7 Best Home Security Cameras For Indoor and Outdoors

7 Best Home Security Cameras

The best home security cameras should cover indoor and outdoor monitoring. Complete home surveillance can be achieved using these cameras. Moreover, we can monitor children and pets in the home with two-way audio support. Motion detection helps to protect the home from unauthorized person entry. Furthermore, we can cover the home entrance indoors and outdoors with surveillance cameras. So, we protect the home with NVR and monitor for surveillance recordings.   

Complete home security is achieved using indoor, outdoor, and entrance cameras. Additional equipment like NVR, monitor, and router are required for surveillance recording. Moreover, motion detection and infrared night vision help to monitor the home on a 24×7 basis. The mobile application helps to view the live camera even in remote places. We can also view recorded clips with speed-controlled playback options.

Top 7 Home Security Cameras for Surveillance

Here, we have the seven best home security cameras for indoor and outdoor monitoring. We can monitor the lobby with perimeter surveillance cameras. Better internet connectivity is used to access the home monitoring surveillance camera from anywhere in the world.

We also have a Wi-Fi camera for indoor surveillance. So, we can place it anywhere inside the home for complete home monitoring. Before getting into the list, you should look at the Vivint Price to buy the best home security camera at an affordable cost.

1. YI Dome Camera

YI dome camera is the best-suited indoor camera for home security. It helps to achieve 360-degree rotation to cover the entire room from one location. The motion detection sensor is available to detect the child crying. Moreover, two way audio is used to communicate with family members. Enhanced night vision helps to monitor the home at any time. Motion detection uses to track every movement with precise details.

Features of YI Dome Camera

  • We can monitor the home with kids, pets, and elderly parents.
  • The cloud plan helps to connect up to five cameras for home security.
  • Thirty days of video storage and history tracking are possible with the YI dome camera.
  • It is compatible with amazon and then Alexa devices for voice commands.
  • The YI home app is available for PC and Mac with remote surveillance.

2. Qubo Home Security Camera

The Qubo home security cameras are the best choice for outdoor monitoring. The outdoor camera has IP 65 waterproof and weather protection support. It is a weather support camera with an unauthorized person detection alarm. Moreover, a 2MP resolution camera gives real-time picture quality while recording. Night vision is possible with infrared LED. Furthermore, the Qubo mobile application is available for live home monitoring.

Features of Qubo Home security camera

  • It is an outdoor home security camera with rain and then shine protection.
  • We have crystal clear two-way talk with the outdoor camera.
  • 24×7 outdoor security is possible with continuous recording.
  • Live monitoring with the full-screen mode is possible using mobile applications.
  • A user-friendly app interface can access the event timeline.  

3. TP-Link Tapo Home security camera

TP-Link provides indoor and outdoor home security protection with Tapo cameras. The 4MP outdoor camera has Wi-Fi support for home monitoring worldwide. This camera has full color with night vision support for all-time monitoring. Moreover, the two-way talk features have 250 GB of storage space. Using Ethernet and then Wi-Fi connectivity, we can use wired and wireless cameras for home security.

Features of TP-Link Tapo Home security camera

  • It uses highly sensitive starlight sensors with colorful night vision support.
  • Motion detection helps to detect movement with a light alarm.
  • Two way audio communications are possible with an in-built microphone and then speaker.
  • It has Google Assistant and then Alexa voice control support.
  • The powerful dual antennas are available for remote monitoring.

4. Dahua Security Camera

Dauha is one of the best home security cameras with villa protection. The smart villa protection covers the entrance and then indoor and outdoor home monitoring. Moreover, it offers smarter protection for safer homes. These cameras require NVR, a monitor for recording, and then playback monitoring. Furthermore, the DMSS mobile application helps to monitor the home in any location with the help of a router or switch. Dauha has a perimeter, full-color bullet, and then a dome camera for complete home surveillance.

Features of Dahua Home Security Camera

  • Vehicle tracking at the entrance is possible with a dahua security camera.
  • The indoor dome camera helps to cover any room with IR night vision.
  • The video door station is available with door monitoring and then person detection.
  • It helps to avoid useless alarms from pets.
  • 24×7 monitoring is possible with NVR and IR cameras.

5. Wyze Home Monitoring

The Wyze home monitoring has the best home security camera for home surveillance. We can achieve p[professional home monitoring with a human agent at noon. We can access Wyze cams, doorbells, and floodlights using the Wyze mobile applications. Easy installation is possible with home security systems. Moreover, we have entry sensors and motion sensors with cam v3 support for home monitoring and surveillance. Apart from that, climate and leak sensor is available for home security.

Features of Wyze Home monitoring

  • We can receive a text message with alarms during an emergency.
  • It uses many security sensors to automate home security.
  • Unlimited person detection with AI motion detection support.
  • It helps to view live camera feeds with a mobile application.
  • We can share the access with family and friends to monitor the home.

6. HikVision home security camera

The Hikvision Home security camera is the best-suited camera for home protection. It covers public indoor space, lobby, vehicle entrance and exit, control room, and the perimeter of the apartments or homes. The entrance and exit security camera eliminates the physical identity checks and easily tracks back during incident investigations. It allows authenticated vehicles with ID cards. The perimeter protection helps to avoid theft from the home locations.

Features of HikVision Home security camera

  • It offers enhanced home and apartment security with visitor management.
  • We have a block-list alarm and VIP notification during the entrance and exit.
  • The LED display helps notify the available space for vehicle parking.
  • Hikvision DVR is available with H 265 video compression.
  • It has pro series cameras with accuSense technology. 

7. Realme 360 Security Camera

The Realme 360 home security camera is the right choice for home monitoring. Smart cam 360 provides 2MP resolution for indoor recording with HD quality. It supports 128 GB of local memory with AI motion detection for home surveillance. We can easily place the Wi-Fi camera anywhere in the room for indoor monitoring. It has 360degree pan rotation for complete room monitoring. Moreover, the two-way audio talk is available with Night vision monitoring for 24 hours home security.

Features of Realme 360 security camera

  • Realme 360 camera has 3d noise detection and a reducing algorithm to eliminate noises.
  • WDR technology helps to record a wider dynamic range.
  • We can record full-color videos even in low-light situations.
  • Infrared night vision is available with up to 10 meters of coverage.
  • AI motion detection helps to detect voice, motion, and humans with real-time tracking.

Conclusion – Best Home security cameras

By wrapping up the best home security cameras, these cameras should cover the home’s indoor, entrance, outdoor, and perimeter areas. So, we should use different types of cameras for each location, such as dome, bullet, Wi-Fi, and Network cameras. Moreover, motion detection sensors help to detect unauthorized entry with an alarm system. Furthermore, we can monitor the pets, children, and house workers using the home security camera with NVR support.

Ultimately, The YI dome camera is one of the best home security cameras with indoor coverage. The 2MP camera has a 360degree full rotation for complete room monitoring. Moreover, the two-way audio helps to connect with the family and friends inside the home. The better night vision with infrared Led helps to monitor even at night and low light situations. Furthermore, the YI home application is available for PC and Mac for better Home security.

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