7 Best CCTV Monitoring Software

Best CCTV Monitoring Software

Are you looking best CCTV monitoring software for video surveillance? These CCTV video management soft wares are the best choice to monitor IP cameras and DVR solutions. Apart from video surveillance, we can do video recording with these soft wares. We can use it for home surveillance, business protection, and family monitoring from anywhere in the world. Remote access can be possible with multiple cameras connected to these soft wares.

Moreover, we can schedule the monitoring and recording with different brand IP camera models. Remote management is also possible with up to 64 cameras on the screen. We can view live and then recorded videos using mobile applications. Three types of video recordings are possible with these soft wares. One is permanent or continuous recording, the second has scheduled recording, and then finally motion detection recording.

Top 7 CCTV monitoring software

We have the seven best CCTV monitoring software for individual camera viewing and then all cameras viewing on the screen. They use IPs to address individual cameras with title tags for easy access. The TSL and AES encryption are available for remote viewing using desktops and then mobile devices. These monitoring soft wares help in home surveillance, pet and child monitoring for protection, and then theft detection. Moreover, better internet connectivity allows for an excellent live viewing experience.

1. Security Eye

The Security Eye is the best CCTV monitoring software for surveillance and then detection. This software is installed on the PC and helps to monitor IP cameras and webcams. We can connect more than a thousand models of IP cameras for surveillance. Moreover, it helps to monitor 64 cameras on the screen with remote viewing. It is the perfect choice for home security with pets and then child monitoring. Easy to use video player allows tracking and then playback with different speeds.

Features of Security Eye 

  • We can monitor 64 cameras from multiple sources simultaneously.
  • It supports live monitoring via browsers from anywhere in the world.
  • Video recording is also possible with XviD video recording engines for homes, offices, and then shops.
  • Motion detection is possible for the child and then pet monitoring.
  • It is a better security system for businesses with remote monitoring.

2. iSpy – the best CCTV monitoring Software

The iSpy is one of the best video surveillance and then monitoring software with agent DVR. It supports Linux and then windows operating systems. We can access the DVR on any mobile device and then desktop without port forwarding. It is the better solution to monitor IP cameras and then USB cameras. We can record mp4 videos with minimal CPU usage with iSpy connect. The Ai sensor is used for motion detection and then object tracking.

Features of iSpy Monitoring

  • It is fully integrated with the home assistant and then amazon Alexa with deep stack AI.
  • Remote access is possible with SSL-protected browser views for monitoring.
  • It helps to provide home protection and theft detection with recorded video playback tracking.
  • We can use an unlimited number of cameras with microphones using Agent DVR.
  • We can record mp4, mp3, VP8, and then MKV formats with minimal CPU usage.

3. Netcam Studio 

The Netcam Studio is one of the best CCTV monitoring software that uses cutting-edge technology for video surveillance. One-click installation helps to monitor homes, offices, shops, and then outdoor organizations. Netcam Studio is an easy-to-use video monitoring software for industrial applications. We can view the video playback on desktop, mobile, and then tablets. Moreover, It provides remote access to home surveillance, business protection, and family monitoring.

Features of Netcam Studio

  • We can schedule the time frame with triggered internal and then external actions.
  • It helps to connect 64 cameras for monitoring on the screen.
  • Unique video buffering technology allows one to record videos continuously.
  • Motion detection and obstacle tracking are possible with reboot resistance support.
  • We can view video monitoring with iPhone, Android, and then web browsers.

4. Blue Iris

Blue Iris is the best-suited software for video security and surveillance monitoring. It has a better user interface with remote video management features. Better video security is available for home, family, business, and vehicle tracking. We can remotely view live cameras and recorded videos with playback features. It helps to record videos in mp4 and AVI formats using advanced DVR. Moreover, we can manage multiple camera installations in one place with Blue Iris.

Features of Blue Iris

  • We can control PTZ and IR range with Blue Iris software.
  • Optionally record audio with video connected to it.
  • It helps to view all cameras live and recorded clips on both desktop and mobile.
  • It automatically adjusts IP changes while monitoring.
  • Easily navigate cameras with the advanced user interface.

5. Perfect Surveillance

Perfect Surveillance is excellent video surveillance software for IP camera viewers. It is best suited for IP camera surveillance with 64 cameras at a time and supports thousand two hundred plus models. Moreover, we can schedule the recordings with an IP camera recorder. The USB integrated webcam monitoring with motion detection help in webcam recording. It helps to monitor the camera directly from the computer. The effective network scanner helps to detect the working IPs to connect cameras for monitoring.

Features of Perfect Surveillance

  • It is the best CCTV monitoring software with motion detection options.
  • IP camera viewer detects any movement in the monitoring area.
  • We can configure the scheduler for automatic video monitoring and detection.
  • The built-in media player uses to track recording with playback speed control.
  • Remote view is possible with any mobile device and browser.

6. Anycam

Anycam is IP camera viewing software for video monitoring. It has a user-friendly interface that monitors and records videos from multiple camera sources. We can record videos in three modes such as continuous recording, scheduled recording, and motion recording. The third-party media players use to track and detect the videos with speed control features. Moreover, we can easily install multiple cameras with IP configurations.

Features of Anycam

  • We can connect multiple cameras with ONVIF/RTSP with mp4 recording.
  • All video clips are identified using the built-in calendar.
  • It helps and camera with IPs to avoid traffic.
  • We can enable motion detection that reduces unwanted storage.
  • It helps to allow scheduled recording for office and school time monitoring.

7. iVideon 

The video is one of the best CCTV monitoring software for business and home security. Moreover, it provides video analytics with facial recognition and VSaaS academy for surveillance. We can analyze and keep the videos safe with cloud storage. For the home application, we can control everything in the home by monitoring and recording with iVideon software. It helps to track kids, pets, and housekeepers with scheduled monitoring and recording.

Features of iVideon

  • We should have better Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring.
  • The TLS and AES encryption provides better security during remote access.
  • Moreover, the mobile application can access video playback at different speeds.
  • It has video analytics with face recognition, age, and sex reports.
  • It helps to record the incident in the home with safe storage in the cloud.

.Conclusion – Best CCTV monitoring software

By wrapping up the best CCTV monitoring software, these soft wares help to view CCTV cameras from multiple sources in one place. Moreover, motion detection and face recognition are also possible with recording. We can access the live camera and recorded videos on mobile devices, desktops, and browsers. Furthermore, video playbacks at different speeds are possible with the best media player’s support. With scheduled recording, we can use these soft wares for home and business monitoring.

In the end, Security Eye is the best CCTV monitoring software for home surveillance with pets and child monitoring. It uses for video monitoring with different camera brands. We can record videos with media player integration for playback tracks at different speeds. SMS and Email alerts are available with motion detection during surveillance. The task scheduler is available for the setup time frame for recording with this video management software.

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