JUST DROPPED: 6 Interesting Carrom Game Variations


Are you bored with a traditional carrom board game? Looking for some interesting carrom game variations to play with your friends & family during your spare time? I hope this blog post will help you pick an interesting way to play the carrom board game.

One of the most fun family games that is being played in India for generations now is carrom. It is a unique game where you need to use your fingers to strike a coin or carrom man. All you need to do is sit down with your friends or family surrounding the carrom board and play. We are quite nostalgic about the game.

Different coins have different points and the aim is to make sure that the coins go to the surrounding pockets. There are four pockets on each side of the board. But given the current situation, we cannot mingle with our close ones to play these board games. Carrom has been a favorite in clubs as well

But thankfully, now you can play this on online platforms as well. There are excellent sites with great gameplay and features, which would make sure that you have a gala time. Check out the popular carrom app for further knowledge on the same.

The best part is that you can even invite your friends and other family members for the game.
You will not get bored with carrom. However, it is suggested from our side that you practice as much as you can before you challenge others. There are free games that we can check out.

You have to understand that the game comes with a lot of tricky shots. If you can master them, then nothing like it. But only practice and acute concentration can help you flick the striker in the right way.

For instance, in a side shot, you can play while hitting the striker to push the coin on the opposite side. You have to strike it in a way that it would ultimately become difficult for your competitor to put their coin into any of the pockets.

If you can block them from pocketing their carrom men or coins, you will easily have an edge above them. Other important strikes are the middle shot, back shot, etc.

6 Exciting Ways To Play Carron For Maximum Fun

In this article, we are going to talk about some interesting carrom game variants that would surely enlighten you.

1. Total Point Carrom

In India, if you are playing it on a physical board, then you are playing the total point carrom game. It is widely played for recreation where the players are allowed to pocket the coins. While the black ones carry five points each, the white ones carry 10 points.

The red queen carries 50 points. If you miss a turn, it is passed to the next player. The player with the maximum number of points wins the game. The one with the least coins has to put all the carrom men on the board in the next round.

The other opponents have to match the score of the coins on the board and have to place an equivalent amount of carrom men on the physical boa

2. Family Point Carrom

This is also known as the simple point carrom. This is quite popular in various regions of South Asia. In this game, a player can pocket any carrom men. Your aim should be to pocket the carrom men in one of the 4 pockets. The black one carries 5 points each, the queen carries 25 points and the white one carries 10 points each.

The player needs to pocket a random carrom man after pocketing the queen so that he can earn the points of the queen. However, if he fails to do so, the queen shall return to the board. Obviously, the one with the highest number of points wins the game.

3. Point Carrom

Commonly played in parts of East Asia, the point carrom variant is quite famous amongst children. In this one, players can pocket carrom men of any color. While the black ones carry one point each, the white ones have one point and the queen carries three points.

Any player pocketing the queen has to pocket a puck in the following strike to cover the queen. The one who scores 21 points fast wins the game. If everyone fails to score 21 points, the individual with the highest points is the winner.

4. Duboo

This is yet another common carrom variant that is commonly played in Karachi, Pakistan. The board in this one is usually larger than the usual physical board. In this game, players have to slide the striker and not flick it. These are the two differences from the usual ones.

5. Tokyu-Ban

Carrom was introduced in the early 20th century in Japan. The game is also known as Tokyu-Ban, which means throwing a ball board or fighting a ball board.

6. Professional Carrom

Professional carrom has its own set of rules and is widely played amongst players. Each player is assigned a color and you have to pocket coins of that particular color only. The rules are generally followed in the UK and India.

There are some online gaming sites where the rules are similar as well. The game consists of 29 points. A player cannot score more points for covering the queen if his or her score is already 21. The queen must be pocketed before the last puck. However, it cannot be pocketed in the same pocket as the cover.

Players are free to choose their striking style. Pocketing a striker costs the individual a puck. The winner gets one point for the opponent’s pucks on the board and three points if the winner covers the queen. A queen is automatically covered if a queen and assigned puck are pocketed in the same pocket. There are several penalty rules as well.


These are six interesting carrom game variations that you might not have heard about before.
To get some more tips on carrom, check this writeup by Indian People Times.

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    What an amazing share! My brother and I love playing carrom. A game often gets very competitive in the family. But my father is unbeatable. Even together, we have not been able to beat him yet. I think all of these ways would be great to play with my family. I only get a few days with them, and I think they would love to play carrom and bring back childhood memories. Thanks a lot for sharing about this, it was such a great read!

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