Why bloggers should take part in blogging communities?

This post explains some authentic reasons for the bloggers to take part in blogging communities. Are you in hurry or running out of time? Just scroll down to read the numbering points which tell the benefits of blogging communities. And if you have enough time, then continue reading here to perform well with your blog through community blogging.

For every online business, proper promotion is essential to reach the success. Same case is applicable for the bloggers too, as it needs genuine promotion of blog posts to thrive in blogging. I know, every blogger knows that the social networking tools are the best one to promote their blog posts. Next to that, they should be aware of blogging communities too.

You may think why?

Yes, there are countless blogs are already performing well with high page rank and it is tough for the newbies to place their blog posts in good place on search engines. Even the fresh bloggers in the blogosphere knows that “King of the blog is its content” and if it is unseen, then? The efforts taken by the bloggers to create a good search engine optimized content would become useless. To avoid these suspicions, the bloggers should take part in blogging communities and can build quality backlinks with it.

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Blogging communities

Blogging communities are the great place designed for the bloggers to know other bloggers by sharing the information and supporting each others. Here, a blogger gets chance to speak with other bloggers, like them, commenting on their posts and so on. This constant interaction with fellow bloggers would result in developing a good relationship, which in turn helps the bloggers to get a great exposure among the influential bloggers and readers.

Promoting blog posts through blog communities would open a way to the bloggers for future conversations and communications about their blog/blogs. Moreover, after the Google Panda update, the blogs which gets more web traffic through organic searches was affected more as these were depended on single traffic source. Considering these valid reasons in mind, it is good for the bloggers to get some referral traffic from blog communities site too.

Let’s sum-up some advantages of blogging communities with which the bloggers can get real benefits for their blog/blogs.

Advantages of blogging communities

For the bloggers:

1. To connect with minded bloggers.

2. To learn and get help with prominent bloggers.

3. To get good exposure in the blogosphere.

4. To make the blogging experience stronger.

For the blog:

1. To promote the blog posts

2. To attract new readers to the blog.

3. To get good comments and sharing of posts.

4. To rank well in search engines through backlinks.

How to jump into the blogging community?


Blogging communities are the genuine place for the bloggers to promote their blog posts and through which they can get good experience by reaching the active wider audience. The activities by the community users would make the blog posts to get high SERP . The bloggers could enjoy the benefits of blogging communities as it allows them to connect with others of same interest from all over the world.

     “Help other bloggers and get help from other bloggers through blogging communities”

You may surprised why I had ended this post with conclusion without specifying any name of the blogging community. As there are numerous blogging community portals are available for the bloggers, I included a category “blogging communities” in my blog to discuss them in detail.

Visit here frequently to get the details of some beneficial blogging communities with which the bloggers can do an enriched blogging.

Share your experience with blogging communities if you had tasted its benefits before!

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