Top 7 Highest Internet Users By Country

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As the internet users are growing day by day and here am discussing the top 7 highest internet users by country. Nowadays, our personal and professional life depends on the internet as it is one of the most useful technology in the world.

Students, professionals, business people and almost everyone are accessing the internet to get the useful information to develop them. There are other people who are entertaining themselves with online movies, songs, online games, and so on.

The internet users are rapidly increasing as it is the source of education, medium of sharing and communicating with others and place of marketing and online money making. It becomes the part of everyone’s life and so it is tough for the people to imagine their life without internet. People from different countries are effectively using the internet for various resolves.

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Who are the highest internet users in the world? Let’s discuss them by country.

Top 7 highest internet users


There are more than 565 million of people are internet users in China. Most of the users are from the high populated cities Hong-Kong and Beijing. The use of mobile technology, online shopping and microblogging has increased millions of Chinese users to access the internet last year. Most of them are using their mobiles for internet access and there are many millions e-commerce shoppers online.

North Americans

More than 2.5 billions of people from United States using the internet and about 300 millions of them are accessing it daily. They are looking the internet for their educational purposes, health, online banking etc. Some of the giant online organisations like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are established here. Canadians are also spending more time to watch online videos and in social media websites. More than 83% of the population are the internet users in Canada.


The number of internet users in India is rapidly growing and almost 150 million people are using the internet for various purposes. From a recent study statistics, it is clear that the India will have an incredible growth opportunity for the internet advertising, social media and the services related to E-commerce. Most of the Indians are using their mobiles to access the internet and the usage will grow by the female customers and from the work at home users.


There are more than 100 million people from Japan are accessing the internet and most of the people do blog. Online shopping and watching TV are the other popular online activities performed by the Japanese people. As it is an advanced technology country, more than 80% of the individuals from japan are spending time on internet through their mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers.


Approximately 90 million internet users are in Brazil, South America. Most of the people are browsing from home and they show much interest in buying the advertising products and online shopping. Few millions of people are using the internet to watch TV through their ipads and tablets.


The online population from United Kingdom is more than 53 million and almost 33 million are the adult internet users. Social networking, online video calling, researching goods and services and reading the current affairs are the most popular online activities by the British people. Adults from Scotland and England are the biggest home internet users and showing interest to watch online video content.


The people from European nations like Germany, Italy and France are in the highest internet users list. Nearly 430 million Europeans are accessing the internet with various devices to watch online TV, read newspapers and to listen to radio online. More than 96% of internet users from Europe are doing online research for purchase and to shop online. They are also replacing their PCs with tablets and smartphones to access the internet.

Russians, South Koreans and Nigerians are also the highest internet users in the world. The tremendous revolutionary communication of the internet technology attracts most of the people towards it. Currently, there are more than 2 billion internet users and most of them are increasingly influenced by social networking websites.

Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman, predicted that every person in the world will be online by 2020 and the people from Asia would be the highest internet users.

Why Do I have added the data linked to highest internet users?

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