type is best if you want to have a new touch in your final draft. Au Revoir is a handwriting font which is alluring and gives an aesthetic look. This handwriting font is simple and also eye-catching at the same time.

It has the perfect balance of simplicity and class. The Au Revoir handwriting font increases readability and works well for long paraphrase and series. It is available for $35 and can be used for desktop, mobile phones, and websites. Au Revoir can also be embedded in all type of e-text products.

Download Au Revoir

3. Landliebe

The Landliebe hardwiring font appears to be imperfect, but it looks magical and can be used as a header for web designing.

You can add a personal touch and includes the various character for your website with Landliebe. This cool handwriting font can be used for short lines, headings, and subheadings. 

Download Landliebe

4. DP Dork Diary

DP Dork Diary is mostly used to give a quirky and witty look to your text. The DP Dork Diary is informal; the text can be easily readable and perfect for personal websites and blog.

This cute handwriting font can be used to add note, details and lot more in your website. The best attribute of DP Dork Diary is, it looks neat and appealing on screen.

Download DP Dork Diary

5. Rumi

If you are searching for a sophisticated handwriting font, Rumi is the ideal choice. It looks similar to real handwriting and the best choice if you want to add a personal touch. When you download Rumi yon can get access to more than 900+ glyphs that includes case sensitive fonts, symbols, styles and lot more.

This type of handwriting font looks elegant and is highly in demand where you want to give a calligraphic touch to it. Rumi is readable and looks stylish. It is available for just $28. This handwriting font gives a realistic look and is very clear and natural.

Download Rumi

6. Kalam

The literal meaning of Kalam is the pen; the Devanagari and Latin scripts highly inspire this pretty handwriting font. Kalam is an ideal choice if you want the final look to be simple, smooth and readable.

This type of handwriting font works well for typing inspirational quotes, texts, and headings. The best part about Kalam is, the developer has already optimized this font for all type of screens. It is available in 3 font types, i.e., light, bold and regular and has more than 1025 glyphs. 

Download Kalam

7. Tabitha

This one is the perfect choice if you are searching for a mild and professional handwriting font. Tabitha gives an artistic impression and is highly readable.

It looks catchy and can be used in paragraphs and stories. Tabitha looks amazing on big as well as the small screen. 

Download Tabitha

8. Handie

Looking for funky and cartoon type of font? Handie is the best bet. It is available in 38 unique fonts and comes with 1800 glyphs. The 98 bonus icons can instantly transform the readability of your web content.

Handie is a perfect choice if you want an aesthetically appealing website and graphic content. This handwriting font is simple and clear to understand and read. Handie sans is available for just $ 14.

Download Handie

9. Germanica

Looking for a unique and classy font choice for your website content, try out Germanica. It is a fabulous mix of medieval and gothic font type.

It adds grace to the overall text, and it is the ideal choice if you want to give a traditional look to your website and projects.

Download Germanica

10. Hummingbird

Your search for stylish handwriting font ends here; Hummingbird is an old fashioned by gorgeous font which contains many scripts and creative writing options. You can easily incorporate Hummingbird in all type of web design and content.

When you are developing a project try out Hummingbird, it gives elegance and classy look. This handwriting font is available for $39. 

Download Hummingbird

Wrapping Up

These above mentioned best ten amazing handwriting fonts work like a charm for all type of web designing and to create eye catchy graphics contents.

This handwriting font gives more elegance and charm to the text content. If you want to provide a creative twist to regular understandable content, do check out above mentioned neat fonts to get the handwriting style content. 

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