Mastering Writing Skills: How To Create An Effective Blog Post?

Nowadays, people have started to blog about their favourite topic. Blog posting is a possibility to express yourself and reveal what your heart desires. Yes! Blogging is an excellent way to make money by showcasing your creativity skills. I feel good because I have been blogging since 2008. 

Most of the bloggers are aiming for the targeted traffic and wish to build trust with their potential customers. The others do the same to strengthen their relationships with their competitors. This is a good chance to promote their business. Of course, some want to share their thoughts and experience with other people.

But one thing! Not all posts will be read even to the middle. Why is that so? Budding bloggers make certain mistakes, which make their posts boring, unattractive and purposeless. Thus I have decided to write this informative guide to teach you how to create effective blog posts, which will be interesting to read.

You should implement the following things:

  • Create a great title.
  • Start with a plain intro.
  • Craft useful content.
  • Optimize visibility.
  • Make it readable.
  • End with a strong conclusion.

Hereafter, I will cast more light on these important writing skills borrowed from Lauren Bradshaw, a professional academic writer at scholarly writing company.

Let’s get into the topic in a detailed manner!

6 Useful Tips To Make The Attractive Blog Posts 


Skill #1 (Write Killer Titles That Converts) 

Everything begins with the title. This is the first thing any reader sees before he/she begins to read. If the topic isn’t good enough, nobody would like to click on your post and see what it offers.

Accordingly, you should give special heed to it. Make the title catchy and promising. If you are going to highlight something important, let your readers know about that.

Do you know what a title tag is? This is a brief description of the main purpose of an article. It is specified for search engines. Turn your blog post title into the tag title too. Avoid long titles.

Do not write purposeless and unknown terms or abbreviations. Make them plain for understanding. For example, if you wish to discuss deforestation in the world try something like this “How to minimize deforestation to preserve our nature.”

Skill #2 (Make Readers Excited To Check Next)

Your title is the hook. You should develop success in the introductory part. It should be likewise interesting and informative. Implement interesting facts, which have great value for your readers. In the meanwhile, don’t overdo.

Try to keep things simple. If you start to “assault” your audience with too much data or unknown words, your readers will instantly quit the reading. Use well-known words and terms. Make it sound sweet and simple.

The intro to your post can be treated as a meta description. It is similar to the tag title, but it should be longer and contain more details and explanations.

Kindle a desire to read your post. Yes! Create interest to read the blog post till the end.

Skill #3 (Craft Significant Content)

Every blogger has a targeted audience. However, you also want other people like social media followers to read them. Accordingly, you should stuff your content with something meaningful and useful for your audience.

You should make your content relevant to your readers. You should convince them that it brings significance and actual results. Operate with catchy and approved facts and statistics.

You should always verify the information you are going to use to prove and support your concepts. Use different videos, charts, infographics, pictures, etc. to make your story more vivid and captivating. Your readers will surely like this approach.

Skill #4 (Take Care Of On-Page SEO)

Pay attention to the visibility of your posts. Optimize the content’s popularity. When users search for information, searching engines propose the most popular posts, guides, manuals or articles.

Your goal is to make your post seen on the web. First, do the keyword research for your business and find the related search phrases to use in the content. Then, you may undertake to enhance the popularity of your content by

  • Using alt and title tags.
  • Using header tags.
  • Using internal linking.
  • Using external linking.
  • Using LSI keywords

Alt and title tags should be used on the images. The header tags ought to be implemented with all headlines and some sub-headlines.

Internal links promote your posts and improve topical authority. External links support information about your post and let you gain the trust from the search engines & readers. 

LSI keywords help your content get more visibility and higher search engine rankings because they have a contextual relationship with the primary keyword. 

Skill #5 (Focus On Readability) 

Undoubtedly, your writing should be readable. Your text should not look monotonously. It’s boring and hard to read long paragraphs without any separation. You ought to make your texts easy to read.

Accordingly, pay attention to the structure. You should obligatorily use bullet lists to divide your paragraphs. Divide your text into three major parts – introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Your body paragraphs should not be too long. If you want to stress something, use bold and italic text. The eye instantly catches such spots in the text. They make it more attractive.

You may also use the Quotes and Tweetable lines to attract more eyeballs. Moreover, use a simple and own voice to stand out from the crowd and make sure to avoid the grammatical errors

Skill #6 (Provoke Them To Take Action)

Your conclusion should clear and strong enough. Draw the final line logically and convincingly. Your ending cannot be something like this “That was my opinion. I hope you like it.” This will be the total defeat.

It should be engaging so that your readers had a lasting impression after they read the whole post. It should provoke a desire to save, share your post or act on the Call-To-Action.

It may be like this “The issue of deforestation cannot be left unnoticed. It affects the lives of all habitats of our plant. We should unite our efforts and stop this disastrous tendency to cut down the wood. Otherwise, the whole planet will be exposed to the extinction”.

Final Words

Before crafting any blog post, make keyword research and competitor analysis, so that you could get a handful of profitable keywords through to use in the content and get high SERPs. 

Select the topic and craft the informative article with good readability. Write compelling headlines and add images, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. to grab the readers’ attention. 

Also, If you want to make your posts more popular, allow your readers to share it. Repeat all these strategies for every blog post so that your articles will reach the target audience to make the sales or conversions

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  1. Hello. Thank you for the article.
    You’re right. On the Internet there are hundreds of millions of sites of the most diverse subjects. They can find any information: your business, shops, homework help for students, your friends from school and much more.
    But how to make the site interesting to the user? First of all, this is good, high-quality content that will provide answers to user questions.
    Develop a site or not – it all depends on the owner and his seriousness in relation to his project …

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    Like your this post for “Mastering Writing Skills”, You really have well explained for How To Create An Effective Blog Post.

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  3. Blogging Is really hard nowadays.What you wanted to write check it is already written on the site.It is important to understand what need should be written our blogging should be unique and different and catchy that must attract the users that also values to them.
    So starting to think what users wants that is best tips i would say.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Hi Nirmala,
    Undoubtedly surrendering to the phrase “content is the king.” These tips are very useful especially for the newbies like me. In the tough competitive world of blogging, these points would be helpful in writing quality content.

    Point #5, focusing on readability – by doing this I agree this would give a better reading experience for our users and also it builds their trust on us.


  5. Blog writing is an interesting field because you have written every time different and interesting that people and 1st google give you good vote and then you increase your value and start to earn money and your topic will become interesting and that topic the human-like this and your blog writing information really great and you have mentioned many good topics for introducing the blog writing style.

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