Know The Vast Array Of Career Options After Certification In Business Analytics

Data is everywhere. You are confronted with the idea of the data daily, even if you’re not part of the business world.

From visiting Facebook to doing a Google search to downloading an app or anything online, you are generating data unknowingly.

Data is the potential gold mine of information that can give businesses an edge in this competitive world. All they have to do is harvest the data, analyze it carefully, and put it to good use. In the past few years, data analysis has gone mainstream.

Many companies are using it to further their reach, operate more efficiently, boost their sales, and launch new products and services.

Who can take these data-driven business decisions? A skilled business analyst is an answer.

Business owners are looking for professionals who are qualified or trained enough to make crucial decisions and improve their internal operations.

Such professionals help identify future opportunities for businesses that could spark new growth. The rise of data-related work has led to a boom in business analytics careers.

To build a career in this field, you must have a certification in business analytics, which will help you acquire relevant skills.

In India, reputable institutions like Jigsaw Academy provide Business analytics certification programs that will enhance your skillset.

Let’s know more about the career options in the business analytics! 

Best Business Analytics Certification Courses Of Jigsaw Academy

The specialized course will help you open the door to pursue your career choice in the following fields so that you can get your dream job! 

career options in business analytics

1. Management Analyst/Consultant

The main work of a management analyst/consultant is to ensure that all the business operations run efficiently in their organization. You must work closely with all departments, which will help you identify the business processes that require improvement.

All you need is to find solutions that can enhance efficiency and convey the recommendations to upper management. You must possess analytical and critical skills apart from technical skills to complete tasks, which can be gained through a business analytics certification.

2. Data Analyst/Scientist

Many organizations hire data analysts so that they can collect, organize, and analyze their data and determine how to leverage insights for them.

There are mathematical models and other tools available that can help you to determine which data is useful. You must deliver actionable recommendations to work on decision-making processes.

3. Program And Marketing Managers

Programming and marketing managers are expected to develop and deploy the organization’s marketing strategies.

It means you have to manage your organization’s all marketing initiatives and campaigns, oversee entire sales and marketing staff, and advise and report to upper management.

4. Big Data Analytics Specialist

As big data analytics specialists, it will be your responsibility to utilize the latest in data science and modern technology to solve the problems caused due to an increasingly digital landscape.

Your organization will expect you to make a data-driven decision that can help improve their business performance.

Certification in business analytics from Jigsaw Academy will nurture your decision-making skills; thereafter, you can help your organization reach new heights.

5. Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts are generally in charge of analyzing the operational data of an organization. You should be able to use information technology to complete analysis and find solutions that can improve efficiency across multiple departments of your firm.

Your operation research analyst position may also require you to take the responsibility of creating and presenting a report to stakeholders.

Wrapping Up

As you can see from the career options mentioned above, you are opening doors to new opportunities. All you need to do is unlock the door with a key to a business analytics certification.

Gain the right skills that can help you grow in your career. To make advancement in your career, get certification in the business analytics program today from Jigsaw Academy, and fulfill your dreams.

Its integrated program is starting this month, December 2019 and the duration is about 10 months. If you are interested in the career related to data science, then it is a great opportunity for you to learn from award-winning faculty. 

What do you think about this top-rated institute for analytics and data science and the career options offered? Leave your thoughts in the comment section! 

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