How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Buying a reliable hosting server for WordPress is an overwhelming task! Yes, there exist a lot of companies and most of them promise that they are the best in offering great performance with maximum uptime. 

I use different hosting providers for my blogs and Resellerclub is one amount them. Its WordPress hosting is awesome and well suitable for my niche website.  

As I have been in the Blogosphere since 2010, I would say that the hosting could be a real boon to your WordPress website.

Not only is the hosting ecosystem configured for the most compatibility with WordPress, but it also takes care of many of the WordPress specific maintenance and optimization tasks.

Although there are many WP Hosting providers and plans out there, this post will help you choose the best WordPress hosting plan for your website.

Let’s see what these aspects are!

Tips To Select The Excellent Hosting Sever For WordPress 


1. Data Backups

In a situation of any disaster where you lose all your data, you will need a restore point to recover the system and continue as usual.

To have these restore points, you will need to take regular backups. Taking regular backups at your end will require time and resources.

However, if your WP Hosting plan integrates automatic and regular backups, you will not have to worry about it.

It is essential to check with your WordPress hosting provider how often and of what size they take backups so that you can plan accordingly.

Some hosting companies offer premium backup services through which you could get the backup on an hourly basis or regularly. 

2. Maintenance Of WP Database

Most of your important website data is stored in the WP-Database. This important data include posts, comments, pages, form entries, images, etc.

This database keeps growing along with your website. As more and more data keeps filling in, the database can become cluttered and slow.

This can cause the website to slow down as every time the users access the website; calls are made to the WP-Database which is why it is very important to keep the WP Database lean and clean.

There are best WordPress hosting providers like ResellerClub that integrate the optimization of the WP-Database within their plans, so it’s better to opt them and make your site load fast. 

3. Performance Configuration

Performance is key. If everything is alright, but the performance is not up to the mark, it all goes downhill. Performance depends upon the infrastructure of the hosting environment including the hardware and the software that is used.

When it comes to WordPress, you need to ensure all the hardware and the software requirements including the operating system are compatible with WordPress.

The next aspect you need to take care of is the number of resources you need it. This will need you to correctly estimate the number of resources you may require to deliver the right experience to your users.

Based on that you can select the WordPress hosting plan that provides these resources and fits within your budget. I have seen that the Alex Web Hosting is helping us to find the best services by their performance and price. 

4. Website Security

Starting a WordPress blog is a piece of cake! But, how to secure it? – It is a million-dollar question!

Like all other websites, WordPress sites also face threats of security attacks.

In WordPress, extensive usage of 3rd party plugins and themes can leave vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, so security should be one of your top priorities.

WordPress website security is a responsibility shared by the website owners and the hosting provider. The hackers could play well through the intrusion codes and security holes. 

It is best that you do thorough research on the type of security measures the WP Hosting provider integrates into their hosting plans and the freedom to install all the security measures you need for your website.

5. Customer Support

Support cannot be ignored. You must also have personal experience where not having sufficient support has gotten you into many painful situations.

The basics should include an always-on support team with proper technical knowledge and language support. If the WP Hosting provider can provide dedicated support teams for your account, it can be a huge blessing.

Not only do you have better and more personalized support that way, but also the team knows your system better and gets comfortable and can provide support more effectively.

Other aspects also include having support via different mediums such as chat and email as it makes it very easy to share screens and error codes.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best server for the WordPress is a challenging task! The points mentioned above can form the basis of having a very stable and active WP Hosting service.

So, how do you choose the web hosting for your WP site? If there are other features and aspects that you feel are more important, you can always talk about them in the comments section towards the bottom of this webpage.

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    Nowadays, there are lots of web hosting companies has come and choosing the reliable web hosting server becomes a challenging task. The tips you have listed in this post will surely help in choosing the best hosting server for WordPress. You have covered all the necessary information and one should know these facts before buying a web hosting server.

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    Nowadays, there are lots of web hosting companies has come and choosing the reliable web hosting server becomes a challenging task. The tips you have listed in this post will surely help in choosing the best hosting server for WordPress.

  5. There are many hosting companies out there, and its always confusing which one to choose. But your blog has given me a good information to choose best hosting server for my WP website.

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