Why bloggers should take part in blogging communities?

This post explains some authentic reasons for the bloggers to take part in blogging communities. Are you in hurry or running out of time? Just scroll down to read the numbering points which tell the benefits of blogging communities. And if you have enough time, then continue reading here to perform well with your blog through community blogging.

For every online business, proper promotion is essential to reach the success. Same case is applicable for the bloggers too, as it needs genuine promotion of blog posts to thrive in blogging. I know, every blogger knows that the social networking tools are the best one to promote their blog posts. Next to that, they should be aware of blogging communities too.

You may think why?

Yes, there are countless blogs are already performing well with high page rank and it is tough for the newbies to place their blog posts in good place on search engines. Even the fresh bloggers in the blogosphere knows that “King of the blog is its content” and if it is unseen, then? The efforts taken by the bloggers to create a good search engine optimized content would become useless. To avoid these suspicions, the bloggers should take part in blogging communities and can build quality backlinks with it.

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Blogging communities

Blogging communities are the great place designed for the bloggers to know other bloggers by sharing the information and supporting each others. Here, a blogger gets chance to speak with other bloggers, like them, commenting on their posts and so on. This constant interaction with fellow bloggers would result in developing a good relationship, which in turn helps the bloggers to get a great exposure among the influential bloggers and readers.

Promoting blog posts through blog communities would open a way to the bloggers for future conversations and communications about their blog/blogs. Moreover, after the Google Panda update, the blogs which gets more web traffic through organic searches was affected more as these were depended on single traffic source. Considering these valid reasons in mind, it is good for the bloggers to get some referral traffic from blog communities site too.

Let’s sum-up some advantages of blogging communities with which the bloggers can get real benefits for their blog/blogs.

Advantages of blogging communities

For the bloggers:

1. To connect with minded bloggers.

2. To learn and get help with prominent bloggers.

3. To get good exposure in the blogosphere.

4. To make the blogging experience stronger.

For the blog:

1. To promote the blog posts

2. To attract new readers to the blog.

3. To get good comments and sharing of posts.

4. To rank well in search engines through backlinks.

How to jump into the blogging community?


Blogging communities are the genuine place for the bloggers to promote their blog posts and through which they can get good experience by reaching the active wider audience. The activities by the community users would make the blog posts to get high SERP . The bloggers could enjoy the benefits of blogging communities as it allows them to connect with others of same interest from all over the world.

     “Help other bloggers and get help from other bloggers through blogging communities”

You may surprised why I had ended this post with conclusion without specifying any name of the blogging community. As there are numerous blogging community portals are available for the bloggers, I included a category “blogging communities” in my blog to discuss them in detail.

Visit here frequently to get the details of some beneficial blogging communities with which the bloggers can do an enriched blogging.

Share your experience with blogging communities if you had tasted its benefits before!

46 thoughts on “Why bloggers should take part in blogging communities?”

  1. Hi Nirmala ma’am

    Great Post!!

    Thanks For Sharing this Informative Post! love this lines “Help other bloggers and get help from other bloggers through blogging communities” you are right helping others.. Btw! :p

    Keep Helping 😛 and Keep Rocking 🙂


    1. What a lightening visit by you Mosam after publishing my post! Thanks 🙂

      Yes, blogging communities are the great place for the bloggers to get help and to help other minded bloggers!

      Stay tuned here to get details about some useful blogging communities in my future posts.

  2. It’s true now as I have started coming to blogger meets my page views have been increased because I have made relationships with other fellow mates

  3. Hey Nirmala you are rocking with the points i do agree participating on blogging communities will help to share,learn and especially we will get relationship..

  4. Nishant Srivastava

    Communities are the great resource for bloggers, and especially for newbies, they can learn a lot from blogging communities, Now a days facebook groups are working perfectly as community, you can see techism, Commend DX communities which are working really well..

    1. Surprised with your visit Nishant n happy too 🙂

      Thanks for writing your point of views related to blogging communities.

      BTW, am not taking about the blogging communities in Facebook, am focusing on the dedicated blogging community websites like “blog engage”

      Will discuss about some useful blogging communities for the bloggers one by one in the category created for it.

      Many thanks for your presence, keep coming here 😛

  5. Hello Nirmala,
    what a nice post and a great read. The best place to get traffic from is online communities which also comprises of blogging communities as well. Blogging communities does not give me traffic only, it also give me the opportunity to meet like minded bloggers and get to connect with them. I’ll advice any bloggers to join as much communities as possible for exposure and as well as traffic. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the appreciating comment Baba.

      It is nice to hear that you are meeting the minded bloggers with the help of blogging communities. Thanks for sharing your benefits!

      Keep coming here 🙂

  6. I was looking for the name of those communities that you referred from very beginning and at the end learned that you’ve a separate section in your blog for that! Great!

    Will check that section often and hope to find some nice recommendation. I hope commentDX will be one of them to appear there very soon 🙂

    1. Am pleased with your regular visit Suresh!

      Yeah, I felt that the “blogging communities” is a vast area and cannot be completed its details in few posts. I checked there are countless blogging communities with good page rank which are actively using by the bloggers. Just wanna consolidate those with some genuine details for my readers. So, I included a separate category in my blog.

      Hope “CommentDX” is like a new born, will include its details when it grows like an adult 😛 , Will make it grow!

      Glad with your presence n comment, expecting this to all of my future posts 🙂

      1. That’s very true Nirmala. There are quite good number of sites (online services) for blogging communities. Some are awesome for certain kind of blogs while some may prove to be a total waste of time. I’m sure, your genuine details will help everybody to pick the most performing ones for their blog. It’s going to be a useful resource. Good work!

  7. The importance of taking part in blogging communities can never be over-emphasized as its advantages are numerous just as you have listed in this article. I really wished it’s possible to meet all my blogger friends and share ideas and secrets, it will really be so awesome.

    1. Good to see your comment!

      Thanks for sharing your point of views here and glad to hear that you wish to meet all your blogging friends to share your secrets and ideas!

      Its really good 🙂

      Make your visit regular here to read the different blogging communities 🙂

  8. Hi Nirmala,

    You are so right – blogging communities are indeed the right place all of us should head for 🙂

    With Google coming up with it’s updates every second day, one can’t only rely on the search engines or Google for our traffic, and this is the time our friends on these communities reach out and connect. The power of such communities is tremendous.

    Besides helping each other out, especially in time of need – they are great ways to make new connection and build relationships too, which I feel is something every blogger must go ahead and do. Even if people aren’t from your own niche – just reaching out and connecting with them – will always help you in the long run.

    Speaking of myself, after having joined a number of such communities, I’ve seen my content reaching across a wider audience – even to those who aren’t bloggers as such. I think they rock!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend as well 🙂

    1. Well said Harleena!

      Yes, forming community and becoming friends are essential for all the bloggers to get appreciation from them at anytime.

      After publishing the new post, I never think about search engines but I do expect shares, likes n +1 from my friends. I really got encouraged with those activities from my friends and performing blogging satisfactorily.

      I do the same and required for my friends before they ask. Hope after some years if we see the English meaning of Blogger in dictionary we would see the word “helper”. Yes, every blogger should be a helper to get more exposure in the blogosphere.

      While hearing the word “help”, am just thinking Atish in my mind. He is such a genuine helping tendency guy, who had provided his great support for me to do blogging. He keep on encouraging me to do well by teaching required stuffs.

      Just think, his blog with PR4 n mine is baby blog with PR0, When I told him that no one is ready to accept my Guest post as am a newbie, he was the one who accepted it without hesitation.

      Feeling proud to say, now the bloggers are waiting for my guest post and seriously no time to write for them. Will do my best for them soon 🙂

      Yeah, am the one who share n tweet your posts rarely due to my time constraint 🙂

      Thanks for coming n commenting Harleena, keep doing it.

  9. Hi Nirmala,

    This will be my first comment on this blog.

    You have covered the benefits of the blogging communities very well. I feel that is just the outcome of good relationships with fellow blogger and when we consider the foundation of blogging community which is “relationship ” .

    The relationship starts with speaking not by just adding/ sending a friend request on Facebook. I see most of people add as a friend on Facebook but won’t ever have a time to leave a message like Hi, and an introduction. That’s where the base starts but people don’t have time because they are in the race of earning money (sad but true) .

    Once you establish a great relation then bloggers can be great friends and this quote applies “a friend in need is a friend indeed” . So whenever you hit by panda/ penguin your friend will try to help you and guide you the correct way. They start to promote your content and encourages you for sure.

    So when is relationship is strong then you earned a great friend who is a blogger, So your friends start promoting , Give suggestions, for a better blogging journey and even you can go with him for Tours, adventures etc.,

    Do catch me on facebook , I am ready to help you guys anytime 🙂 You can ask me about me to amit shaw, rahul. etc..

    I hope i digg the foundation of blogging community 🙂

    Have a great day

    1. Welcome to my blog Suresh!

      Glad to check the points left by you and totally agree with it.

      Yes, it is true that the people have no time to say “hi” as they are busy @ works. I know that the bloggers should have more friends to boost them at any time. I got help from many bloggers and turned real friend to them. If I noticed new posts from them, then I’ll be the first to share their posts in required places. Yeah, am still getting suggestions from other bloggers and from you now.

      Very happy to see the people like you with such a great helping attitude, hope this may be the reason that our country is still receiving the good amount rain.

      Sure, will catch you on FB, as am the enthusiastic learner of WordPress.

      Thanks for coming and helping me by giving your advice n am requesting you to visit my new born blog frequently to have a look @ my posts and give opinions.

      Am really pleased that I got a new blogging friend today with my post related to blogging communities 😛

  10. Nice Post Nirmala,
    Blog communities are really helpful, I am a member of few blog communities and I have found them helpful especially in terms if Traffic generation and meeting new people.

  11. Hi Ma’am,
    well participating in blogging communities will definitely help us in many ways. Greatly described about Blogging Communities!! helpful post ma’am 🙂

    1. Glad to know that most of the bloggers are already knew the benefits of community blogging already and accepting my points.

      Thanks for your comment Srikanth!

      Stay tuned here to join in some useful blogging communities through which you can bring your blog posts @ top place on search engines 🙂

  12. Blogging communities helps up to get good traffic to our blogs. It also helps us to meet and connect with new bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  13. yes blogging communities are working great and it really helps to get in contact with like minded people and also you can expose your posts to masses.

    I love to connect with bloggers and marketers. Thanks for writing such kind of post Nirmala.

    1. Your presence made me Joyful Atish 😛

      Many thanks for coming n commenting here!

      Also am happy to hear that you love to connect with bloggers and I know, you’re well known in the blogosphere by your helping attitude.

      Hope there is a small community around you to share and leave comments on your posts 🙂

      Really glad with your visit Atish, please come here regularly to leave your valuable thoughts for my readers!

  14. Oluwaseun Babajide

    If you want to excel in life, you have to be part of like minded people (communities). This is a learning curve mostly for beginners. I think when you reach certain level, it might not be necessary anymore. This is my own opinion.
    We all do it to be noticed, and for traffic…
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Babajide,

      Agree with you partially!

      Its nice that you boldly pointed your opinion.

      But even for the big bloggers, their posts needs to be shared n commented. why you said “it might not be necessary”. According to me, the bloggers should not forget the timely help provided by the influential bloggers and in turn they should do something like sharing, tweeting etc.for them. While doing this, a good n honest relationship would develop between them make them to do better blogging.

      No am doing not to get notified. Am getting satisfaction that I am helping few people.

      Anyway, thanks for your unique point of views, keep visiting!

  15. Ever since I started joining and participating in blogging communities, I got connected with so many great bloggers and learned a lots of things. I also came to know that there are really so many helpful people who are willing to support you always.
    I came to know about your awesome blog through communities only!
    Thanks Nirmala, you already used to write great posts, but also improving at each one. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the nice reply 🙂

      Yes, there are people in blogging communities who are always ready to help us.

      Oh really? from where you find my blog. Hope from TTW!

      Yeah, I used to write great useful posts for the readers so that they could get benefits from it.

      No need to tell, I know, you never forget to visit my blog 😛

  16. Here is a good bloggers community.

    Register and add your blog by clicking on “Add blog”. Find blogs as per category, add friends, develop a network. As you move your cursor, a small colored box will tell you what to do. Simply follow the instructions to like a blog called as “fuel a blog”.

    You must add a coded widget on your blog after you receive an email confirming the approval of your blog.

    1. Good to see your presence for my post with some useful information Malathy, thanks 🙂

      Like you, gonna discuss some needful and honest community blogging for my readers in the category “blogging communities”.

      Will add more details about the blogger community website you gave and will present as a post soon 🙂

  17. Welcome to my blog Vijesh,

    Thanks for reading my post and sharing your good thoughts here!

    Yeah sure, will discuss some useful blogging communities for my readers:)

    Visit regularly to leave your comment!

  18. Hello Once again Ma’am,

    Guess what?? I was into the dilemma of why to go for involving ourselves into the different blogging communities? I never knew that these is also an important element for a successful blogging life. Gained a good amount of knowledge after reading this.

    Thank you so much for sharing it. 🙂


    1. Why dilemma? A blogger should create a good community around him/her to get ideas, help, suggestions and so on from other bloggers. You could develop your blogging skills through community blogging.

      Am pleased with your visit and glad to hear that you’ve gained some knowledge through my post. Keep coming here to expand your knowledge 😉

  19. Hi Nirmala,
    Another moment for me to add my comment on this great platform.
    I see blogging communities as great avenue for promotion also.
    This is a great post.

  20. I am totally appreciate with you Nirmala Ji. Taking part in these communities will meet you with other bloggers. Helps you to improve your knowledge and sometimes It also happens that you learned a really unique thing from others which Google doesn’t teach you. Am I right? 😀

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